A New Reality: A wake up call to life's mysteries.

A New Reality: A wake up call to life's mysteries.

by A.J. Aaron

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What if everything you had previously believed in, suddenly changed? What if your long held beliefs and your very sanity teetered on the edge?

Meet A.J. Aaron, the plant manager of a Fortune 500 manufacturing plant. He is a 40-year-old plant manager educated in one of the most logically driven professions - Mechanical Engineering. His experiences with unexplained phenomena challenge his every belief.

A.J. is forced to change his outlook on everything he believes true. A person, who may have been a twin soul joined with A.J. in a past life, is psychically connected with him through no choice of his own. An MS patient, she ends up with a perfectly normal MRI scan of her brain when she hadn’t had one for 20 years. Others teach him the power of intention and how to tap into the energy of the universe. He learns how the principles of Quantum Physics may explain this new reality, thus reaffirming his sanity and helping him realize how much more there is to life than previously gleaned from his narrow point of view.

A.J. Aaron shares his story to provide a new view of reality hidden from us through our beliefs and paradigms. Awaken yourself to the precious mysteries of life.

This true story about a spiritual awakening to powers and abilities—psychic and empathic, healing and knowing—joins twin souls in a relationship that challenges them and the very beliefs and ideas of what is normal in the world. Join them on their search for answers.

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Subjects: Mysteries, miracles, I Chin, meditation, quantum physics, healing, spiritual growth, spiritual awakening, psychic abilities, psychic awareness, ESP, twin souls, twin flames, empath, mental telepathy, remote viewing, Chi, Chakras, meditation, the power of intention, shamanic break, free masons, freemasonry, witches, wizards, wiccans, fortune tellers, tarot, mind readers, auras, magick.

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Publisher: A.J. Aaron
Publication date: 04/24/2012
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Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

I was born in Connecticut, educated as a mechanical engineer in Massachusetts, and moved to Ohio for a job in a Fortune 200 company. I've since left the safety of that career, having been in multiple manufacturing roles, including: engineering manager, plant manager, and an acquisition captain, as well as an internal consultant for numerous manufacturing plants on Lean methodology. I have now set about consulting part time and writing the rest of the time. I was always a maverick as a child, and an adult, and was never quite able to draw inside the lines or follow certain rules. I did however, figure out how to fit into acceptable society and not be a pink monkey. This, and the engineering training I had, taught me to question everything, and never automatically believe in anything. Consequently, I was always a handful for anyone I reported to. Once they knew me though, they pretty much let me run free with the reservation, "If anyone asks if I knew about this, I didn't." - since the things I did usually didn't fit into the nice neat corporate boxes or standards, but were effective at getting the job done. This personality trait, possibly due to playing with mercury as a child, influences my writing to be somewhat different than others. My hopes are that it will make reading more entertaining for you, with a fresh approach to viewing the world around us, by removing the usual paradigms and blinders we impose on ourselves through our culture's influences. I've done some pretty dumb things while learning about writing as a career. The first thing is, how darn hard it can be, and I've taken classes, and read several books on writing. The second is how easy it is to make a mistake, such as over-write a good file with a draft copy and promote it to 35,000 people. Yikes. That was a nightmare. I'm much more careful now. If you are someone that doesn't always feel you fit in all the time, and sees things somewhat differently than most, or looks at things and says, 'What if?' then you might like my work. If you like a more lighthearted group of somewhat irreverent characters, you might like my Reluctant Gods Series. If you've been in business and know some cold and cruel characters, you might like Dr. Roland Vandergrift in 'Power, Control, Conformance.' If you are a person who is set in their ways and beliefs and can only see things a certain way, you might not like any of my work. I hope you enjoy what I've done. If you don't like it, remember you can always return it, though I've had no returns so far. Remember, I did warn you.

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