A Royal Elf of Abalon

A Royal Elf of Abalon

by Anna del C. Dye


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The deep relationship between Amaria, the princess of Abalon and Marken, the chancellor's son, comes to a halting stop after their kingdom is almost annihilated. However, death isn't the only thing this battle brings. Elfs come to their rescue and, as a souvenir, take the princess home with them. Blinded by fury, the overprotecting queen orders the extermination of the mighty elfs. Her captains know they can never win, so they are pleased when Amaria intervenes so desperately that she loses her mother. The unprepared princess is left to care for a kingdom that will demand her true love. A Royal Elf of Abalon is the stand-alone continuation of Anna's Elf series. Once again she has crafted an exciting new tale full of jealousy, betrayals, and death. A Royal Elf of Abalon is a masterpiece created in the genre of Tolkien that you'll love to the end.

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ISBN-13: 9781497549296
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2014
Pages: 458
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

Anna was born in Chile. She is the third child and twins with her sister Elena. She grew up with four siblings. The green-eyed, brown-haired author found a mother in her husband's mother and loves her dearly. She accredits her mother-in-law with teaching her many things in life.
Early on in her life she showed an affinity for sewing and took classes that rewarded her with the opportunities of taking care of the costumes for several plays, which she enjoyed immensely. She is fluent in both English and Spanish.
The author loves reading. Once married she was intro-duced to the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books that she admits to having collected. They wet her appetite. A few years ago she was introduced to Tolkien's Lord of the Ring's and to J. K. Rowling's writings, which she loves.
At twenty-one she moved north to marry Rodney and has resided in Utah since then. Her husband, a native of Idaho, met her in her hometown. They fell in love and she came to Utah on Christmas Eve to be married. They are the proud parents of three princes and a princess.
Anna possesses a great mind and imagination, which, with the encouragement of her husband, she set to writing. The creation of Anna's series is the result of many years of daydreaming and much hard work.

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A Royal Elf of Abalon 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
LKM8 More than 1 year ago
If you look at this year's movie line up, it's a year for fairy tales. "A Royal Elf of Abalon" is no exception. I felt liked I'd wandered into a fairy tale when I picked up the book. The story started off with secret meetings and references to a wicked queen. When I first started reading the book, I could see from both the title and the details included at the beginning of the book where the story was headed, and I was intrigued about how all the pieces would fit together. I confess to having stayed up very late to finish the book. Like all good fairy tales, there's a happily-ever-after ending, but I ached for the characters as they went through their trials to get there. It's a story I enjoyed and its also one I feel comfortable handing to my children. The romance and action will interest both the young audience and an older one. Highly recommended.
GA-Clarke More than 1 year ago
A Royal Elf of Abalon was a great story. I suspected something odd was happening early on and that kept my interest. It made it hard to put down. I learned a lot about the elf culture and it was interesting why they didn’t want to mix with man. This book has suspense, adventure, and romance. I really enjoyed it. George Amos Clarke
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lee Ashford for Readers Favorite “A Royal Elf of Abalon” by Anna del C. Dye is almost certainly the finest Fantasy it has ever been my pleasure to read. The human Kingdom of Abalon was ruled by the wicked and evil Queen Amathis. In her efforts to produce an heir to the throne, she wed and subsequently killed 8 husbands. Shortly after disposing of her eighth husband, she produced a girl, Amaria. A few days journey from Abalon was the elfin town, Lothia, but humans disliked and distrusted elves, and consequently had little contact with them. However, when the elves discovered an Orc army marching to attack Abalon, they knew their own town would be next, so they recalled their army from outlying areas and marched to the aid of Abalon. Arriving on the scene just as the Orcs had broken down the city gates, the elves attacked from behind and soon routed the Orcs and saved Abalon. But would this change the humans’ bias against elves? Would Queen Amathis magnanimously honor them for their timely intervention? I have read a number of fantasies, and one thing has always puzzled me: why do the authors always seem to assign unpronounceable names to their characters, such as Cwwndyd or Xxsthal or Oquirrh? I find this very distracting; each time I encounter such a name my brain pauses for a moment as it stumbles over a word it cannot comprehend. In “A Royal Elf of Abalon”, the author not only used “real” sounding names which are easily pronounced, but she even provided a table in the very front of the book, indicating how each name is to be pronounced (just in case) and identifying who or what that name belongs to. I was quite impressed with her long before I learned that she is “an accomplished, multi-award winning author”. This book was a pleasure to read. The characters were so well-developed that I felt I would recognize them if I saw them on the street. I very strongly recommend this book for fantasy fans everywhere. It was an honor for me to review it. “A Royal Elf of Abalon” will be a tough act to follow for any fantasy story I may subsequently review.
LAWonder More than 1 year ago
This was a clean, delightful story for the whole family to enjoy also a good Book Club story for discussion. Elf land was a utopia that I, for one, would love to live in and believe we will in future years ahead. There is much we can relate to in both the world of Abalon and the surrounding kingdoms. The ending seemed to abrupt without enough conflict that exists in the 'real' world. However, that is my opinion and still feel it was a great story with conflict, support of allies, differences in cultures, cruelty of others, and also Utopian life we can strive to find and live. I won this e-book but would have eagerly purchased it anyway.
GeekGirlWriter More than 1 year ago
A Royal Elf of Abalon is the latest by author Anna Del C Dye. It is the story of a young girl, Amaria, raised by her mother, the cruel queen Amathis. Amathis jealously hordes her daughters love and attention. When the kingdom is attacked by orks, Amaria is sent to safety. While there, she begins to discover the depth of her mother's cruelty. Upon returning to the kingdom, she meets one of the elves who came to protect the kingdom, Kurzan. Kurzan and Amaria quickly fall in love, though it is a forbidden love. The story follows Amaria's journey from innocent young princess to wise and loving queen. Amaria quickly becomes a strong, admirable woman who must prove her worthiness to rule. Amaria learns who she can trust, and whose advice to take to heart as she learns to rule. As time goes on, and Amaria tries to discover a way to be with her love, secrets are revealed which may throw Amaria's kingdom into an uproar. A Royal Elf of Abalon is a wonderful, epic fantasy with a strong heroine who has much to be admired about her. The story sweeps you in, and every time you think you know what is going to happen, Dye takes the story in a new direction to keep you guessing. Amaria and Kurzan's story is heartbreaking and wonderful all at the same time. There are many secondary characters who are equally enthralling. You'll find yourself caught up in their stories as much as Amaria's. Dye's great story is full of all the things that make a book great: forbidden love, intrigue, secrets, wars, elves, orks . . . there is more than enough to grab any readers interest and hold it until the e
CindyDragonfly More than 1 year ago
Anna del C. Dye tells a classic fairy tale story filled with wonderful medieval characters, magical elves and heartwarming relationships. A Royal Elf of Abalon is a delightful read. ~ Cindy A. Christiansen, multi-published fiction author