A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion

A Practical Guide to Sustainable Fashion

by Alison Gwilt


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ISBN-13: 9781350099135
Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic
Publication date: 11/01/2018
Series: Basics Fashion Design
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 8.92(h) x 0.46(d)

About the Author

Alison Gwilt is a Reader in Fashion Design at the Art and Design Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. She is also co-author of Shaping sustainable fashion: Changing the way we make and use clothes (2011).

Table of Contents

1. Rethinking fashion design
The supply chain
The key issues
Developments in sustainable fashion
The future of fashion?
Spotlight on: Katharine Hamnett; Exercise 1: Reflecting on sustainable fashion
2. The life cycle of a garment
Life cycle thinking
Activities and impacts
Assessment tools and models
Sustainable design strategies
Spotlight on: Stella McCartney; Exercise 2: Comparing two garments
3. Design
Garment design
Spotlight on: Designing for Empathy
Exercise 3: An approach to designing for empathy
Selecting fabrics, materials and techniques
Spotlight On: Using Mono Materials; Interview: Annika Matilda Wendelboe
4. Production
Pattern-making and toiling
Spotlight on: Zero-waste techniques
Exercise 4: Working with geometric shapes
Spotlight on: Design for durability; Interview: Susan Dimasi, materialbyproduct
5. Distribution
Suppliers, makers and producers
Spotlight on: Engaging with local communities
Retail Opportunities
Interview: Isabelle De Hillerin
Spotlight on: Designing for need; Exercise 5: Designing for inclusive fashion
6. Use
Patterns of use
Spotlight on: Reducing laundering
Repair and maintenance
Spotlight on: Design for repair
Exercise 6: Designing modular garments; Interview: Lizzie Harrison, Remade in Leeds
7. End-of-Life
Reuse and remanufacture
Spotlight on: Upcycling
Exercise 7: A personalized approach to upcycling
Material recycling
Spotlight on: Closed-loop production
Interview: Wayne Hemingway, Hemingwaydesign
Appendix; Conclusion; Glossary; Online resources; Student resources; Bibliography; Index; Acknowledgements and credits.

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