A Scandal In Bohemia - A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel

A Scandal In Bohemia - A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel

by Petr Kopl


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The detective Sherlock Holmes investigates the Scandal in Bohemia. This comic adaptation of Sherlock Holmes solves a number of intertwined cases including The Speckled Band. This is the English translation of the original work in Czech which was voted comic book of the year 2013 in the Czech Republic. It's the first of four Sherlock Holmes graphic novels by Petr Kopl. Petr is a multi-award winning Czech artist who has created four stunning graphic novels of Sherlock Holmes. In addition to Scandal being vote the Czech comic book of the year 2013, Petr also picked up the award for comic book writer of the year from Fabula Rasa.

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ISBN-13: 9781780926803
Publisher: MX Publishing
Publication date: 06/12/2014
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x 0.35(d)

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A Scandal In Bohemia - A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
DarkRavenDH More than 1 year ago
Refreshing and Delightful! My thanks to Steve and Timi at MC Publishing for my copy of this book. May all your days be filled with Holmes! Pter Kopl’s graphic interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Scandal in Bohemia is a lot more than just taking the story and turning it into a comic book. Petr Kopl has raised the bar by which others will be measured in their own graphic novels adapting adventures or telling new adventures of Sherlock Holmes. First there is the exaggerated drawing style of the artwork. It gives the story humor without changing the actual adventure. Then there is the temperament of the characters. For example, Mrs. Hudson is always described in the canon as “long-suffering.” Not so in this work. She has a temper, shows a lot of sarcasm, and is always threatening to tell our heroes to move out! Also there is a combination of adventures, The Speckled Band being told as part of this story. There is a shot of a bearded guy chasing a woman on a bicycle as the train passes… There are cameos throughout, featuring such well known characters as Mr. Hyde and the Frankenstein Monster. Look for a subtle twist right at the end that is sublime! I give this Graphic Novel fives stars! Quoth the Raven…
Philip_K_Jones More than 1 year ago
This is a different book than most English-speaking Sherlockians are accustomed to. First, it has been translated from Czech. Next, it is a graphic version of SCAN, but it also includes SPEC as if it occurred intertwined with events in SCAN. Finally, it also includes additional material. In most cases, the additional material comes as a bit of a surprise. The appearances of Dorian Grey and Mr. Hyde in SCAN may give some indication of the things in store for the reader. This book is the fourth in time-sequence of ten or eleven graphic novels produced by the author. I am not sure how many will be published in English nor in what sequence other items will appear. I’m also not sure how many involve Sherlock Holmes although I expect he will appear in at least five and, perhaps, in six. In any case, these books are not published for children. Adult subjects and illustrations appear and the graphics are well done and interesting. All-in-all, they are presented much better than most comic books I have seen. Readers should be prepared to be surprised. The general story lines follow those in the Canonical Tales, but the difference is in the details. It is never quite clear, in this single installment, who bears which relation to whom. Irene Adler is certainly a major player, but who she works for and who is opposing her for which reasons are not at all clear. One almost gets the feeling that Sherlock is a bit-player in a play that stars others. The artwork is quite individual and is very well-done. The story line is left open and presents more questions than answers. I sincerely hope that later additions to the series will provide a few answers and resolve some of the puzzles. The author’s “take” on Sherlock Holmes is certainly unique and this presentation of two of the Canonical short stories is both unique and fascinating. This is truly an interesting “read.” Reviewed by: Philip K. Jones, October, 2014