A Pimps Memoirs: My Relationships

A Pimps Memoirs: My Relationships

by Red Dog


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This book is about relationships in the private individual money making plans of our society. Plus experiences of times that one go through when he or she is trying to make some reason out of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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ISBN-13: 9781524628192
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/06/2016
Pages: 108
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

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A Pimps Memoirs

My Relationships

By Red Dog


Copyright © 2016 Red Dog
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-2819-2


This book is dedicated to the most important woman that was in my life. My Grandmother Teresa, and my baby sister Teresa Ann. In my younger years my grandmother and my grandfather was the most important people in my life. My first few years of life was with them, they always kept me safe and secure. Those years of my life I always felt love from both of them. I slept with them, live with them until I started school. That is where I received my morals and baptism. My grandmother would take me to church every Sunday. Her sisters would send me the suits that I would wear to church every week from the state of Connecticut. Doing this time I would never forget the suits that were made of wool blends as in the south it was very hot, and wearing wool would make you feel the bite that wool has. But I would not complain because my grandmother would always say, be thankful for what you get, and accept the fact that they mean well. Where they live it gets cold. Most of my father people had left the south for better lives in the northern cities. Being on the farm that my grandparents were working made me feel safe and secure and happy. They had horses and mules to work the farm. As a little kid I only felt love from both my grandparents. So I did not want to live anywhere else no matter what. But things change once I became 6 years old and had to start school. My birthday came in November after school had started in August. So I had to sit a whole year out before I could attend school. That was not good for me. I would get into fights with other kids when they would walk down the street my family live on. I remember our house catching on fire, because the washing machine that my father had purchase from Sears and Roebuck cause a shortage in the wiring and started a fire when my mother left it on while we were out of the house. When we return the house was burning down. We had to move to another location in this same neighborhood. My mother and father started to have marital problems from that time on. Me being out of school in this area made things worst as I became sick with the flu that landed me in the hospital. My temperature was over a 105 degrees and I was out of it. When I awake nurses were all around me. I was seeing things in my mind like fat ladies on the wall. I do not know how I survive that sickness but God was with me and did not let me die. After all of this my parents were having disagreements often. My father was a construction worker that drove a roller for a construction company that was building the I-85 interstate to Alabama. He was the operator of a machine that sometime he would bring home on the back of a platform truck. At this time my mother was only a housewife. We moved back to the country side out on Blackstock Rd. My father started operating a after hours spot selling white lighting to people on the weekends. The law enforcement people knew about this operation and just wanted their share of the proceeds. We had juke boxes cigarette machines and tables that the customers could use while getting their weekends on eating fish plates and hash plates and drinking their whiskey. My mother would be living for the weekend as we kids my brother and sisters would be at different peoples houses so we could not be exposed to the happenings that were taking place at our house. Me myself chose to be at my grandparents house. Which at this time lived up the road from where my father was operating this spot. I was in the second grade at this time about 8 years old. My baby brother was not even going to school. We had a outside toilet that we had to use then. As the house was a big two story house without running water. We had to get the water from a well at the back door of the house. The fifties in the south was not as develop as it was supposed to be then. We kids got into things we should have never known about like smoking. All was well until my mother who was a lot younger than my father started to sing at these weekend business operations. Young men would be hitting on her and my father would get very jealous of the way she was getting attention. So she started to leave us and go where her other sisters live in New York City. This went on for a while she would leave us, and my father would talk her back home for a while. Until the law enforcement people that were getting their share of the operation was not getting their share and began to want to shut the house down. In 1959 my mother took us and moved us to New York City although! None of us wanted to live there. Her twin sister was having a problem with her man and took us to New Jersey to live with her. My sister and I got lost in New Jersey and someone help us get in touch with our father by phone and he came to pick us up from our mother. 1960 we return to South Carolina along with a new baby that my mothers twin sister had adopted. My grandfather would pass in the next year. 1961. After my grandfather had died we move back into the city of Sparkle city with my grandmother. We had to leave the big white house and move to a little apartment development call Blue heaven. We only live there for a moment and move to a development call highland homes after the heaven. At this time I am in the fifth grade at the school I had started at. My mother decided that she wanted to live in NEW YORK CITY and ask all of us if we wanted to go with her. Everyone of us said no thank you we would stay with our father. She left us in61 again for New York. We stayed in highland until my older sister became pregnant at 13 years old. The kids there were wild and dangerous in highland. Fights most of the times with other kids that thought we were just some to push around. But found out we were not that easy. My father decided to get us out of the city before one of us would do some damage to some other kid. So we moved to A little town call Whitestone out in the county. Once we were in Whitestone all of us were rather happy we were except my older sister that was pregnant from her boy friend back in Highland. I had drop out of school in highland because the teacher believed a bold face lie about me saying something about some of my class mates sexual parts. These girls that told her that was trying to get my attention and I did not like either one of them. Anyway I quit school and looked for something else I could do. A store that was near the school gave me a job of delivering foods to the people in the neighborhood by bike. My father was working very hard at this time trying to get us back to the standard of living we had been having before we lost the Big White House. Once he found out that my sister was pregnant and I was not going to school he moved us out to Whitestone in the county were we started to go back to school at Mays in Pacolet SC. Shortly after we were living there, my father had to go to the VA Hospital to have a rising removed from his shoulder and left us home with his 1956 chevy to drive. At this time none of us knew how to drive. When my sister tried to drive the car to the store it ran off the road and end up in a ditch on the road that lead to the house we live in. We had a hard time getting it back onto the road to use it to go to the store. But we finally did get it back onto the road and was able to drive it to the house we live in. I was rather happy in Whitestone, matter of fact all of us were happy except my older sister because she could not see this guy that had her pregnant because he lived back in Highland were we had moved from. The year and time was when President Kennedy got shot in 1963. Things started to change for us after that. My mothers father told my father that if he would move to Arkwright near him he could help raise his grand children with him. This was after my father had return home from the hospital and could not work right away. So my father waited until the summer was over and school had started for the 1964 year before we move to Arkwright for the job that my mothers father had gotten for him. Driving a trash truck for one of my grand fathers friends. Little did we know that job would cost my father his life. Driving the truck for the people he was driving for cause a head on collision with some drunk driver that ended my fathers life. Since that time I have never wanted to live in ARKWRIGHT or near ARKWRIGHT. I hated Arkwright after that. I was not even 14 years old at this time because my birthday came in November and my fathers accident was in September. I felt pain like I had never felt before because I was very close to my father. He was schooling me on the ways of having sex with women at this time. He had a lot of girlfriends he was sleeping with. After my Fathers death the family came apart. My grandmother left for Connecticut to live with her sisters. My mother came to Sparkle city to bring us to New York City. I would begin to attend school in New York. At this time my feelings for my mother were mixed and confusing. I did not like her man and he did not like me. My baby sister was looking like she was twenty and was only 12 years old. My older sister had had her baby and did not want to live with my mother at 14 years old almost 15. She had tried to live in New York but long for her boyfriend back in Sparkle City. None of us were old enough to take care of the paper work that was needed to get my Fathers SS and VA benefits so my mother did not want any of us leaving home to disrupt her checks that she was entitle to for her to take care of US. New York was a blessing in one way and a problem in another. The girls wanted to leave home and not live with my mother while us boys did what we could to get our own money. We all were a little bitter toward my mother for leaving us for all those years before my father died. She had been out of our life for some years before returning to us after his death. We boys started to figure out ways to get money ourselves by shining shoes in front of Bloomingdales on 59 street and walking up second avenue to 101 St hitting the bars to make money. A blessing happen for the girls. My mother checks were disrupted because this other women that my father had a son by was saying to the government that she was married to my father and had a marriage license so they stop paying my mother until they could investigate to see which one was really entitle to his benefits. In the long run it was my mother that was married to my father and the other women had a phony license and was not. This was the year 1965. From that point on my life became a fun and confusing thing. I was attending JHS 45 on 120th St in East Harlem which was a little fun except I would have to do a lot of protecting my baby sister. Although at the time I did not know a lot of girls were afraid of her because she was a threat to them with their boy friends. These next few years of my life were a difficult period for me. New York City would introduce me to a hustle beyond my morels. Freaks were everywhere and I mean freaks for real. This was the time of DEEP THROAT the movie that started the big thing about if a movie were to be censured or not. People were for it and some were not. They thought the government had no business or right to tell one what to look at or accept looking at. It started a following of people that wanted porn to be their decision no one else. Freaks bloom like it was alright. And to make things worst the war in Vietnam was getting heated up for real. The sad thing about this period most young youth in Harlem had no way to get money except to sell themselves to the highest bidder. And that is exactly what they were doing. The area of 125th St in the east Harlem area was the red light district, plenty of pussy selling and other types of body selling was going on. It was the red light district for white people looking for black pussy or dick. Plenty of bath houses, and bars to get the tension of a job off their mind with a massage or some hot pussy for relief. It was a thriving area for the north central trains to stop and drop off white people looking to get a massage or some extra sexual tension off of them. And there were a lot of willing partners that would give it to them for a fee. All the bars in that area on park avenue were loaded with hookers every day. They were selling pussy like it was a golden commodity, which it was. My education in the sex trade begin in that area 1965. I was not even 15 years old then. Another pimp was turn out at that time. Namely ME Myself and I. The ladies I would buy sex from were hot as hell or cold as ice. Burn your dick off just fucking with them. It would let you know if she was hot for you are not. A women that were giving you the pussy would be hot as hell. The ones that were selling it would be cold as ice. Just after the cash and nothing else. I soon learn that I was in the land of Hero's and frank footers. The girls I was going to school with I did not have sex with. My girl at the time was AIDA ALVERIZE a Puerto Rican chick that was going to the same school I was going to. I never got a chance to see how good the pussy was on her. Her mother was always present when we were together because her sister had a baby and she was saying that Aida was to young to be having sex. Not what I had on my mind. We never could have any sex so we were just kissing and holding hands with each other. I graduated to high school in 1966 and ended up going to a school that the city was turning into a coed on the upper east side of Manhattan call JULIA RICHMOND on east 67th street at 2nd avenue. It was let the fun begin, I was one of the first boys that went to this school, a school full of girls. I had a lot of girlfriends at this school. Every class I took I had a girlfriend in it. The year was 1966 and 67 and 68 up until the riots jump off after Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. After doctor king got shot the whole city erupted into riots and violence against law enforcement. Burning and looting any business that were in Harlem that belong to Jews and white people. 68 was a year of complete change for me. The war in Vietnam was the last thing on my mind except I did not want to get drafted, so I did not study that hard to get promoted to the next grades. I figured that if I was still in school the draft board would pass on me and go to the next person that had registered for the draft. I was approaching 18 years old doing this time. Doctor Kings death change that. At this time I was getting a allowance from someone I work for every week. My body was earning the money every week. In the sex business. I always had money for school selling my body at this time. Upon going to school on 67 st I stop working for Sal the Italian guy that I was delivering milk and eggs and cheese for on the weekends in Harlem, which saved me from being caught up directly in the riots when they began. Once the riots started my mothers twin sister decided she would gather us children up and headed south to their fathers house. How we survived the riots is beyond my understanding but somehow we made it to my mother fathers house in the south. I drop out of school and found a job at the black hospital in the housekeeping dept. I was in the 11 grade then. The same hospital I was in when I was a kid sick with a bad flu. At that time my older sister had move back to Sparkle City after trying to work in New York with her two children. In 1966 she had moved back to Sparkle city with her boyfriend after he had gotten rob at the port authority in New York City. So she was not in the riots, she had left in 1966 because the apartment we were living in was to cramped for all of us plus her man and two children. In the year 1966 I had to moved to my uncles building to go to school on the east side and help him with his superintendent job. I did most of the work because he was at his girl friends house most of the time down on 101. He had me to come and live with him in the basement apartment so I could take care of his job. Those days you had to shovel coal into the furnace to give heat and hot water to the residents of the building. So that became my job for housing plus sweeping and moping the hallways and putting the trash out for pickup by the sanitation dept. My aunts would check on me to see if I was going to school and doing the job every week. I was at Richmond having fun with my girlfriends and doing the job ok. I lived along except for my dog that I had at this time. He was a scary dog cold black fur and would bite anyone he thought was trying to harm me. When I would walk him I would have to put a muzzle on his mouth to keep anyone from getting hurt near me.


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