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A Passion for Pleasure

A Passion for Pleasure

3.6 6
by Nina Rowan

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A brilliant pianist and notorious rake, Sebastian Hall indulges his passion for music and women with equal aplomb. But now that his elder brother has married, his father insists he pursue a more respectable path and find a suitable wife.


As a girl, Clara Whitmore quietly loved her piano teacher from afar. Yet her youthful



A brilliant pianist and notorious rake, Sebastian Hall indulges his passion for music and women with equal aplomb. But now that his elder brother has married, his father insists he pursue a more respectable path and find a suitable wife.


As a girl, Clara Whitmore quietly loved her piano teacher from afar. Yet her youthful crush cannot compare to the powerful desire she feels when she unexpectedly meets Sebastian again. Perhaps the man who once dominated her dreams could be the husband she has hoped for--and save her from the fate she most fears...


Risking scandal, ruin, and their own reputations, Sebastian and Clara enter into a marriage of convenience. But the pair soon discovers that their undeniable attraction is anything but convenient. Swept up in a crescendo of desire, Sebastian and Clara take each other to new heights of ecstasy--until secrets from the past threaten to doom the duet forever. Now Sebastian will have to change his tune-and prove his love is true.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Based on the title, one might expect Rowan’s second Daring Hearts Victorian (after A Study in Seduction) to be raunchy, but it’s more romantic suspense than erotic romp. Young widow Clara Winter wants to get her seven-year-old son out of her father’s clutches. Sebastian Hall is a pampered scion of aristocracy whose blossoming career as a pianist was cut short by a devastating hand injury, leaving him desperate for cash. Their mutual salvation may be to find the plans for an encryption machine Sebastian’s diplomat-brother is seeking—and to marry. Rowan’s characters are at best angst-ridden and at worst amoral sociopaths; they lie, manipulate, and maneuver their way through a fraught plot that includes synesthesia, property law, automata, cryptography, and the Crimean War. Anxiety is Rowan’s métier; the erotic tension is hot, but the emotional development is minimal. Agent: Kimberly Witherspoon, InkWell Management. (May)
Eloisa James
"A rare combination of beautiful writing and hot sensuality - readers are going to love A Study in Seduction!"
RT Book Reviews
"4 stars! Hot! Rowan debuts a historical romance that has plenty of sizzle contained within a strong storyline, featuring a feminist approach, likeable characters, a mystery with plot twists galore and plenty of sassy repartee. Readers will eagerly await the next in Rowan's Daring hearts series so they can savor her well-crafted, sensual prose."
From the Publisher
"4 stars! Hot! Rowan debuts a historical romance that has plenty of sizzle contained within a strong storyline, featuring a feminist approach, likeable characters, a mystery with plot twists galore and plenty of sassy repartee. Readers will eagerly await the next in Rowan's Daring hearts series so they can savor her well-crafted, sensual prose."—RT Book Reviews

"A rare combination of beautiful writing and hot sensuality - readers are going to love A Study in Seduction!"Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author

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Grand Central Publishing
Publication date:
A Daring Hearts Novel Series , #2
Product dimensions:
4.10(w) x 6.80(h) x 1.30(d)

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A Passion for Pleasure

By Nina Rowan

Grand Central Publishing

Copyright © 2013 Nina Rowan
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4555-0956-0


She was carrying a head.

Sebastian Hall squinted and rubbed his gritty eyes. He blinked and looked again. Definitely a head. Cradled in one arm like a babe. It was a woman's head with neatly coiffed brown hair. Though at this distance he couldn't see her expression, he imagined it to be rather distressed.

He watched as the young woman crossed the empty ballroom to the stage, her steps both quick and measured and her posture straight in spite of her gruesome possession.

Sebastian pushed himself away from the piano. The room swayed a little as he rose, as if he were on the deck of a ship. He had once spent countless hours at the Royal Society of Musicians' Hanover Square building, but now the place felt unfamiliar to him, almost oppressive. A hum, seasick-yellow, droned in his ears. He dragged a hand over his face and scrubbed at his rough jaw as he crossed the room.

The woman didn't appear to see him, her path set unswervingly on her destination. A basket dangled over her left arm.

Sebastian cleared his throat. The guttural noise echoed in the vast room like the growl of a bear.

"Miss." His voice sounded coarse, rusted with disuse.

The woman startled, jerking back and losing her grip on the head, which fell to the floor with a thump and then rolled. A cry of surprise sounded, though in his befuddled state Sebastian couldn't tell from whom it had emerged. He looked down as the head rolled to a stop near his feet like the victim of an executioner's ax.

A perfect, waxen face stared up at him, wide blue eyes unblinking, pink mouth, her hair beginning to escape a smooth chignon.

After a moment of regarding this turn of events, Sebastian bent to retrieve the head. The woman reached it before he did, scooping it back into her arms and stepping away from him.

"Sir! If you would please— Oh."

Sebastian looked up into a pair of rather extraordinary eyes—a combination of blue and violet flecked with gold. Something flickered in his memory, though he couldn't grasp its source.

Where had he—?

"Mr. Hall?" She tucked a stray lock of brown hair behind her ear, hugging the head closer to her chest. "I didn't know you would be here."

She frowned, glancing at his wrinkled clothes, unshaven jaw, and scuffed boots. For an uncomfortable moment he wanted to squirm under that sharp assessment. He pulled a hand through his hair in a futile effort at tidiness, then experienced a sting of annoyance over his self-consciousness.

"Are you ..." He shook his head to try to clear it. "I'm afraid this room is closed until Lady Rossmore's charity ball on Saturday."

She tilted her head. "You don't remember me."

Oh, hell.

Out of sheer habit, Sebastian attempted to muster a charming smile, though it had been so long since one had come naturally to him that his face felt like pulled clay.

"Well, far be it from me to forget a woman as enchanting as yourself," he said. "Your name has slipped my mind, though of course I remember ... that is, I must be out of my wits to—"

"For pity's sake." She seemed to be trying hard not to roll her eyes, though a blue-gold thread of amusement wove into her voice. "My name is ... was Clara Whitmore. My younger brother and I both took piano lessons from you years ago when we stayed in Dorset."

Sebastian struggled to make his brain work as he looked at her round, pretty face, her curly brown hair pulled into an untidy knot. A streak of grease or oil smudged her cheek. She looked like a thousand other ordinary women—a shopkeeper's daughter, a dressmaker, a governess, a milliner's apprentice.

Except for her eyes. And a tiny black birthmark punctuating the corner of her smooth left eyebrow, like the dot of a question mark.

"I was your student for a scant few months the summer I turned sixteen," Clara continued, as if unaware of his scrutiny. "You weren't much older, but people already spoke highly of your talent. I enjoyed many of your performances at various events in Dorset."

A piece settled into place in Sebastian's mind. Ten years ago he'd lived in Dorset, teaching, performing, and entering contests in an attempt to pay for a trip to the Continent that his father had refused to fund.

"Where did you live in Dorset?" he asked.

"Not far from Weymouth."

"And does your father reside there still?" Sebastian asked.

"No, I'm afraid that property has long been abandoned." Her eyes flickered downward, shading her expression. She shifted the head to her other arm. "So, Mr. Hall, I've continued to hear great things about you over the years. You conducted at Weimar this past summer, did you not?"

The admiring, bright pink note in her voice clawed at him. The fingers of his right hand flexed, a movement that caused tension to creep up his arm and into the rest of his body.

"Yes." His voice sounded thin, stretched.

Clara blinked, a slight frown tipping her mouth again. Her eyes really were the strangest shade—a trick of the light, surely. No one had eyes that color. He certainly didn't recall having noticed them when she was his student. He didn't even recall having noticed her.

Discomfort pinched Sebastian's chest. He wouldn't have noticed her back then. Not when women had flocked to him with bright smiles and hot whispers. Among such birds of paradise, Clara Whitmore—even with her unusual eyes—would have been a plain brown sparrow.

She still is, he told himself. Never mind the knot of regret that he couldn't remember her—Clara Whitmore with the violet eyes that took his measure in one sweeping glance. No one could hide from that assessment. Not even him.

He straightened his shoulders, tucking his right hand into his pocket. He looked at the waxen head with an unspoken question.

"My uncle is introducing an automaton at Lady Rossmore's ball," Clara explained. "Her ladyship thinks it will be great entertainment if Uncle Granville demonstrates one of his musician automata at a Society of Musicians' event. So I'm doing some of the initial preparations for him, as he was called out of town."

A surge of comprehension rolled through Sebastian as the pieces began locking together in his mind.

"Then you are Mr. Granville Blake's niece," he said. "I'd expected ... that is, Lady Rossmore said he might be here."

"He'd intended to be, but owing to the circumstances, I'm to carry out his duties." Clara touched the automaton's head, drawing Sebastian's gaze to her long fingers. "This is Millicent, the Musical Lady. Part of her anyhow. She plays four tunes on the harpsichord."

"How"—ridiculous—"interesting." Though he'd heard Granville Blake dabbled in all sorts of mechanical toys and automata, Sebastian was interested in only one of the man's many projects. Not for himself, but for his younger brother Darius.

And now he apparently had to be interested in Granville Blake's niece, as well.

"You oughtn't be here alone," he told her. "Especially at this hour."

"We've permission to bring in our equipment," she replied. "We must start to assemble Millicent and her harpsichord. And I'm not alone. My uncle's assistant, Tom, is just outside unloading the remaining crates." She glanced behind him to the piano resting beside the stage. "Are you rehearsing for a performance at the ball?"

His jaw tensed. Six months ago, he might have been here in rehearsal. Now he was here to ensure the safe delivery and tuning of his Broadwood piano, which he had offered for the Society of Musicians' indefinite use. Were it not for the fact that the Rossmores were friends of his father, Sebastian would have spent next Saturday evening wreathed in the smoke and noise of the Eagle Tavern.

"I will be at the ball," he said, "but not performing."

"Oh." Clara Whitmore looked faintly confused. "Well, I do apologize for the interruption. I didn't even know that anyone else would be here. Once Millicent is assembled, we'll leave you to your work."

Work. The piano was all the evidence she needed to assume he'd been working.

He was about to respond with a sharp tone—though he had no idea what he'd say—when a needle of rational thought pierced the fog in his brain.

At the very least, he needed to be civil to Clara Whitmore if he wanted to learn more about her uncle's projects.

Or perhaps he should be more than civil. Women had always responded to his attentions. Even if now those attentions were corroded with neglect, Miss Whitmore didn't appear the sort who had much to judge them—or him—by.

The thought that she might possess no touchstone by which to judge him was strangely liberating.

"Would you care for a currant muffin?" She opened the basket. "I thought I'd better bring something to eat since I don't know how long Tom and I will be here. We're not quite as adept at assembling Millicent as Uncle Granville is, especially when it comes to the machinery contained within the harpsichord bench. I've also got apples and shortbread, as well as a bit of seed cake left over from tea ..."

She kept talking. He stopped listening.

Instead he stared at the curve of her cheek, the graceful slope of her neck revealed by her half-turned head. He watched the movement of her lips—a lovely, full mouth she had—and the way her thick eyelashes swept like feathers to her cheekbones.

She looked up to find him watching her. The hint of a flush spread across her pale skin. With a sudden desire to see that flush darken, Sebastian let his gaze wander from her slender throat down across the curves of her body, her tapered waist, the flare of her hips beneath her full skirt. Then he followed the path back to her face.

There. Color bloomed on her cheeks. Her teeth sank into her lush lower lip. Consternation glinted in her violet eyes. He wondered what she'd look like with her hair unpinned, if it would be long and tangled and thick.

"I ... er, I should carry on with my work," Clara went on, ducking her head. "Tom will be in directly, and there's a great deal to do. Please, take a muffin, if you'd like."

Sebastian rolled his shoulders back. A cracking noise split through his neck as he stretched. He realized for the first time that day he'd almost forgotten the headache pressing against his skull.

"Thank you." Again he experienced that wicked urge to provoke a reaction. "I'm not hungry. Not for food."

Her lips parted on a silent little gasp, as if she wasn't certain whether to be offended by his indecorous tone or to ignore it altogether. Expressing offense, of course, meant she'd have to reveal that she had recognized the implications of his words.

She gave a nonchalant shrug and shifted, then held Millicent's head out to him. "If you please, sir—"

"I please, Miss Whitmore." His voice dropped an octave. "Often and well."

He was drunk. Or recently had been.

That didn't explain why Clara's heart beat like an overwound clock, or why the rough undercurrent of Mr. Hall's words heated her skin, but at least it explained him.

She tried to breathe evenly. Although ten years had passed since she had last seen him, she recalled with striking clarity the way his presence had made her pulse quicken. She remembered him leaning over her shoulder as he demonstrated the position of his fingers on the piano keys. She remembered the assured tone of his voice as he spoke of quarter notes and major scales ... but he'd been distant then, a brilliant pianist, a dashing young man who already attracted beautiful women, who would one day perform for kings and emperors.

Now the distance had closed. He stood before her close enough to touch. Though he could not be over thirty years of age, he seemed older, diminished somehow. Had he ... fallen?

An ache pierced Clara's heart. Sebastian Hall had always been disheveled, but in a rather appealing fashion suited to his artistic profession.

I've no time to fuss, his manner had proclaimed. I've got magic to weave.

And he had, with kaleidoscope threads and fairy-dust needles. At dinner parties and concerts, Mr. Hall spun music through the air and made Clara's blood echo with notes that had never before moved her.

Not until Sebastian Hall had brought them to life. Sleeves pushed up to his elbows, hair tumbling across his forehead, he'd played the piano with a restless energy that could in no way be contained by the polish of formality.

But now? Now he was just ... messy. At least three days' worth of whiskers roughened his jaw, and his clothes looked as if he'd slept in them for even longer than that. Dark circles ringed his eyes. He appeared hollowed out, like a gourd or shell devoid of its essence.

Clara tilted her head to the side and frowned. Although Mr. Hall's eyes were shot through with blood, they contained a sharpness that overindulgence would have blunted. And his movements—they were tense, restless, none of his edges smeared by the taint of spirits.

She stepped a little closer to him. Her nose twitched. No rank smell of ale or brandy wafted from his person. Only ...

She breathed deeper.


Crisp night air. Wood smoke. The rich, faintly bitter scent of coffee. Clara inhaled again, the scent of him sliding deep into her blood and warming a place that had long been frozen over.

"Miss Whitmore?"

His deep voice, threaded with cracks yet still resonant, broke into her brief reverie. Such a pleasure to hear his voice wrap around her former name, evoking the golden days when she had been young, when William and their mother had been alive and sunshine-yellow dandelions colored the hills of Dorset like strokes of paint.

She lifted her gaze to find Mr. Hall watching her, his eyes dark and hooded. Her face warmed.

"Sir, are you ... are you ill?" she asked.

The frank question didn't appear to disconcert him. Instead, a vague smile curved his mouth—a smile in which any trace of humor surrendered to wickedness. A faint power crackled around him, as if attempting to break through his crust of lassitude.

"Ill?" he repeated. "Yes, Miss Whitmore, I am ill indeed."

"Oh, I—"

He took a step forward, his hands flexing at his sides. She stepped back. Her heart thumped a restive beat. She glanced at the door, suddenly wishing Tom would hurry and arrive.

"I am ill behaved," Mr. Hall said, his advance so deliberate that Clara had the panicked thought that she would have nowhere to go should he keep moving toward her. Should he reach out and touch her. Her skin prickled with sudden yearning for the act that she had once imagined in her youthful dreams.

She swallowed hard and tried to suppress the memories, reminding herself that she could no longer afford such girlish fancies.

"Ill considered," Mr. Hall continued. Another step. Two. "Ill content. Ill at ease. Ill favored. Ill fated—"

"Ill bred?" Clara snapped, forcing her spine to stiffen in denial of her unforeseen anticipation.

Sebastian stopped. Then he chuckled, humor creasing his eyes. An unwelcome fascination rose in Clara's chest as the sound of his deep, rumbling laugh settled alongside the delicious mixture of scents that she knew, even now, she would forever associate with him.

"Ill bred," he repeated, his head cocked to the side. A lock of hair fell across his forehead. "The second son of an earl oughtn't be ill bred, but that's a fair assessment. My elder brother received a more thorough education in social graces." Amusement still glimmered in his expression. "Though I don't suppose he's done that education much justice himself."

Clara had little idea what he was talking about, though she did recall that his elder brother had recently wed. She also knew the Earl of Rushton had petitioned for a divorce from his wife several years ago. Rumors whispered at the edges of her mind, but back then Clara had been too ensnared in her own marriage to be concerned about a scandal involving an earl.

She realized that she'd backed up clear across the room to the stage. Sebastian stopped inches from her, close enough that she could see how the unfastened buttons of his collar revealed an inverted triangle of his skin, the vulnerable hollow of his throat where his pulse tapped.

Excerpted from A Passion for Pleasure by Nina Rowan. Copyright © 2013 Nina Rowan. Excerpted by permission of Grand Central Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Originally from California, Nina Rowan holds a PhD in Art History from McGill University, Montreal, with a specialization in 19th century French and Russian art. A librarian-at-heart, she also has an MA in Library and Information Sciences. Nina lives in Wisconsin with her atmospheric scientist husband and two children.

You can learn more at:
Twitter, @nina_rowan

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A Passion for Pleasure 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
RtBBlog More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Rachel Book provided by the publisher for review Review originally posted at Romancing the Book Nina Rowen, where have you been all my life? And why haven’t I read any of our books before? It took me around two chapters to get into this book and follow the writing style, which isn’t a bad thing, I knew it would be good, there were just so many details to start out with that I wasn’t sure if it was going to be an easy read or one of those reads that made me go crosseyed half-way through. Sebastian Hall is the epitome of male beauty and talent. After years of playing all over the continent, he now uses his spare time to bed women, lots and lots of women. He’s a rake and totally unapologetic about it. His father however has different designs for Sebastian, he wants him to marry. But Sebastian, feeling like half a man because of the secret injury he refuses to tell anyone about, doesn’t feel worthy of any woman, let alone the ghost of one from his past. Clara has always been in love with Sebastian. He was her piano teacher as a girl and now that she’s a grown woman, she can’t help but set her sights on him. Clara is insistent that the only way for her to get out from underneath her evil fathers grasp as well as get her son–is to marry and take the protection only a husband can offer. Besides, Sebastian is a powerful man from a very wealthy family, if he can’t help her, all hope is lost. I always struggle with stories where a child and one or both of their parents are estranged. It’s nothing against this author’s writing–it’s just personal preference, it seriously breaks my heart, so once the “plot” thickened in this story, I really had a hard time witnessing Clara’s pain and Andrew being pulled away from her over and over again. Her character was brilliantly written, although at times, it was hard for me to watch her at times ignore Sebastian’s part in everything–or be willing to abandon him to be with Andrew even after he offered to rescue them both. So maybe it was the fact that he bled for her and promised her the world and she still didn’t believe him. Regardless, the story was tight and really sucked you in. Sebastian is the perfect man. No, really. He’s amazing. He’s talented, rich, arrogant but not too arrogant, oh yeah and he basically get’s Andrew to start talking again after the child refuses to speak anymore. Regardless of what Clara said to him or did to him (aka breaking his poor heart) he still rescued her, and still loved Andrew, a kid who he barely knew, with his whole heart. The love story between them as a family unit was beautiful. The twists and turns the book takes are expected but necessary, especially the involvement with Sebastian’s dad, that reconciliation was a good one. ;) All in all it was a fantastic read, I would give it 4 lovely roses. I’m not sure I would read it again because as I said before I have issues when kids are involved. BUT, I think any lover of historical romance would LOVE this book and obsess over it. Well done Miss Rowen, I hope to read more of your books in the future!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dotland101 More than 1 year ago
A COLORFUL LOVE STORY! Sebastian Hall must find a wife: his father gave him an ultimatum or he would be cut off from his inheritance.  Should he do what he told his older brother, Alexander to, "get a sweet young chit...." for himself now?  A few months ago, he could defy his father, but not now that his life, his career as a pianist, is over, in ruins and in debt.  Then his brother, Darius, showed up and offered him an opportunity to make some money, mysterious but easy enough, it seemed.  Until Sebastian ran into Clara Whitmore, who's not only his former piano student, but also the niece of the man with the information Darius wants.  He could use his charm with her to get what he wants.  It  shouldn't be any problem: after all, he'd done this many times before with other women when he was still famous and his music performance was much sought after. Clara Whitmore, now Mrs. Winter, is a widow and has been living with her uncle this past year while trying to find a way to get her son, Andrew back.  It's been her only goal this past year since he was taken from her by her father.  Then fate put Sebastian in Clara's path again... her former piano teacher, her old crush since she was seventeen, the man she was in love with for years.   An idea's formed in her head: perhaps Sebastian could be the answer to her dilemma. He needs to marry and make some money.  She needs help to get her son back.  Clara proposes with the marriage of convenience that would benefit them both.   But Sebastian didn't want that kind of union, nothing would be 'convenient' about his marriage, he'd make sure of that.  He wants a real marriage in every way.  Clara decides it should be easy enough to marry Sebastian; she loved him once before, after all.  But she won't let herself love him again, not now, it would distract her from her efforts to regain her son. As for Sebastian, it's easy to fall in love with Clara, but does she love him for who he is now, or is she still in love with the man he once was?  The story will take you on an adventure of two people who come together for a purpose, joined efforts to meet their challenges.  They also discovered something about each other and of themselves along the way while trying to overcome their obstacles. This is another wonderful story from Nina Rowan.  I like her witty storyline and her strong female protagonist.  Clara is that character, she has plenty of wit and determination, bewitching beauty, and abundance of passion when it comes to intimacy and love.  Sebastian, on the other hand, represents the persona of imperfection in an otherwise expected stereotype of male protagonist.  Rowan aptly compensates his flaws with other endearing qualities. I was very impressed with Rowan's clever way of describing and correlating music with colors, she masterfully composed them with such artistic flare: colors in emotion and senses, in kisses, in passion... love, indeed is a full rainbow of colors.  In addition, her perceptive analogies of things around us: from sunrise to sunset, of light and sound... to desire and sensuous feeling gave vivid colors to one's imagination.  "A Passion For Pleasure" is the second book in the sensual Daring Hearts series and a colorful love story of trust and determination, of meeting challenges and a testing of hearts.  This book easily found its way to my favorite shelf to be reread again and again.
literarymuseVC More than 1 year ago
A Passion for Pleasure: A Daring Hearts Novel.  Nina Rowan. Grand Central Publishing.  April 2013. 384 pp. hbk. ISBN #: 97814555509560. Clara Winter’s husband is dead and she has lost her son the wiles and whims of her father-in-law who sees her as an unfit mother.  Clara would do anything to have her son live with her as a mother and son should; but the law favors her father-in-law. The problems around her authority have to do with Wakefield Hall, property which is rightfully Clara’s but isn’t thanks to a legal decision binding in 1854 and favoring males rather than females. For now, she works with her Uncle Granville who makes musical dolls, jewelry boxes and other musical paraphernalia.   The situation seems impossible to solve until she meets Sebastian, her former music teacher, who no longer plays or composes music because of a mysterious ailment in one of his hands and arm.  Whatever has caused this malady has him feeling bitter and extremely disillusioned with life.  Why then does he manifest such an interest in her Uncle’s musical models?  He is searching for papers about a cipher machine that could have numerous uses during war.  Is it in Uncle Granville’s possession and is it effective?  That is Sebastian’s mission, now complicated by the draw he feels toward Clara. As the story progresses, Sebastian will become involved in Clara’s conundrum and that actually increases the tension and excitement of this meaty story.  Yes, it’s a romance that has plenty of tender and sexy moments to thrill every romance lover, but it also involves a thrilling mystery seemingly beyond the knowledge and skills of everyone involved. A Passion for Pleasure: A Daring Hearts Novel is fun and fascinating to read.  Romances are always thrilling but this one moves away from stereotypical plotting to reveal secrets and complex plans for solutions to readers who love to try to solve a riddle before the characters do – and no you can’t predict how this one will end! Very well done, Nina Rowan!  This reviewer looks forward to reading more of the Daring Hearts series!
Karen_E More than 1 year ago
Sizzle, spice, intrigue, and exceptional writing are what you’ll encounter in A Passion for Pleasure by Nina Rowan. The second installment of The Daring Heart Series, set in London England during the Crimean War, has the second oldest Hall brother Sebastian as the tormented hero. Tragedy as befallen Sebastian and the cultured Bon vivant of the Hall family is a broken man, gone is his jovial devil-may-care attitude; for he is a husk of his former self. Enter Clara Winter née Whitmore, a former piano student of Sebastian’s as well as a girl he didn’t bother to notice at the age of sixteen despite the fact that he was only a few years older. Sebastian was then the elegant sought after musical genius. What did he need with a girl like Clara who swoons while hanging onto his every word? He in truth had not even noticed her when she was his student. Clara is in Sebastian’s sight, as he is he now on a secret mission for his brother Darius, and he will stop at nothing to fulfill his familial obligation, and set his own life’s course. Clara too has deep familial obligations that she will do anything to fulfill. Both Clara and Sebastian are dealing with tragedy and hardships, and how they weather them will either unite or destroy them. What will happen when these two cross paths, both looking to accomplish their goals? Guess you’ll have to read the book to find out. What I love the most about Nina Rowan’s books is the tapestry of emotions that she weaves with her words. The emotions of the characters are palpable, and you’ll experience the story with its twists and turns right along with the them. Her plots are written in bright technicolor with colors added that you didn’t even know were part of the literary palette until she revealed them, and then you’ll wonder why all books don’t have the same depth of texture to them. She paints a setting with such vibrancy that you can not only imagine it in your mind’s eye but almost reach out and touch it. Rowan is an author not to be missed, and even if you have never read a historical romance, this series should be on your “to be read list.” You just might discover a new genre.