A Parent's Guide to Raising Kids Overseas

A Parent's Guide to Raising Kids Overseas

by Jeffery A. Devens
A Parent's Guide to Raising Kids Overseas

A Parent's Guide to Raising Kids Overseas

by Jeffery A. Devens


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A Parent's Guide To Raising Kids Overseas should be required reading for every parent who lives abroad... Let this book be your constant guide for action and solutions. Yes, it really is that good!"
-Andrew Hallam, Author, Millionaire Teacher and The Global Expatriate's Guide To Investing

Being an effective parent isn't about being perfect; it's about being intentional.

Parenting is tough enough in your own backyard, so when an opportunity leads you and your family abroad, it seems like parenting takes on a whole new dimension. Dr. Jeff Devens, psychologist, counselor and twenty-two-year veteran educator in the international school community, skillfully addresses many of the issues parents face today in the context of living in an international setting and raising "third-culture kids."

A must-have resource for parents,
counselors, educators for:

  • Learning strategies for guiding children toward greater responsibility and independence, even in situations where one parent may frequently be away from home due to work or deployment.

  • Comprehending the allurement of technology for youth, especially social media, and providing boundaries with its use.

  • Addressing issues of anxiety, attention, emotional regulation and related mental health issues common in international communities.

  • Appreciating the differences between intelligence and life balance when it comes to kids making and owning age-appropriate choices.

  • Recognizing the underlying reasons why teens use alcohol, why it's prevalent in host countries, and what parents, schools, counselors and liaison officers can do to help teens delay use.

  • Helping kids and parents avoid the comparison trap in hyper-competitive academic schools and cultural settings.

  • Understanding why parental values and beliefs matter more than ever when it comes to raising kids overseas.

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About the Author

Jeff Devens, Ph.D., has worked in international education as a school psychologist, counselor, and classroom educator for over two decades. Growing up on public assistance and the only one in his family to graduate from high school, Dr. Devens has a unique appreciation for the pains families encounter. Caring adults and the grace of God made all the difference and shaped his future and practice. Currently, a school psychologist, counselor, and academic advisor at Singapore American School, Dr. Devens shares his international experience with his wife of 25 years, and two of their very own "third-culture kids."

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