A Sackful of Poems

A Sackful of Poems

A Sackful of Poems

A Sackful of Poems


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Children have many questions: What do animals do in winter? What does peace mean? Who makes up a family? What would life be like if we were lions?

This charmingly-illustrated book helps teachers and parents answer these questions, and more, in a fun and captivating way.

A Sackful of Poems is a compilation of lyrical adventures inspired by the author's many years of working in the field of education. The collection explores various subject areas, including literacy, numeracy and seasonal themes. From a mysterious robot and a fire breathing dragon to a monster under the bed - some poems are silly, some are profound. What a fascinating way for children to learn about the world around them.

Teaching with poetry in mind allows children to experience an exciting variation in the classroom. It also offers many other benefits:
• encourages a love of reading
• strengthens speaking and listening skills
• activates prior knowledge
• explores language conventions
• studies perspective (character, voice)
• builds empathy
• promotes creativity
• teaches imagery and effect
• reviews facts
• brings otherwise dull topics to life.

At the most fundamental level, poetry is pure pleasure.

Lora Rozler's anthology is must-have for every home and classroom.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781999011413
Publisher: Words Publishing
Publication date: 04/12/2020
Pages: 124
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.34(d)
Age Range: 5 - 10 Years

About the Author

Lora Rozler is a Canadian author of children's books. She's written numerous titles including Words, Freshly Baked Pie, Lucky Me, The Three Witty Goats Gruff and A Sackful of Poems. Her stories embody a lyrical sensibility which is a distinguishable trait of her work.
Lora's passion for writing and art began at a young age and followed her into the classroom where she pursues her lifelong dream of teaching. Her role as an educator inspires her writing and offers the perfect backdrop to storytelling. The creative weaving of poetic expression and conceptual ideas result in a whimsical display that spark the attention of young readers.
"I love the power of words, the way they can create mood, evoke emotion and transform thinking. Much the same, is my love for art; the way a single stroke can dance playfully on a page or wither in sadness, depending on its tilt, its size, its colour. The combination of the two is where my stories emerge, where paint splatters onto neatly written words, giving them a certain edge, if you will."
When Lora is not teaching or fiddling around with words, she enjoys running around the vibrant city of Toronto with her two children.
To learn more visit www.lorarozler.com

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