A Pre-Raphaelite Journey: The Art of Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

A Pre-Raphaelite Journey: The Art of Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale

by Pamela Gerrish Nunn



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ISBN-13: 9781846318573
Publisher: Liverpool University Press
Publication date: 03/15/2013
Series: Liverpool University Press - National Museums Liverpool Series
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 9.70(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Pamela Gerrish Nunn was formerly Professor of Art History and Theory at University of Canterbury.

Table of Contents

      Sandra Penketh, Director of Art Galleries, National Museums Liverpool

Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale: A Pre-Raphaelite Journey
    Knight with an Angel of Death
    Time the Physician
    The Complete Works of Shakespeare
    At the Sepulchre
    Labour and the Broken Heart
    The little Foot-Page
    The Statue and the Bust (I did no more while my heart was warm)
    Two studies for The World and what it fears
    Sketch for The World and what it fears
    Pippa passes and Men and Women
    If one could have that Little Head of hers
    Dramatis Personae and Dramatic and Romantic Lyrics
    Beautiful Flowers and How to Grow Them
    Autumn Fields, Condover
    The rusty Knight (Yniol’s rusted arms)
    Merlin and Vivien
    The Passing of Elaine
    Guinevere (The somber close of that voluptuous day)
    Portrait of Winifred Roberts
    The Wish (Pride and ambition here)
    The Book of Old English Songs and Ballads
    June is Dead
    Sketch for Guardian Angel
    The Guardian Angel (The Genius of Flight)
    Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale’s Golden Book of Famous Women
    Sketch for The Forerunner
    The Forerunner
    Almshouses at Abingdon
    Palgrave’s Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics
    Portrait of Charles Fortescue-Brickdale
    The Prior’s Niece
    Design for a Window in Chew Magna church

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