A Religious History of the American People

A Religious History of the American People

by Sydney E. Ahlstrom

Paperback(Older Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780300017625
Publisher: Yale University Press
Publication date: 01/28/1972
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 1174
Product dimensions: 6.11(w) x 9.21(h) x 1.99(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword to the Second Editionxi
Preface to the Fourth Printingxix
1American Religious History in the Post-Protestant Era1
Part IEuropean Prologue15
2Western Catholicism18
3The Church in New Spain36
4The Church in New France54
5The Reformation70
6The Reformation in Great Britain and the Age of Puritanism84
7Empire, Commerce, and Religion: A Survey of Early Colonization99
Part IIThe Protestant Empire Founded121
8The Rise and Flowering of the Puritan Spirit124
9The Holy Commonwealths of New England135
10Tensions in the New England Way151
11Religious Diversity in Rhode Island166
12Early Protestantism in the Southern Colonies184
13The Middle Colonies: Dutch, Puritans, and Quakers200
14The Extension of Anglicanism214
15The German Sects and the Rise of Pietism230
16The German Reformed and Lutheran Churches245
Part IIIThe Century of Awakening and Revolution261
17The Shaping of Colonial Presbyterianism265
18The Great Awakening in New England280
19Jonathan Edwards and the Renewal of New England Theology295
20Evangelical Expansion in the South314
21Roman Catholicism in the American Colonies330
22Provincial America and the Coming of the Enlightenment343
23The Revolutionary Era360
Part IVThe Golden Day of Democratic Evangelicalism385
24The Emergence of American Unitarianism388
25The New England Theology in Democratic America403
26The Second Great Awakening in New England: Revival, Evangelism, and Reform415
27The Great Revival in the West and the Growth of the Popular Denominations429
28Presbyterians and Congregationalists in the Old Northwest: Advance and Conflict455
29Sectarian Heyday472
30The Communitarian Impulse491
Part VCountervailing Religion511
31The Atlantic Migration and Lutheran Crisis515
32The Forming of the Roman Catholic Church527
33The Expansion of the Roman Catholic Church540
34Anti-Catholicism and the Nativist Movement555
35The Early Growth of Judaism569
36The Romantic Mood583
37Romantic Religion in New England597
38Catholic Movements in American Protestantism615
Part VISlavery and Expiation633
39The High Tide of Humanitarian Reform637
40Slavery, Disunion, and the Churches648
41The Churches amid Civil War and Reconstruction670
42The Rise of the Black Churches698
43The Southern White Churches after the War715
Part VIIThe Ordeals of Transition731
44Urban Growth and the Protestant Churches735
45Protestantism and the Later Immigration749
46The Golden Age of Liberal Theology763
47The Social Gospel785
48Dissent and Reaction in Protestantism805
49The "Americanism" Crisis in the Catholic Church825
50The Protestant Establishment and the New Nativism842
51Crusading Protestantism857
Part VIIIThe Age of Faltering Crusades873
52The Little War and the Great War877
53The Twenties: From the Armistice to the Crash895
54The Thirties: From the Crash to Pearl Harbor918
55Neo-Orthodoxy and Social Crisis932
56World War II and the Postwar Revival949
Part IXToward Post-Puritan America965
57Twentieth-Century Judaism969
58The Ancient Eastern Churches in America985
59Roman Catholicism in the Twentieth Century998
60Harmonial Religion since the Later Nineteenth Century1019
61Piety for the Age of Aquarius: Theosophy, Occultism, and Non-Western Religion1037
62Black Religion in the Twentieth Century1055
63The Turbulent Sixties1079
64From the Seventies to the Present by David D. Hall1097
Supplementary Bibliography1151

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