A Practical Guide to Solving Preschool Behavior Problems

A Practical Guide to Solving Preschool Behavior Problems

by Eva Essa

Paperback(2nd ed)

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A Practical Guide to Solving Preschool Behavior Problems by Eva Essa

Practical Guide to Solving Preschool Behavior Problems presents unique and easy-to-follow information. It provides a very practical approach to working with young children with behavior problems and includes a new focus on working with children with disabilities and special needs. The book presents more than 40 behavior problems with examples and explanations, allowing the reader to pinpoint an approach for each specific problem. It begins with five chapters that consider general information such as, how to use the book, how to create a positive environment to encourage appropriate behavior, and why children misbehave. Beyond the introductory chapters are 40 chapters dealing with specific behavior concerns including, aggressive and antisocial behaviors, disruptive behavior, and emotional and dependent behaviors. This fourth edition text is thoroughly and carefully outlined and includes step-by-step instructions on how to help children change misbehaviors. Practical Guide to Solving Preschool Behavior Problems is ideal for instructors who work with a variety of children, including those with disabilities.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780827339651
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 10/01/1989
Edition description: 2nd ed
Pages: 288

About the Author

Eva L. Essa is a professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, where she has been on the faculty since 1971. The author of several books, Ms. Essa has been engaged in writing and research, published in various professional journals, and has been involved with the National Child Development Associate Program since its inception.

Table of Contents

OVERVIEW: Introduction: How to Use This Book. Setting a Positive Environment. Why Children Misbehave. Techniques for Dealing with Misbehaviors. Working with Children with Special Needs. AGGRESSIVE AND ANTISOCIAL BEHAVIORS: Hitting. Biting. Throwing Objects at Others. Hurting Others. Swearing. Name-Calling. Nonsharing. Bribery. Stealing. Noncompliance. DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIORS: Disrupting Group Time. Leaving the Classroom. Running Aimlessly Around the Classroom. Shouting in the Classroom. Dropping Objects to Create Noise. DESTRUCTIVE BEHAVIOR: Tearing Books. Breaking Toys. Flushing Objects Down the Toilet. Wasting Paper. Destroying the Work of Others. EMOTIONAL AND DEPENDENT BEHAVIORS: Crying. Throwing Tantrums. Pouting. Baby Talk. Thumb Sucking. Pant Wetting. Clinging. Seeking Attention. Whining. Self-Stimulation. PARTICIPATION IN SOCIAL AND SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Nonparticipation in Activities. Nonparticipation in Social Play. Shyness at Group Time. Playing with Only One Toy. Infrequent Large-Muscle Activity. Infrequent Dramatic Play Participation. Talking Infrequently. Short Attention Span. EATING BEHAVIORS: Finicky Eating. Overeating. Messy Eating. MULTIPLE PROBLEM BEHAVIORS: Dealing with Multiple Problems. RECORD KEEPING: Keeping Track of Behavior.

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