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A Prophet for Today: Contemporary Lessons From the Book of Yehoshua

A Prophet for Today: Contemporary Lessons From the Book of Yehoshua

by Rabbi Steven Pruzansky


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Singled out as a work unique among the Prophets, The Book of Yehoshua discusses the Israel - in fulfillment of the Divine promise - and the challenges that pertain to the building and development of a Jewish State. Discover how the foundation of modern-day Israel rests on a prophet understanding of the principles of Jewish statehood enunciated by Yehoshua, and the role of every Jew in promoting the Jewish national identity. Explore lessons relating to his mission, destiny, methods of conquest, relations with renegades and neighbors, and the means of securing Jewish possession of the land itself. Rabbi Pruzansky draws contemporary practical lessons from this ancient prophetic work, and shows us how to apply them to our own lives. The Book of Yehoshua is not merely a record of the past, but relevant to today, tomorrow and the distant future - its pages contain ideas that are timeless and essential to Jewish life throughout the ages.

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ISBN-13: 9789652293558
Publisher: Gefen Publishing House
Publication date: 04/01/2006
Pages: 160
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