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A Patriot's Plot

A Patriot's Plot

by Josh Jameson


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Set within the context of the interrelated political, economic and religious issues facing America today, "A Patriot's Plot" is a novel of political and religious intrigue involving the unorthodox efforts of General Ian Forester, a wealthy anti-Islamic American patriot and retired US Army general, to change the government and its religious policies by radical means.

Congressman Jeff Bradley's accidental involvement in the death of an employee of a defense systems contractor leads to the discovery and exposure of an intricate plot by General Forester, the defense contractor's founder, to undermine the government and change its policies towards Islam and Muslim radicalism.

General Forester and others believe that the current inept government and outdated government policies and principles, especially those regarding freedom of religion threaten the country's survival against an Islamic Jihad.

The General is convinced that Islam is not simply a religion but a nation, a nation where the principles of "separation of church and state" and "freedom of religion" do not exist. It is a nation bent on world domination, a nation that is at war with the US, and as such, a nation that should be treated the same as any other nation at war with the US.

Recognizing that the drastic change required in the government cannot be achieved by normal political means, or by force, General Forester uses his wealth to undertake a secret project under the guise of a US defense R&D contract to create change from within the government through the application of cutting-edge technology.

Things become complicated on an international level when the death of Forester's employee is linked to an R&D facility headed by a Muslim in a non-Islamic country that is a long-term US ally with no known connection with Islamic extremists or Muslim terrorists.

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ISBN-13: 9781493570928
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Publication date: 11/24/2013
Pages: 266
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