A Perfect Cornish Summer

A Perfect Cornish Summer

by Phillipa Ashley

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The first in a gorgeous new series from the author of Summer at the Cornish Cafe.

Summer is on the horizon, and the people of Porthmellow are eagerly awaiting the annual food festival. At least, most of them are…

For Sam Lovell, organising the summer festival in her hometown is one of the highlights of her year. It’s not always smooth sailing, but she loves to see Porthmellow’s harbour packed with happy visitors, and being on the committee has provided a much-needed distraction from the drama in her family life (and the distinct lack of it in her love life).

When their star guest pulls out with only a few weeks to go, everyone’s delighted when a London chef who grew up locally steps in at the last minute. But Gabe Matthias is the last person Sam was expecting to see, and his return to Porthmellow will change her quiet coastal life for ever.

Curl up with this gorgeous novel and savour the world of Porthmellow Harbour.

Authors love Phillipa Ashley’s books…

‘Scandals and secrets in the Scillies – sheer joy!’ Katie Fforde

‘A delicious festive treat with as many twists and turns as a Cornish country lane’ Jules Wake

‘Warm and funny and feel-good. The best sort of holiday read’ Katie Fforde

‘Filled with warm and likeable characters. Great fun!’ Jill Mansell

‘An utterly glorious, escapist read from a one of the freshest voices to emerge in women's fiction today. I loved every gorgeous page’ Claudia Carroll

‘Deliciously entertaining’
Liz Fenwick

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ISBN-13: 9780008316136
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 04/25/2019
Sold by: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 400
Sales rank: 168,331
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Phillipa Ashley writes warm, funny romantic fiction for a variety of international publishers. The first two books in her best-selling Cornish Café series made the Amazon Top 20 and Top 10 chart in 2016.

Phillipa lives in a Staffordshire village with her husband and has a grown-up daughter.

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A Perfect Cornish Summer 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
gaele 5 months ago
I love Ashley’s Little Cornish Isle series, so this one was a no-brainer. And I’m really glad I grabbed it. A small coastal village full of characters as the build up to their annual food festival challenges residents and volunteers alike with preparation, weather, publicity and life. Samphire Lovell has a mobile truck from which she sells handmade pies at various festivals and events throughout the countryside. A business she started after the death of her mother, as she was struggling to keep her family fed and together after the death of her mother. An income stream that became even more important when her brother was arrested and jailed after a robbery, and she found herself without brother or boyfriend. But, that was eleven years ago and her sister Zennor has grown up and started a graphics design business with her best friend Ben. All is now focused on the run-up to the festival – their biggest ever and making sure everything goes off without a hitch. Sam, as the organizer has found Chloe – a recent blow in to town, with experience in event organization as her second in command – and al things are moving smoothly toward the big event in a few weeks. And then their headline chef becomes suddenly unavailable due to his own bad behavior, and that leaves a big hole in the programme – and when you add in Sam’s worries about her own pie business, local complaints about traffic disruptions and noise during the festival and what seems to be a concerted negative campaign against the festival on the facebook page, Sam’s more than a bit worried. She didn’t know worry though until Chloe, doing her job and rounding up another ‘big’ chef’ gets a commitment from Gabe – Sam’s ex and former town resident now major London chef – things heat up for Sam – not in a good way. Can she and Gabe (more she than he) actually work “together’ politely and professionally after all this time and anger? And just how much more can go ‘wrong’ with the festival – weather appears to be a concern with very un-June-like winds that threaten the ‘show tent’ and could prevent festival visitors, someone splashing Sam’s van with red paint, pulling down signs and more negative traffic on facebook don’t hold a candle to Sam’s own mixed up thoughts about Gabe, or the interactions between people in the committee – locals all but Chloe and all familiar with the history there. I actually enjoyed this story very much, although I wish that less effort was expended in ‘presenting’ the feel of a small village with many different storylines (Chloe and Drew, Evie and Troy, Sam and Gabe, Gabe and the town, the missing Ryan, Bryony and her overlarge attitude) – which worked to present the ‘everyone knows everything’ sort of vibe but also added many people to ‘catch up’ with – without actually presenting us with a clear entrant for the ‘next in the series’ to become the focus. Weather, terrain and even a sense of the ‘locals’ was clear in the story, and while I would have loved to read more about the food at the festival the sense of community, family and Sam finding the answers to questions she had for a decade to get – the story had me wanting the best for the little town and its people and ready for the next festival – coming sooner than anyone has actually planned! I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via NetGalley for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
PageJunkie 10 days ago
So-called “summer reads “ should warm our hearts and soothe our souls. A Perfect Cornish summer does just that. Set in a beautiful coastal town of Cornwall, we follow Sam, local resident, business owner, and chair of the annual food festival, as she prepares for this year’s event. As they deal with an unexpected loss of a celebrity chef, Sam finds herself in the uncomfortable position of working with the town’s own celebrity chef and former resident with whom she has a history. Can time heal wounds and will love win out? The story of Sam and the other residents revealed itself at a good pace. It wasn’t over done, and the author wrote in a way that has you feel empathy for everyone concerned. The setting of the festival and the wonderful characters of Troy and Evie, a beloved couple who interject wisdom at just the right moments, keeps the characters moving towards forgiveness and the recognition that community and love can restore us. This is the first book in a new series by the author, and I look forward to reading the next installment. Thank you to Net Galley and Avon Books for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Porthmellow is the kind of place that I daydream about living in. It is beautiful, in Cornwall, by the sea and the people who live there care about one another. The setting for this book is an upcoming food festival. The residents we follow include Sam, the organizer; Gabe, who once dated Sam and is now a celebrity chef; Sam's sister and her partner, Ben; a mom, Chloe who has been estranged from her daughter and granddaughter and many other locals. Their stories are all told in a way that allows the reader to care about them. Over the course of the story, lives are lived, misunderstandings are cleared up and characters grow and love. If this is your kind of book, try this. It is an enjoyable read. Many thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for this escapist read. All opinions are my own.
3900980 5 months ago
A Perfect Cornish Summer is based in a town on the water called Porthmellow. Sam Lovell is the owner of a catering company and she is the organizer of an annual food festival which was her idea years before. Through the years the festival has continually grown much to the delight of many of the locals, but not all. When the guest chef pulls out at the last minute and Gabe Matthias, a hometown boy made good offers to step into the role to save the festival, Sam is not too pleased. Their past history was once magical until Gabe up and told the police that Sam's brother Ryan was planning on robbing a store. This put Ryan in prison, Sam upset with Gabe and Gabe leaving town. When Ryan finally did get out of prison he vowed to never return and much to Sam's great sadness she has not seen him in years. And as with any good love story/mystery we get to meet the comical characters who go along with a small harbor town where everybody knows one another. And most have secrets. Some more serious than others. The highlight of the story is the festival itself, that's where the comedy was at its best and kept a smile on my face. A smile still there even as this sweet story came to it's conclusion. For fans of The Vicar of Dibley, a series from the BBC in England, you especially will relish the tight knit community and quirky characters which come along with it. The committee meetings are just on place in which I laughed. But most of all you will be pleased with the love and caring for others which occurs in this tiny place near the sea. More please!!
LiteratureWithLylan 5 months ago
A Perfect Cornish Summer by Phillipa Ashley ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ First of all, I had never even heard of Cornwall until this book. But now I feel like I’ve been there and I love it to bits! The small village of Porthmellow has lots of winding roads, angry gulls, small town feel where the community is tight knit, hearing the local band play at the pub, and unpredictable weather due to being bordered by the Celtic Sea. Secondly, I AM SO READY FOR SUMMER. I want to jump to summer, hop on a plane, and go to a summer food festival in Cornwall now. I love festivals that features food, art, and music! THIS HAS TO HAPPEN. This was my first book by Phillipa Ashley and it won’t be my last! I really enjoyed her writing style and the book was just a really good feel-good, light read type of romance about lost love and second chances. There characters were likable, quirky, well-developed and I felt like I actually knew the people and I was invested in their lives. There are lot of different characters introduced in the book and they all have their own little story and their own strong personality. Like RIGHT OFF THE BAT in the prologue, we’re introduced to a quirky old neighbor. I wanted to dive into the book and help Sam (the main character) plan the Porthmellow Festival. I felt like I was a part of the community she devoted herself to. I felt for Sam when Gabe (a man who she has a rocky history with) was invited by Chloe (Sam’s friend) to come back to town to help with the festival. It was awkward. There was tension. The prologue did a really nice job setting the scene and providing background. Learning about Sam and Gabe’s history made me gasp. I was rooting for Sam and Gabe throughout the book. Poor Chloe had no idea there was all of this drama. She is a newcomer to the town trying to move on from her divorce and struggles with her daughter cutting her out of her life. Chloe only wanted to help Sam when she invited Gabe to be the new guest chef after the original guest chef had bailed on the festival. She had no idea how deep his ties were to the town. I loved going on a journey with all of the characters. It was a well written, charming book. Thank you NetGalley and Avon Books for an e-ARC of this lovely book in exchange for an honest opinion.
GraceJReviewerlady 5 months ago
This is the perfect book to get you in the mood for summer! Sam Lovell - along with a small group of volunteers - is responsible for organising the annual food festival in her home town of picturesque Porthmellow. As the time draws near, they all find their precious free time disappearing into thin air and when a calamity occurs in the shape of the biggest guest calling off, one of the team sorts out a replacement without realising she is facilitating the return of Sam's ex.  With so much going on, this is a delightful and entertaining read - and I'm thrilled to see it's the first of a new series! Phillipa Ashley's writing really displays what I imagine a Cornish coastal town will be like. There are characters from all walks of life on the pages, and they come alive as the book progresses. With several elements to the story, I was kept involved all the way through to the very satisfying conclusion, and I'm really keen to see where it all heads next. It's a fresh, fun read; very appealing, well-written, smoothly flowing,  and a definite best-seller. Certainly worthy of all the five stars I'm happy to give.