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A Prescription for Healthy Living: A Guide to Lifestyle Medicine

A Prescription for Healthy Living: A Guide to Lifestyle Medicine

by Emma Short (Editor)


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A Prescription for Healthy Living: A Guide to Lifestyle Medicine takes an evidence-based approach to health promotion and disease prevention.  Medical doctors, healthcare professionals and research scientists from a variety of backgrounds provide informed advice on how to encourage patients to take charge of their health and future.

This book addresses the impact that socioeconomic and environmental factors have on the health of a population and explores the psychology of health-related behavioral change, as well as considering a variety of subject areas as diverse as nutrition, physical activity, the practice of gratitude, the adverse health impacts of loneliness and the importance of achieving a satisfactory work-life balance.

A Prescription for Healthy Living aims to encourage and inspire healthcare practitioners and public health officials to empower patients to make simple behavioral changes that will have a large and positive effect on their physical and mental wellbeing. 

  • Written by qualified medical professionals and research scientists from a variety of specialties
  • Addresses a variety of health promotion, disease prevention and wellbeing topics
  • Provides evidence-based information in a digestible and actionable way

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ISBN-13: 9780128215739
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 01/29/2021
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.00(d)

About the Author

Dr. Emma Short studied pre-clinical medicine at Cambridge University and clinical medicine at Oxford University. She lives in Cardiff, with her GP husband and two young daughters. She completed her basic surgical training in Devon, before moving to Wales to specialise in histopathology. She has a PhD from Cardiff University in cancer genetics: Genetic Mechanisms in Colorectal Polyposis, 2018.

Dr. Short has published extensively in the scientific literature and has an active role in medical education.She is interested in the interaction between the mind and the body, and the impact that mental wellbeing and social connections have on health. Dr. Short is a qualified meditation teacher and is a great advocate of showing kindness in all spheres of life. She loves exploring different aspects of holistic wellbeing and has diplomas in Mindful Nutrition and Shrinrin Yoku. She is a keen runner, having completed an ultramarathon, two marathons and many half-marathons, and is passionate about health-promotion and disease-prevention. She set up and runs a not-for-profit community running group in Cardiff, Sirius Running, and is a qualified personal trainer.

Table of Contents

About the Editor Preface

Section 1 Society, Health and Behaviour

1.  Social and Environmental Determinants of Health Liza Kirtchuk and Ann Wylie

2.  How Early Childhood Events Impact Upon Adult Health Liz Forty

3.  The Psychology of Health-Related Behaviour Change Aria Campbell-Danesh

4.  Health Literacy and How to Communicate Effectively with Patients to Elicit a Long-Term Behavioural Change Sonal Shah

5.  The Role of the Healthcare System in Social Prescribing Emma Ladds

Section 2 Mental Health and Wellbeing

6.  The Role of Stress in Health and Disease Athanasios Hassoulas

7.  The Importance of a Good Night’s Sleep Devina Leopold and Thom Phillips

8.  Gratitude: Being Thankful is Proven to Be Good for You Sonal Shah

9.  Loneliness as a Risk Factor for Chronic Disease Sonal Shah

10. The Health Implications of Achieving a Satisfactory Work-Life Balance Emma Short and Laura Sheldrake

11.  Happiness and Health Alka Patel

12. The Role a Mentor can Play in improving Well-Being Nita Maha

Section 3 Physical Activity and Physical Health

13. Fit for Life: The Health Benefits of Cardiovascular Activity Caroline Deodhar

14. Sedentary Behaviour and Adverse Health Outcomes Emma Short

15. The Gut Microbiome Venita Patel

16. Cigarettes: The Facts, Strategies for Smoking Cessation, e-cigarettes and Vaping Adam Douglas and Arfa Ahmed

17. Alcohol: Its Impact on Wellbeing, Morbidity and Mortality Hayley S. McKenzie

18. Cancer: How to Help Your Patients to Reduce Their Cancer Risk Ailsa Sita-Lumsden

19. Lifestyle Factors and Women's Health Alexandra J. Kermack

20. Skin Health: What Damages and Ages Skin? Evidence-Based Interventions to Maintain Healthy Skin Lorna Jeng and Anjaly Mirchandani

21. Western Medical Acupuncture Carolyn Rubens

Section 4 Nutrition and Healthy Eating Habits

22. Fruit and Vegetables: Prevention and Cure? Gemma Newman

23. Macronutrients and Micronutrients Laura Gush, Sonal Shah and Farah Gilani

24. Caffeine in Health and Disease: A Brief Overview Emmajane Down

25. Water: How Much Should be Consumed and What are its Health Benefits? Ekua Annobil

26. Intermittent Fasting: A Health Panacea or Just Calorie Restriction? Ellen Fallows and Hayley S. McKenzie

Concept Boxes: Mindfulness, Healthy Weight and Bone Health Saba Jaleel, Emma Short and Claire Stansfield

Conclusions and How to Access Reliable Health Information Emma Short

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