A Queen of a New Invention: Portraits of Lady Jane Grey Dudley, England's Nine Days Queen

A Queen of a New Invention: Portraits of Lady Jane Grey Dudley, England's Nine Days Queen

by J. Stephan Edwards


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Lady Jane Grey Dudley was proclaimed Queen of England on 10 July 1553 following the untimely death of Henry VIII's only son and successor, King Edward VI. But sixteen-year- old Jane did not have the support of the majority of her would-be subjects. They rallied instead to Henry VIII's eldest daughter, Mary Tudor. Jane was deposed just nine days after her reign began, earning for her the sobriquet 'The Nine Days Queen.' She was imprisoned in the Tower for six months before finally being executed on 12 February 1554. Queen Jane remains the only English monarch of the past five centuries for whom no genuine portrait is known to have survived. Dozens of images have been put forward over those five centuries, but none has yet been conclusively authenticated. Neither has any comprehensive academic study of the iconography of Jane Grey Dudley ever been previously undertaken or published. Now, through almost a decade of research leading up to this volume, twenty-nine surviving portrait-images said to depict Jane have been carefully and systematically sought out, analyzed, and contextualized in an effort to determine whether any of them may be a reliable likeness. A handful of additional paintings all now lost are also discussed in detail. Finally, the single written account of Jane's physical appearance, an account upon which historians have relied over the past century, is analyzed for its own authenticity.

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ISBN-13: 9780986387319
Publisher: Old John Publishing
Publication date: 02/12/2015
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.58(d)

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: A Brief History of Lady Jane Grey Dudley, The Afterlife of Lady Jane; PORTRAITS DEPICTING OTHER IDENTIFIABLE WOMEN: van de Passe Engraved Portrait, Glendon Hall Portrait, Hastings Portrait, Jersey Portrait, Northwick Portrait, Norris Portrait, Streatham Portrait, Houghton Portrait, Wrest Park Portrait, Fulbeck Portrait, PORTRAITS DEPICTING UN-IDENTIFIABLE WOMEN: Fitzwilliam Portrait, Somerley Portrait , Rotherwas Portrait, Bodleian Portrait, NPG 764,Tayler Portrait, Yale Miniature Portrait, Huntington Portrait, Klabin Portrait, Grimsthorpe Portrait, Pickering Portrait, Portland Miniature Portrait, PORTRAITS DEPICTING BIBLICAL AND FICTIONAL WOMEN: Althorp Portrait, Madresfield Portrait, Angelsey Abbey Portrait, THE SYON PORTRAIT AND ITS VARIANTS: Chawton Portrait, Berry-Hill Portrait, Soule Portrait, Syon Portrait, CONCLUSION, BIBLIOGRAPHY, APPENDICES: One: Searching for the Lost Chatsworth and Lumley Portraits; Two: The Spinola Letter

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