A Night at Ray's

A Night at Ray's

by Doc Hanson


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A Night at Ray's
While the ancient Wurlitzer jukebox played an old Credence Clearwater song two young Asian waitresses with long black hair wearing traditional ao dai dresses moved barefooted across the deck carrying platters stacked high with steaming crab, shrimp and large two-pint dimple mugs of foaming beer. Silvia was behind the sun-bleached cypress-wood bar pouring out drinks to a couple of navy pilots wearing leather "Top Gun" jackets. Master Chief Raymond J. Meisenhelder, USN, Ret., sat, as always, at his corner table telling old war stories, that span two generations and five decades, to a captivated audience. History comes alive against the backdrop of a Mississippi roadhouse, overlooking a bayou,
Who financed the Nazi Party and Hitler's rise to power? Could President Truman have prevented the Vietnam War? Did Nazi war criminals escape to Indochina at the end of WWII? Was Ho Chi Minh recruited by Wild Bill Donavan's OSS? Why did the United States provide funding to Charles de Gaulle for the French Indochina War? Did President Eisenhower setup de Gaulle for failure at Dien Bien Phu?
There's history, and then there is "History". A Night at Ray's is the latter.
Doc Hanson

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ISBN-13: 9781981200788
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/26/2017
Pages: 144
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About the Author

The author, a decorated war Veteran, earned the coveted title of "Doc" while serving with the United States Marine Corps as a Navy Corpsman in Vietnam. By all accounts "Doc" is not a nom de plume.; but a nom de guerre, he explains to his readers.
Retiring after forty years' experience in health care Doc Hanson held both administrative and clinical positions. As a Registered Nurse, Registered Respiratory Therapist and a Certified Critical Care Nurse he held responsibilities in acute care hospitals as a Clinical Department Head, Director of Nurses, Assistant Administrator of Clinical Operations and as Hospital Administrator and CEO. He was Senior Partner in a medical consulting firm and has owned, directed and operated several Home Health and Hospice agencies. While holding the position of Associate Professor at Texas Wesleyan University, he was Author and Contributing Author of two medical text books published by Prentice-Hall. He published his first adventure novel in Captain Bloody Bill Walker and the Letter of Marque in 2013 and is working on the sequel, Pirates Odyssey.
Growing up along the Gulf Coast Doc has spent a lifetime sailing the Islands of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. His firsthand knowledge brings a dazzling style of descriptive details that embellish his stories with colorful realism. He lives on a small ranch in North Texas where he pursues his passion for history, ships and writing.

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