A Rancher to Remember

A Rancher to Remember

by Karen Rock

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ISBN-13: 9781335510617
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 04/02/2019
Series: Rocky Mountain Cowboys , #6
Edition description: Original Large Print
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 4.11(w) x 6.57(h) x 1.01(d)

About the Author

Award-winning author Karen Rock is both sweet & spicy—at least when it comes to her writing! The author of YA and adult contemporary books writes spicy suspense and small-town romances. A big believer in Happily-Ever-After, Karen loves creating unforgettable stories that leave her readers smiling. Karen is an avid reader and baker who loves having the Adirondack Park as her backyard, where she lives with her husband and daughter who make her life complete.

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A Rancher to Remember: A Clean Romance 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Madm007 20 days ago
There is so much emotion packed into this as is usual for Karen's books. I hurt for Daryl and his munchkins so bad. They were going thru hell, everything had fallen apart. They were all lost. Daryl wasn't a saint, but he was trying. This is a 2nd chance romance that almost didn't make it, emotionally or physically. How can you find closure with someone when they're dead? This wrecked me! I wanted it all fixed. Cassidy wasn't a favorite of mine, but she didn't deserve what her own sister had done all those years ago. Without spoilers, some of her current actions floored me. I felt her balance of life was totally skewed, I had to keep reading. Super intense toward the end. Daryl proved to be a real hero, all with a cowboy's heart. Oh, there's a bit of backstory news that may have you reading all the rest in this series, if you haven't yet, not necessary, but wanting to. I received an ARC from the author thru NetGalley. All opinions and thoughts are totally my own
BethErin 13 days ago
A Rancher to Remember boasts bursts of white-knuckle action, two hurting kids, and a potential second-chance romance soaked in grief and regrets. This sixth installment of the Rocky Mountain Heroes series is an excellent book club selection thanks to the many topics and situations to spark discussion. If this story was a movie, I would definitely watch it and it would be a great pick for a ladies’ night in! If you enjoy steamy kisses, good folks, and healthy doses of conflict (and reconciliation) in your stories, A Rancher to Remember fits the bill! There’s never a dull moment with the Cade and Loveland crew and this is yet another entertaining addition to this series. I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to post a review. The opinions expressed are my own.
jboehmke 15 days ago
I enjoyed this story. Cassidy finally comes home to Carbondale, but because of an accident she had with her sister, her sister is dead and she has no memory of the incident or even why she was back in town. Darryl is Cassidy's former boyfriend, and now the widower of her dead sister. After Darryl proposed to Cassidy, she left saying she had to think about it. By the time she came back with her answer she found out he had impregnated her sister and married her. I know there is some controversy over the forgiving a cheater etc. But it is fiction, and although I did struggle a bit with Darryl being so quick to jump into bed with Cassidy's sister, I thought about it and how he was feeling rejected, not really expecting Cassidy to come back, and being drunk (I know, not an excuse, but it is fiction here), and I was able to get past that and understand since he owned his mistakes and was just trying to be a good father to his kids and trying to right his wrongs. I liked the characters. I enjoyed how strong Cassidy was throughout the story and how she didn't just let Darryl off the hook. Learning about her sister through her sister's email accounts really helped put all the pieces together. All in all it was an emotional story that I really enjoyed reading.
blonde_betty 17 days ago
A Rancher to Remember by Karen Rock takes readers back to Carbondale, Colorado. The Cade/Loveland feud has been resolved, but there are still several Lovelands waiting to find their HEA. Daryl Loveland thinks he has something to prove because he’s an adopted Loveland and it means giving up everything to stay in Carbondale. When his first love Cassidy Fulton comes back he realizes that there is more to life than staying on the ranch. Daryl and Cassidy have more than their fair share of challenges before they get to their HEA. Rock weaves love and loss and a strong sense of duty into the story which gives it a richness of layers. This heartwarming romance will worm its way into your heart, keeping you reading long after the lights should have been turned out. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this novel.
LynnB888 19 days ago
4 1/2 STARS! An emotional journey of forgiveness and redemption! With her signature way of wrapping a group of characters around our heart, Karen Rock brings us the next book in her Rocky Mountain Cowboys series. Daryl Loveland has to figure out how to ease his children’s pain over the loss of their mother, and deal with the feelings about having the love of his life standing in front of him again. Loved the raw emotions brought to the surface with this cast of characters! Journalist Cassidy Fulton doesn’t remember how she wound up being back in Carbondale, Colorado much less how it came to be that she was in the car with the sister she hadn’t spoken to in a decade during the car crash that killed her! Daryl Loveland is torn between mourning the loss of his estranged wife with his kids, and rejoicing in the fact that his one true love is back in town. One stupid mistake was all it took to throw their future down the drain all those years ago, but he’s never been able to get her out of his heart. He sets out to help her figure out why she was with Leanne, but also hopes to convince her to stay with him and the kids instead of running back into the lines of danger.
Christy41970 20 days ago
A Rancher to Remember is the second book I’ve read in the Rocky Mountain Cowboys series. I read the first book, Christmas at Cade Ranch, a little over a year ago, and I loved it. I don’t know how time goes so quickly, but I’m definitely going to have to find the time to read books 2-5. Though this series doesn’t really need to be read in any particular order, and the books can be read as stand alone books, you might want to read the others first just to be familiar with the other characters and the family dynamics. A Rancher to Remember has some real heartbreak in it in regard to the death of Leanne Loveland, a spouse, a mother, and a sister. The heartbreak began years before Leanne’s death though, when her sister Cassidy went away only to come back to find that her sister Leanne was now pregnant with Cassidy’s boyfriend Daryl’s baby. Now that Leanne is dead, the memories of that heartbreak are ever present in Cassidy’s mind. And she can’t get away from the memories because she agrees to stay to help Daryl with her niece and nephew. As time passes, emotions run deep within this “family” unit. As you can imagine, Cassidy’s niece and nephew really need her because she’s a link to their mom and someone they love. Yet, Cassidy has a passion for her work as a journalist. I’m sure you can see the dilemma. I love how there are moments when each of the main characters react with extreme anger because that is how grief works. It doesn’t matter who you’re mad at; you’re just mad because the loss you experienced isn’t fair. Grief is hard work, and I think the author does a great job of showing us just how real these characters’ emotions are. The way that the story plays out is very believable as is the romance between the main characters. I really think you will love this book as well as the others in the Rocky Mountain Cowboys series.
amybooksy 20 days ago
A Rancher to Remember is the sixth installment from Karen Rock’s Rocky Mountain Cowboys series. I have read three of the books of the series and have not felt as though they need to be read in order and can be read as stand alone. I have loved the ones I have read and this one does not disappoint. I loved Daryl and Cassidy’s story. I thought they were so sweet and fun together. I found their chemistry was undeniable. I had no problem to stay focused on the book and keep reading. I had it read from cover to cover in one day. I am giving A Rancher to Remember five plus stars. I am hoping to read the previous books I have missed in the Rocky Mountain Cowboys series to see what I had missed. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy sweet, clean and heartwarming romances. Great book! I received this book from the publisher. This review is 100% my own honest opinion.
Ourpugs 21 days ago
A Rancher to Remember I really enjoyed the book. Having children in a book makes it so special. Cassidy is in a accident and loses her memory. But only the part of what happened right before her accident. She is trying to remember why she was with her sister at the time. Her sister passed away in the accident. That leaves her husband Daryl and Cassidy trying to figure out the mystery. Cassidy also has a fun but dangerous job. She is in the Philippines doing a story. This is part of a series, but is basically a stand alone. I have enjoyed all the books in the series. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. I received a advanced copy of the book from NetGalley through Prism book tours. I was not required to write an positive review. This is my own opinion.
PianoLady831 21 days ago
With her Rocky Mountain Cowboys series, Karen Rock has become one of my favorite authors in the Harlequin Heartwarming line of clean romances. A Rancher to Remember can stand alone although it’s #6 in the collection, but series readers will enjoy reuniting with the Cade and Loveland families. The characters and back stories of these two families are intricately woven and their “happily ever afters” are not easily won. Aside from the obvious cowboy attraction, what I like most is their humanness – weakness, pride, and misunderstandings, tempered with caring, sacrifice, kindness and love. A Rancher to Remember is all about Daryl and Cassidy, sister of his deceased wife. Daryl Loveland was introduced in a previous book and I’ve been drawn to the story behind his troubled marriage ever sense. Cassidy is a fascinating lady herself – a strong, courageous and talented photo journalist – with a previous romantic attachment to Daryl. I loved the realness and complexity of this story’s family relationship drama – how serious, life-altering mistakes were made, followed by a determination to make things right, all with the hope and promise of grace, forgiveness, and new beginnings. Daryl and Cassidy have great chemistry, stronger than their reluctance to let the other in. And there’s so much more to come from the Cades and Lovelands! Two secondary themes captured my emotions – Joy’s cancer diagnosis and a character claiming to be a family member and co-inheritor of Boyd’s ranch. I’m also drawn to Sierra Loveland, who has a wildlife veterinarian practice, and want to see more of her. I recommend A Rancher to Remember, as well as the whole series, to all who enjoy a clean romance with character depth. I received a copy of this book through Prism Tours. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
ARS8 21 days ago
A Rancher to Remember was a heartbreaking read of love lost and found and of letting go even when it is too soon. We first meet photo journalist Cassidy Fulton in her element, trying to uncover the truths of people groups suffering and to get that truth out in the world. This was quite an action packed scene and really showed a part of Cassidy’s character. The other part of Cassidy’s character is shown when she comes back home to piece back her memory after a recent car accident and the death of her estranged sister. How she copes with her niece and nephew is heartwarming and the love she has for them is genuinely felt. The mixed feelings of betrayal, hurt, and love she feels for Daryl, her brother-in-law and former fiancé are much more complicated. Daryl is also going through his own emotional baggage with his marriage failing and now the death of his wife and what really happened remains a mystery due to the fact that Cassidy is suffering amnesia after the accident. This story brings out a lot of emotions and it really digs deep to bring out the hopefulness and longing of what good could come out of this tragic outcome for this family. You might just want to have a few tissues ready. I received a copy of this novel from the author. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
julieford 22 days ago
A Rancher to Remember is the sixth in the Rocky Mountain Cowboys series but can also be read as a stand alone novel. This is a story of a second chance love with a few sad twists that will have the reader continually grabbing the tissue box. Karen Rock blends drama, intrigue, sorrow and a whole lot of laughs to create a wonderful story from beginning to end. Daryl is the adopted son of the Lovelands and has loved Cassidy since college, but a misplaced night of passion and an unplanned pregnancy saw him married to Cassidy's sister Leanne. Cassidy is a world travelling photo-journalist who takes on the most dangerous assignments. She hasn't spoken to her sister or Daryl in ten years but after a call from her sister, she wakes up in a hospital back in Carbondale with no memory of why she is there or what happened to cause the car accident that killed her sister. The story that follows is the journey of overcoming grief, finding redemption and forgiveness for the past, and creating a happy future. I received an advanced reader copy from the publisher but all thoughts and feelings are my own.
arkieclown 22 days ago
A RANCHER TO REMEMBER by Karen Rock is the sixth book in the Rocky Mountain Cowboy series. It’s the emotionally charged second chance romance of Cassidy Fulton & Daryl Loveland in Carbondale, Colorado, home of the Lovelands and Cades - no longer feuding but joined as one big extended family. Cassidy & Daryl were sweethearts in college who found more to love about each other than their love for photography. Separated by different directions in life that were set in unyielding cement when Cassidy, whose ambition to succeed had taken her out of the country on assignment, returned to find that Daryl had gotten her sister, Leanne, in the family way and doing the right thing had married her. Cassidy had felt push all her life to succeed, to be more than she was by her father. After he has sacrificed so much, she felt obligated to be the best, to reach higher, & to risk more to obtain even the slightest sign of acknowledgment from her father. In doing so, she lost the love of her life and her sister, both of whom she could never forgive. As an unwanted child and never feeling completely accepted or belonging even though he had been adopted into a loving home, Daryl was determined not to be the same type man his father was. He manned up and married Leanne to give his child the love and attention he had always longed for. He never regretted the two wonderful children Leanne and he had. He loved them wholeheartedly and tied to be the loving husband he knew he should be. He was set on working to make his marriage work to keep his family unit together. However, Leanne had disappeared again and this time it wasn’t a night out on the town. Where was she and why did she take a suitcase this time? In the blink of an eye everyone’s life changed. There was an automobile accident. Daryl’s wife died leaving his children motherless and suffering. Cassidy survived but with no memory of why she was back in the states, how she got there or why she was with Leanne who she wasn’t even speaking with. Badly injured and with no place to go, Daryl suggests she come home with him since her niece and nephew loved her so as well as needing someone after losing their mother and just until she could get her memory back so both of them could find some answers and heal emotionally. Will Cassidy get her memory back? Will it help with closure for all of them? Can they chance their hearts with memories of the past while living in the present? How can she love someone she’s avoided and been so mad at for so many years? How can he handle being left again? As the two kids worm they way into not only Cassidy’s heart but her life, will she find there is more excitement in “normal” everyday living than dangers of hunting down the next big headline? Will she be able to leave for the next assignment? She can’t wait too long or get too attached. She must stay objective. Karen Rock does an outstanding job of writing this second chance romance. Absolutely FIVE STARS! She tells this story is such detail that you feel like that preverbal fly on the wall while pulling at all your emotions. You want Cassidy and Daryl to work it out, but you can also see how it could be impossible. So many pitfalls, but Karen builds a bridge over them at the great joy of us readers, albeit with a bullet wound or a tender kiss. Definitely an exceptional story and a great addition to the Loveland/Cade stories in the Rocky Mountain Cowboy series. Can be read as a standalone.
BrittanyMc 22 days ago
Oh, I just love this series! I have now read book five, Winning the Cowboy’s Heart and book six, A Rancher to Remember. However, I just bought books two, three, and four at my local bookstore, and am very excited to read more about this wonderful family! I felt so sorry for these two main characters. They were ripped apart from each other years ago and there was definitely a lot of tension between them. Now, both are buried in grief and trying to help Daryl’s children learn to not only cope, but flourish. Daryl and Cassidy seemed so perfect for each other in some ways, yet polar opposites in others. I truly wasn’t sure how the author was going to pull this happily-ever-after off, but she did! I enjoyed reading this story from the first page to the last! (4.5 stars) I received a complimentary copy of this book. All opinions are my own.
Emma 22 days ago
A RANCHER TO REMEMBER by Karen Rock They can’t change the past but they can choose their future Globe-trotting journalist Cassidy Fulton is back in Carbondale, Colorado. Only she can’t remember why—or the accident that killed her estranged sister. Helping her piece together this mystery is her brother-in-law and former fiancé, Daryl Loveland. Overcoming their grief seems impossible. Yet one thing is clear: Cassidy can’t imagine her life without Daryl or her adorable niece and nephew. But can the ranch ever really be her home? this is Cassidy Fulton and Daryl Loveland's story. Growing up near Carbondale, Colorado, she’d worked on enough cattle ranches to know the only thing stopping a beast from killing you was convincing it to fear you instead. It was mind over matter. Courage over danger. An hour later she hunched before her laptop inside her hotel room. Her fingers flew as she transcribed the day’s notes. DARYL LOVELAND CRANKED the heat beneath a pot of water, snatched up his landline’s wireless handset and stopped by the kitchen counter where his children, Emma and Noah, labored over school assignments. “Be right back. No stabbing each other with pencils.” To his relief, they nodded without looking up from their homework. No signs of stress. No deviating from the routine he’d established to provide his teetering family stability. He ducked into the bathroom, shut the door and flipped on the shower. The phone slid in his damp palms as he dialed the next number on his list. “Hey, Kevin. Daryl Loveland calling. Was wondering if my wife was at your bar today.” He paced the narrow, tiled floor. I highly recommend reading. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book." A RANCHER TO REMEMBER by Karen Rock is a wonderful well written 5 star book. more books by karen Reckless Deceptions (Dallas After Dark, book 3) Winning the Cowboy's Heart (Rocky Mountain Cowboys) Winning the Cowboy's Heart A Rancher to Remember (Rocky Mountain Cowboys Rocky Mountain Cowboys Christmas at Cade Ranch Falling for a Cowboy Bad Boy Rancher A Cowboy's Pride Winning the Cowboy's Heart A Rancher to Remember Dangerous Moves (Dallas After Dark, book 1 A Rancher to Remember
caroldh4 22 days ago
RATING 4.5 STARS A Rancher to Remember is book six in the Rocky Mountain Cowboys series by Karen Rock. Each of these books can easily be read as stand alones. I have not read any of the previous books and it did not take away from this story at all. The characters are recurring in each book so that is the only draw back. That I don’t have a connection to the secondary characters. Cassidy Fulton is a conflict journalist. For the last ten years, she has traveled the world, risking her safety to get stories from the worst of conditions. Her life consists of one dangerous story after another. Cassidy’s father always urged her to be the best, to always keep striving for a better story, higher accolades. Ten years ago, Cassidy was all set to accept a different kind of life with the man she had fallen in love with. Until everything changed. Now she doesn’t even keep a permanent address but lives life out of a suitcase. But then everything changed the night she got that phone call. “If she didn’t earn her profession’s highest accolade, had she really been successful? Did her life have meaning? Worth?” Daryl Loveland thought he had the perfect life with his wife and two adorable kids. He works the ranch in his hometown of Carbondale, Colorado. For the last eighteen months, his wife has been pulling away, disappearing. He has tried everything but she doesn’t seem to want to fix things. He knew this time was different. He couldn’t find her anywhere. Until they let him know that she was killed. And in the car with her was her sister, the woman he had loved and lost ten years ago. Cassidy wakes up in a hospital in her home town. She has no memory of what happened. The last she remembers she was on assignment. Daryl is desperate for answers. Why was Cassidy back and why was she with her sister, his wife? But Cassidy can’t remember. Cassidy has no where else to go so he takes her home to his house to recuperate and hopefully regain her memory. It also gives her time to spend with his kids, her niece and nephew. “Man plans, God laughs. Remember what I said. Happiness isn’t meant to be postponed.” As Cassidy heals, she also is able to help her niece and nephew heal from the loss of their mother. She is determined to keep her heart locked down where Daryl is concerned. But the longer they are together, the more they both realize that those same feelings are still there. That they never died. “Cassidy challenged him by breaking him from his comfort zone. With her, he stretched in new directions and wanted to take chances with his life, and maybe even his heart.” This is a second chance romance with a touch of intrigue as Cassidy and Daryl try to unravel the details of not only what caused his marriage to fall apart, but also what happened that mysterious night she died. There are also some other conflicts happening that are continuing within the series. A mysterious man claiming to be a part of their family. And the health of their matriarch, Joy. Daryl’s two kids, Emma and Noah, are adorable. This was such a sweet book but as I said, there is that hint of mystery as well. I loved meeting all of these family members. This is classified as a clean romance with nothing more than some passionate kissing involved. You will fall in love with these characters as well as their entire families. The only thing I missed was an epilogue. I would have enjoyed a look into their future.
onemused 22 days ago
"A Rancher to Remember" is a second-chance (and complicated) romance between Daryl Loveland and Cassidy Fulton. Daryl and Cassidy were dating in college. After Daryl proposed, Cassidy took some time to think about it while she was on a journalism case. When she returned, Daryl was married to her sister Leanne, who had gotten pregnant with his child. Cassidy has since been on the road, chasing down truths and fighting danger around the globe. Cassidy remembers receiving a phone call from her sister, but nothing that followed until she wakes up in a hospital with a concussion that has left her with a few days of retrograde and anterograde amnesia. Leanne died in the accident. Grieving and searching for answers, Daryl invites Cassidy to stay with him and the kids while she recovers. Reluctant to be around the man she loved (and still loves, if she can admit it) but not having anywhere else to go, Cassidy agrees- she also wants to help her grieving niece and nephew. Facing their own misgivings and feelings of inadequacies, Daryl and Cassidy both have a lot to think about and work through. Both are in need of healing, in part through truths that only Leanne could give them. While this book could have focused on the bad about Leanne, it manages to portray her in a better light than what we saw in past books- things were not as they seemed. All three of them were thrust into difficult situations. Moving forward is not going to be easy, but together, they find love as a path forward. Another big theme of the book was finding a work-life balance. Cassidy had planned in the past to drop her career to start a family with Daryl. However, when Daryl married Leanne, Cassidy then threw herself into her career as a journalist and has become quite successful. While it's not always perfect, she does enjoy it. Being with Daryl and kids makes her (and Daryl) question her lifestyle. I don't want to spoil it, but I really love the way this was resolved, keeping Cassidy's agency and not making it work OR life. Rock does a good job of infusing some light feminism into fantastic romances, and I applaud her for it! This book was truly heartwarming as we follow the two main characters as they work through their own issues individually and together. Noah and Emma (Daryl and Leanne's kids) were just precious and the icing on the cake- there were so many adorable and lovely scenes with the two of them. I love the personal and romantic journeys in this book and highly recommend as a story of beautiful second-chance romance. Please note that I received an ARC from the author. All opinions are my own.