A Real Cowboy Always Trusts His Heart (Wyoming Rebels)

A Real Cowboy Always Trusts His Heart (Wyoming Rebels)

by Stephanie Rowe

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New York Times bestselling author Stephanie Rowe triumphs with her latest Wyoming Rebels novel, in which a rugged cowboy offers his spare bedroom as "friends only" to the woman he has secretly loved for a decade, and things get complicated in a hurry.

"A must-read series!" ~Theresa L. (Amazon Review)

Ten years ago, the shadows that haunt Ryder Stockton made him walk away from his best friend, the only woman he ever loved. When he sees her in a local café, all his romantic feelings come surging back...twice as strong. She needs a friend. He wants her heart. Can he give her both?

When Zoey Wilson returns to her hometown of Rogue Valley to recover from a shattering divorce, the last thing she wants is romance, especially with the man who broke her heart so long ago. But when her apartment burns down and she moves in with Ryder for a few days as "friends only," suddenly she finds herself getting much closer with her former best friend than she wants...or does she?

As determined as Zoey is to get out of town as fast she can, the dangerous, handsome cowboy she's always loved is equally determined to do it right this time...and win her heart forever.

"I love this series. All the brothers are fantastic characters...capable of such love and loyalty." ~Lynn S. (Amazon Review)

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A Real Cowboy Always Trusts His Heart

AUTHOR BIO: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is a 2018 RITA Award winner, and the author of more than fifty novels. She writes contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense. She also writes romantic comedy and hilarious urban fantasy under S.A. Bayne.

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BN ID: 2940161361641
Publisher: Authenticity Playground, LLC
Publication date: 09/30/2019
Series: Wyoming Rebels Series , #7
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 4,264
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Stephanie Rowe is "contemporary romance at its best" (Bex 'N' Books). She's author of more than fifty novels, and she's a 2018 winner and a five-time nominee of the RITA® award, the highest award in romance fiction. As an award-winning author, Stephanie has been touching readers' hearts and keeping them spellbound for more than a decade with her contemporary romances, romantic suspense, and paranormal romances.

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A Real Cowboy Always Trusts His Heart (Wyoming Rebels) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
Jennifer 15 days ago
Grab your kleenex and napkins! Ryder and Zoey’s story is so full of emotion (obviously the need for kleenex) and humor (this is where the need for napkins comes in if you happen to be drinking and don’t like the liquid coming out your nose). While there were a few parts where I felt the inter dialogue was a bit much, it’s only because I’ve read all the books out so far and feel like I know the brothers so well. If you haven’t read the rest of the series, this one is a stand alone and so so good! This is one of the best romance series I’ve read and (I think) a must read!
Anonymous 15 days ago
Could not put it down. Loved the story. Loved how they make everyone family Can't wait for the next book. I have enjoyed reading Stephanie Rowe's books.
txlamb 10 days ago
Oh my this book is so good. I love this series and one of the reasons is by the 7th book, you know these characters like your own family or friends. I thank the author for the sense of family by including so many beloved characters to the background of this story. It is a stand alone book if you have not read the others but I recommend for your pleasure you do read them. There is a collection of the first six available. I know because I read it recently and its so so good. Ryder and Zoey made me cry, smile, hope and dream. I hate telling anything that spoils a book so just know I think this book is awesome and you should read it. I was given and advanced readers copy to review this book. Even at my age a book can make you reach inside for more, this is one of those books.
the_gleam 11 days ago
This story was full of raw emotions. When family thinks they are doing the best for you, and your life is miserable, then you have Zoey & Ryder. Their love had to come home and repair itself after time. I adored how the story flowed. The way Zoey and Ryder and the rest of the family bared themselves was so honest and rough. The introduction and interactions with more of the Harts left room for spreading more love in future books. This is the 7th in the Wyoming Rebel series but can be read as a stand alone.
Anonymous 11 days ago
Stephanie Rowe does it again. She has a true gift for bringing her characters to life and making you feel as though you’re right there with them and this long awaited book in the Wyoming Rebels series does not disappoint. The characters were just as strong, passionate and loving as I expected them to be. I didn’t want the story to end. The first thing I did when I finished reading, was check to see if there was a release date for her next book. Find a comfy spot, curl up and savor the raw emotion and connection between Ryder and Zoey.
steelety 14 days ago
FINALLY - A cowboy book that isn't filled with one of the Stockton brothers hashing the same mental "I come from a crappy person and background" arguments over again. It was awesome to see the way that Ryder has learned from watching his other brothers. It accepts the fact that time has passed and the character has grown, even though we haven't had his in-depth perspective as we get within this book. Zoey was a great fit for Ryder also, and not a silly, boring, and weak damsel-in-distress. She had her own crap to work out, but did so in a way that did not completely rely on the male character. That made the book much more interesting and fun to read. Overall, this was my favorite book in the series for me since the very first one. Although one of the situations was a little contrived, it was easy to overlook because it highlighted the empathy of Zoey well. The characters were extremely well written and did not follow the exact same suffering and angst that every single plot of the previous books within the series had followed. This feels like a fantastic refresh and I'm super pumped now to read the rest of the Cowboy series. Even if I have to wait almost two years again for the next one, it's worth it for a romance and a story like this one!
Rainn2978 14 days ago
This is book 7 in the Wyoming Rebels series and I would absolutely read the books before this one or you may be lost as to the relationships between all the characters. In this one, we finally get Ryder's story!! Ryder Stockton walked away from his best friend, Zoey Wilson, because he thought it was the best thing for her. But when she comes back to town, he realizes that he has never stopped loving her. But she isn't the same woman that she was when she left. And after the hell of her divorce, the last thing she wants is romance from anyone. Let alone the one person she thought she could trust, but who broke her heart. But when circumstances force her to accept his help and them into the same home, they will both have to deal with the things that happened so long ago. And decide whether the feelings they have always had for each other are worth fighting for now. I absolutely loved this one!! I really wanted Ryder's story for a while (along with the rest of the brothers) but this book definitely drew me in right from the start. Zoey went through what no woman should ever have to go through. And she did it completely alone. Which just goes to show how truly strong she is. Ryder has so many scars from his childhood that he never truly dealt with, and watching him finally do so because he wants to be the man that Zoey deserves? I loved that! And the fact that they both consider each other to be their "light"? Truly beautiful!! I even loved that Dane finally had to realize what he was doing to his sister in his efforts to get her out of town. Now I need the rest of the brothers-of course I also need stories for those beautiful Hart men because they need a HEA for them as well!!!
Kassie_B 14 days ago
First, I have to say that even though these books are standalones they really should be read in order. This series follows each brother through his battle to find love. Since they come in and out of each others books, if you start in the middle you might be confused by who is who or ruin another story because now you know what happens to them. It's best to start with Chase and work your way down. Ryder for me was probably my favorite story, apart from Chase. I loved how open he is with Zoey. He has watched how his brothers have been able to break the cycle of their past but even more than that he doesn't realize that he was really the first. His love for Zoey started young and never left him. How much he loves her and how he accepts who she is without question is so sweet. I just wish they didn't make "their demons" such a big part of a lot the conversations. Zoey had a tough childhood and a rough couple of years before returning home. I like how tough she is while trying to figure out what it is that she really wants, versus what she did because she thought she had to. I will admit that I didn't like Dane in this story. I thought his attitude sucked considering how everyone handled his relationship in the last book. I did wish this story was longer and went beyond where it ended. It didn't feel over when it was.
CurlyTuts 14 days ago
I have read other stories but Stephanie Rowe but none from this series and I can see I have some catching up to do. This is book seven in this series but it is so well written and captivating, I had no trouble getting into the story. I became fascinated by the other supporting characters that I find myself looking to read their stories as well. The history of these two damaged people almost breaks your heart and you find yourself looking forward to the next page. As with her other books, I like her bits of quirky humour and view of family dynamics. My to be read pile just got a LOT bigger!
Kreid09 15 days ago
I really don't know if I can find the words to describe how much I loved this book. I have really enjoyed the Wyoming Rebels series so far, but this story was so much more. The Stocktan brothers are all broken, have demons inside them, and have fought tooth and nail to be better men than their father was. Ryder has always known that he loved Zoey, but he let her go years ago and had to trust that if it was meant to be she would find her way back to him. When she showed up back in town he wasn't about to let her leave again without helping her find her light again. This book had me laughing, crying, and falling wishing I could be part of the Stockton /Hart circle.
Anonymous 15 days ago
Before I start this I want to Thank author Stephanie Rowe for allowing me to read an ARC of "A Real Cowboy Always Trusts His Heart" for an honest review. This story is about Zoey Wilson and Ryder Stockton. Ryder has been Dane's (Ziey's brother) best friend since they were kids. Because the Wilson children and the Stockton boys all were raised in abusive households they had a very special bond. Ryder broke Zoey's heart so she ran away to college and didn't return for ten years. Now the story really begins. Zoey has moved back home to Rogue Valley, Wyoming after her life in Boston fell apart. Zoey feels unlovable, lost and doesn't know who she is anymore. Ryder feels he's not capable of loving or being loved because he's tainted by his abusive father. They both work to help the other to see who they are and that love is possible for them. From the beginning you feel Zoey's sadness at being back home and her feeling she doesn't belong. From Ryder you feel his confusion at her being back because he was always told Zoey had a great life in Boston and his excitement about having her home. You need to read how they overcome the obstacles blocking them from having their HEA. You also get to read about the other Stocktons and the Harts. You get to meet Liam and Frank who I can't wait to learn more about. This is such a good book with all the feels and I honestly think you'll enjoy it....so go pick up a copy, fix a nice cup of tea and get comfy and Enjoy!!
Evampire9 15 days ago
He walked away from his best friend, the only woman he ever loved because of the shadows that haunt him. When Ryder Stockton sees her again, ten years later, all his romantic feelings come surging back. Zoey Wilson has returned to home town to recover from a shattering divorce and the last thing she wants is romance, especially with the man who broke her heart so long ago. Zoey is determined to get of town as fast as she can but Ryder is just as determined to convince her stay. This ‘Wyoming Rebel’ cowboy romance is an emotionally gripping read that captures the heart and refuses to let go. The characters are strong and the author portrays them with such depth that readers can’t help but become completely caught up in their story. The chemistry is electrical and the attraction undeniable but this one troubled romance as both parties have some issues that they have to overcome with keeps lots of emotional turmoil flowing the pages. The plot is steady to fast paced, full of suspense in regards to how this relationship will work out, but it is also full of family and friends that have overcome traumatic adversity to have successful lives even if they all feel a bit broken and full of darkness. So the story portrays hope and love that really warms the heart and keeps readers glued to the pages of this heart tugging romance.
HighMtnElk 15 days ago
This is a great series by a great writer. It's emotional and awesomely well written. Second chance romance. I received an ARC for an honest review
LiaL 15 days ago
I have enjoyed the other books in the series. The men really lead with their heart. Ryder and Zoey have a second chance at love in this heartwarming romance. He let her go once but now she is back and he is not willing to lose her again. It is hard for her to trust him or anyone after all the pain love has cost her. It is a very well written story. It is easy to connect to the characters and feel their pain. I really wanted them to get their second chance. I am voluntarily reviewing a copy I received.
Linda Vogel 15 days ago
A Real Cowboy Always Trusts His Heart (Wyoming Rebels) Stephanie Rowe Fantastic book well worth the read. Loved Ryder and Zoey’s story. This is the first book in this series I have read and I am really looking forward to reading the rest. Linda
Linda Vogel 15 days ago
A Real Cowboy Always Trusts His Heart (Wyoming Rebels) Stephanie Rowe Fantastic book well worth the read. Loved Ryder and Zoey’s story. This is the first book in this series I have read and I am really looking forward to reading the rest. Linda