A Present From Dad: Surprise! A New Family Member Emerges Just In Time for The Will Reading!

A Present From Dad: Surprise! A New Family Member Emerges Just In Time for The Will Reading!

by George B. Light

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It’s April, 1959, in northwestern Connecticut. Imagine the fury of Richard Lavington’s four children when they learn about an unknown fifth heir to their late father’s estate. And, in addition to sharing the will proceeds with this interloper, he’s to live at the family’s home, with them, as a proper full time family member.
Worse, this interloper’s a common laborer with no background, raised in an institution, and living in squalor with an old drunk Raggie. He didn’t even know who his father was until a busybody attorney found him. His claim on the estate is based on a brief affair their father had with an employee. Dad was like that. Dad enjoyed liaisons outside his marriage. Why did this affair count for anything?
Dan, the newly discovered fifth son, was eight years old when his mom placed him in an institution, and then disappeared. She had never spoken about his father, so Dan was completely amazed when some lawyer showed up, announcing his father had died. Furthermore, Dan figured significantly as an heir to his father’s estate, which also required him to immediately move into the family mansion as a new found fifth sibling. Failure to follow the rules of the will would cast him out, with no inheritance.
No one is happy to see Dan. Gordon, the oldest son, and designated referee of Dan’s behavior, distains Dan’s lack of breeding. Burton, the second son, is far more physical. Dan needs to get off the premises fast if he wants to avoid Burton’s fists. Gretchen, the only daughter, is a highly regarded attorney. She promises to legally challenge his participation in the will.
But, Sydney, the third son, surprises everybody by producing a cashier’s check made out to Dan for 250 thousand dollars. He would give the check to Dan only if he renounces his inheritance and moves out. The family is guarded in its support for Sydney. Where would Sydney get a check like this? Sydney’s normal behavior blurs the line between good natured pranks and calculated malevolence.
Gordon could really use that 250 thousand dollar check, because of problems he’s having in running the family business. He offers Dan a deal: Take the money, reject his inheritance, loan the money to Gordon. Once the loan is completed, Gordon promises to destroy the rejection agreement allowing Dan to continue as an inheritor. Dan’s not so sure about Gordon’s willingness to go against his siblings. Gordon only wants the money. But, agreeing to the loan (for now) allows him to continue living at the mansion; a place that’s suddenly very important. A chance comment from Gretchen indicates the last place his mother had been before she disappeared, was at this very mansion.
Dan realizes he needs someone outside the family to help him. Norma Stewart, a young law student, introduces him to her father, Ken. Ken, a practicing attorney, gets very interested in Dan’s situation when he finds out it involves the Lavington family. Later, when the action begins to heat up, Ken’s relationship with the Lavingtons points to some disturbing incidents in Ken’s past. Is he truly helping Dan or is he getting even? Meanwhile, Norma and Dan are falling in love with each other. Dan faces a dilemma: Should he demand Ken to come clean about his relationship with Lavington possibly jeopardizing his relationship with Norma? Or, should he just keep quiet, and possibly see his future disappear in the hands of a fanatic attorney out for blood?
Dan’s burning desire to find out what happened to his mother, the family’s determination to keep Dan from realizing any inhertance, Gordon’s greedy side deal, Sydney’s malevolent pressure to force Dan out the door, creates a roller coaster ride of deceit and double dealing. When Ken, and his beautiful daughter, Norma team up with Dan to fight back, the results lead to death, destruction, intense confrontations, and romance, but, finally, an opportunity to begin again out of the ashes of a fallen dynasty.

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ISBN-13: 9781483532844
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 09/01/2014
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
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A Present From Dad: Surprise! A New Family Member Emerges Just In Time for The Will Reading! 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
stoneylonesome More than 1 year ago
This book was a real page turner, once I started reading it I found I couldn't put it down for long, and I plan on reading it again.   I really do recommend this for a very good read.  My wife feels the same, she too enjoyed it.