A Pictorial Analysis of the Ramifications of the Concept of Boobieshandsstraps

A Pictorial Analysis of the Ramifications of the Concept of Boobieshandsstraps

by Prof Vidanage P. Karunaratne


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What is known as "Boobieshandsstraps? Generally, it denotes the universal practice of human females, irrespective of their age, colour, race or nationality and location, covering with one of their hands or both hands, the upper portion of their naked body (topless body) containing the pair of uncovered breasts demonstrating their shyness or bashfulness, especially if they happen to be in the company of predominantly males.
This pattern of boobieshandsstraps even applies to situations where females pose for photographs as models for various commercial products advertisements. Nevertheless, in situations where females are caught unawares when they relax topless, the natural and inevitable outcome emerging from them would be to abruptly cover their nude pair of breasts with their hands or arms, in other words, apply the theory and practice of 'boobieshandsstraps', whatever the circumstances would be. Therefore, while analysing this almost natural phenomenon, it appears like it is universal in nature, traits and characteristics.

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Professor Vidanage P. Karunaratne is Research Professor of the International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England and Postdoctoral Research Scholar in Parapsychology and Transcendental Anthropology, University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka. His Ph.D. Thesis dwells on Parapsychology and Vampirology, first-ever in Sri Lankan Universities.
He has taken time to pen down more than thirty books including Research Papers, Novels, True-Crime and Translations in English and also half a dozen books in Sinhalese.

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