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A Reason To Bury: Blood, Guts, and Secrets

A Reason To Bury: Blood, Guts, and Secrets

by C. L. Giles


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A story of one girl's struggle to deal with trauma, difficult choices, and walking the fine line between good and evil.

In A Reason To Bury: Blood, Guts, and Secrets, Book 2 of the Firestorm series, the traumas have taken their toll. Jazz's helplessness against Briggs and the death of her grandfather has her battling a rage so intense it threatens even those she loves. Can she learn to control the fury before it consumes her?

When Jazz experiences night terrors, she refuses to talk to anyone about the dreams, including Blossom and Davy, her best friends. While seeking answers at her grandfather's grave, a welcome distraction arrives in the form of Davy's new massive canine companion, Edison. But the dog's suspicious origins and inconsistent training raise concerns for Davy. Little do they know, the strange occurrences have just begun.

In one exceedingly peculiar day, they find a hidden photo in Jazz's locket and a kimi-cave filled with Grandpa's secrets. One item in particular launches them into a research mission to uncover the identity of a mysterious homeless man and his partnership in Briggs's scheme.

When new romance distracts from the primary objective, Jazz and Blossom descend into fits of jealousy. In the middle of one of their worst arguments, masked gunmen trap them in the sanctuary circle and kidnap them and Davy-twice!

Their plight only fuels Jazz's rage, and her impulsive attacks against their captors increase in frequency and recklessness. But Blossom's sixth sense exposes Jazz's own buried secret and plunges Jazz into a frenzy of revelation.

A secret agency might be Jazz, Blossom, and Davy's only hope against the unhinged madman who threatens to destroy Jazz's world-for the second time. The lines blur between the good and the evil. Now, Jazz must make a choice. Can she do it the way Grandpa taught her? The right way? For the right reasons?

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781735871639
Publisher: Cynthia Lee Giles
Publication date: 06/30/2021
Series: Firestorm , #2
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.65(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

C. L. Giles is the author of the upper middle-grade/YA mystery/suspense Firestorm series. Her first full-length novel, A Reason To Forget: Training Games, was nominated for the Dixie Lee Connor Award for Exceptional Children's Writing and is followed by the second in the series, A Reason To Bury: Blood, Guts, and Secrets. Cindy began writing for her students in the middle school gifted program and published her first short story, "Stolen Pride," after winning an online writing contest. Her protagonists exemplify the fighting spirit in all ordinary heroes and the extraordinary ability they cultivate to overcome insurmountable problems. Born and raised in Georgia, Cindy and her husband, George, now call Clarksville, Tennessee home. They have four children and three grandchildren. Cindy's favorite activities are walking outside in the bright sunshine, reading, writing, and going out for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Cindy hates cooking!) Depending on the day and the mood, she enjoys solitude in crowds, brownies after exercise, and learning new things every day. Yes, it's a strange world, but somebody must live in it. Visit her online at

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