A Rare Diamond: Book III: Faith, Family, Love

A Rare Diamond: Book III: Faith, Family, Love

by Amara L. Russell


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In this coming of age love series, Faith, Family, Love, you will find yourself asking for more and wondering what's next in each of the character's lives. Celeste's journey leads her to a place of maturity, realizing that her faith in God, family, and love is all she needs. The themes of passion and fate is very evident in this series. As she journals, you will feel her heart as if it was beating as your own, and you will fall in love with the words that eloquently flows through each entry.

Can Celeste leave behind what was found in Cali, or will fate allow her to fall into the arms of a love that always existed?

As Celeste discovers the true meaning of love and friendship, she defines her life as being blessed. For had it not been for the loss, the challenges, and her faith being tested, she would not have ever discovered who she is, A Rare Diamond.

I love you God, Kiss Mama for me!


Love Celeste

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ISBN-13: 9781641110907
Publisher: Palmetto Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/20/2018
Series: A Rare Diamond , #3
Pages: 246
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.56(d)

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