A New Way to Food: 100 Recipes to Encourage a Healthy Relationship with Food, Nourish Your Beautiful Body, and Celebrate Real Wellness for Life

A New Way to Food: 100 Recipes to Encourage a Healthy Relationship with Food, Nourish Your Beautiful Body, and Celebrate Real Wellness for Life

by Maggie Battista




Discover a body-positive approach to food through nourishing recipes, heart-opening stories, and helpful lessons on creating a healthy relationship with food.

Maggie Battista struggled with eating and dieting her whole life, until she discovered the foods and recipes that made her finally see herself as worthy of good health. In this kind and generous cookbook she shares the more than 100 mostly wholesome, mainly dairy-free, plant-based, and always refined sugar–free recipes that helped her find her way to good health, lose 70 pounds, and rid herself of years of chronic aches and pains. With stories that chronicle her struggles, victories, and lessons from finally reconciling her relationship with food; tips and advice on changing your own approach to food; and recipes for every time of day and occasion; A New Way to Food is the playbook for seeing yourself with kinder eyes and enjoying every meal along the way.

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ISBN-13: 9781611806175
Publisher: Shambhala
Publication date: 02/05/2019
Pages: 304
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 10.00(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

MAGGIE BATTISTA is the founder and director of Eat Boutique, an award-winning online boutique and story-driven recipe site. She has built a business and life as a tastemaker, excelling in bringing people together (both online and in real life) and inspiring them through her own recipes (including her cookbook, Food Gift Love); collections of hand-chosen, small-batch food from the very best food and drink makers; one-of-a-kind events and pop-up markets for 20,000+ guests; and speaking engagements where she shares her insights on food, technology, and social marketing. She's currently working on opening her first permanent Eat Boutique, a food retail concept space that provides a new way to food in Boston and then beyond.

Table of Contents

How I Finally Realized My Beautiful Potential 3

Finding a New Way to Food 7

About the Recipes 12

Part 1 A New Kind of Pantry

1 Revamp Your Pantry 17

2 Revamp Your Meal Planning 23

3 Recipes for Better Basics 31

Part 2 A New Way to Food

4 Love Your Body: Recipes for Active Wellness Mode 69

5 Love Yourself: Recipes for Reckoning with Tour Past 107

6 Stay Connected: Recipes for Getting Healthy in a Couple 139

7 Embrace a New Yow: Recipes for Revitalizing Spring Foods 175

8 Celebrate Life: Recipes for Everyday Wellness Mode 201

9 Stay Well Forever: Recipes for Everyday Comfort Foods 235

Acknowledgments 281

Resources 283

Recipes by Category 288

Index 290

About the Author 296

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