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A Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium

A Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium

by Shiva C. A. D. Shankaran
A Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium

A Science of Consciousness: Pneumatology for a New Millennium

by Shiva C. A. D. Shankaran


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What is Consciousness? What is the Holy Spirit? What if the ancient word St. Paul used for “spirit,” pneuma, were to be interpreted as equivalent to “consciousness” as we are striving to understand it today? What would be the effects and implications of this upon understanding of the self, the world, and the greater creation?

A Science of Consciousness begins with the author asking the reader to accept as true for a moment a few basic, though perhaps un-thought-of premises. On that basis, the reader is invited to go on an imaginary journey into a world of new implications, possibilities, and powers coming from human creativity.

The author feels strongly that this work comes at a time in human experience when this insight is essential for collective survival and peaceful transition through difficult and exciting times. People need only to adjust their focus, relax their eyes, so to say, and be willing to see within themselves a point of connection with their Maker.

It is not necessary to believe in God, only to accept that one has consciousness and be willing to explore whatever that may be.

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ISBN-13: 9781504343497
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 11/30/2016
Pages: 326
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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A Science of Consciousness

Pneumatology for a New Millennium

By Shiva C. A. D. Shankaran

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2016 Shiva C. A. D. Shankaran
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-4349-7


Consciousness and the Nature of Spirit

The term Pneuma in ancient usage is translated as Spirit. Thus often Pnuematology is used to mean a Theology or Study of Holy Spirit. The word holy is demystified by the mystery schools to simply mean whole. Thus the Whole Spirit is implied by the orthodox Holy Spirit. In the Cosmic sense of Divinity, this Whole Spirit therefore rightly refers to the very Spirit or Consciousness of Creation. This is a vital recognition to arrive at; that Creation as a Whole has or rather is Consciousness Itself, and that everything within that Creation, including ourselves and all things animate and inanimate must be part of and included in That Whole. For anything whatever to be left out, even the tiniest particle of matter or energy, the Whole would be lacking and thus less than itself: a fundamental absurdity. That said, let us sit for a moment with the idea of the Consciousness of Creation.

Put simply and completely, the Consciousness of all living things, plant, animal, human, angelic and beyond and the physical and energetic structure of all that makes up all the nine kingdoms taken together in all of this Creation comprised of this Universe and any others that may be a part of this whole Creation, all that combined into One Whole and Unified Consciousness is what the Holy Spirit Is.

Modern science as in Quantum and Unified Field Theory claims to have identified ten distinct dimensions of energy-matter-time, as this fundamental process of Creation gives rise to what we call Universe. 1 In fact these dimensions themselves represent ten distinct universes together comprising what we think of as Creation. Yet it is all One Unified Field that this whole Creation of ten Universes emerges from. Still this scientific study is by no means finished or conclusive, for all we know there could in reality be more yet to be discovered. And still there is One Whole Consciousness that encapsulates it all and is in Reality the very Essence of All of This That Is. This is how I define Holy Spirit, the One Whole Consciousness of All That is. In scientific terms It is the Unified Field of Existence through and through all manifestation of Being and Existence everywhere present and on all levels of expression.

This is in itself an attempt to demystify Holy Spirit from its concept as a religious and theological entity into a truly scientific reality in the field of Consciousness that not only makes it more comprehensible but at the same time enhances our appreciation of the divinity and Oneness of this massive Reality. For me the cognition of this Whole Consciousness of Creation opens awareness to a recognition of Creation Itself as a living, breathing, Being, One and entirely complete within Itself, of Which we are all members and parts within That. This is the direct cognition of a Unifying factor, the Oneness of all Being, that is the genuine Reality of the Creation in which we find ourselves as Its own intimate expression. Holy Spirit is defined as Divine; It can be what we might call God or Supreme. We now know that the Consciousness that we are cannot in any way be apart and separate from the Whole Consciousness of That. It is through this that we are both participants and members of the Divine. Consciousness makes us Whole; Consciousness makes us One; there is nothing else but That, as we also are That.

When we look at Creation with all its possibilities of multiple universes and the huge potential for different worlds, environments, patterns of evolution and life forms, intelligences of innumerable kinds, we can now appreciate how It is all unified as One entity and Being within a single Consciousness of the Whole.

If I seem to be repeating myself here, it is just that this cannot be overstated either in its importance nor realized from too many angles, because as I propose and will attempt to show over and over that as we can look at this reality from infinite sides, all angles of observation will reveal in growing richness the same Truth in myriad and endless ways like a hologram of infinite diversity that always points back to a single point of Unity containing within Itself the expression of all possibilities.

This is not some wild and hair brained speculation; rather it is a Truth so beautiful as to boggle the mind and fulfill the mind's need to understand both at once. Can Infinity be brought into Awareness any more clearly or more understandably than this? If it can, I am waiting with baited breathe to see it, for I know this is standing at the threshold of any such Awareness growing out of it into deeper insight into such Divine Unity.

(At this point if you are still reading this, you are either with me or wondering what I am going off about so excitedly. For those who are wondering this may be a good time to backtrack a bit and perhaps fill in a few gaps in where I am coming from.)

Traditionally western Mystery Schools have postulated the existence of 12 dimensions. Recently a 13th dimension has been suggested by at least one such School as a birthing process collectively of the activity of the first 12. 2 This may give us some insight into what the Unified Field scientists are uncovering as they peer into the tiniest particle life and discern the 10 dimensions they have come to recognize thus far. Perhaps as they continue to look deeper still, they will uncover yet even more. That will be interesting to see. Yet we are speaking of something so far beyond our present comprehension that for all we know at this point there could in Reality be many more than 13. The point being made here, is that what was once assumed to be one universe and one Creation, is in fact much more and bigger than that, and with that far more complex and unknown to us than we ever imagined. We are just now at the threshold of coming into an awareness of how great and varied and immense it might All Be.

Some Greater Thoughts of Implications

My first Guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, is well known among his followers for saying that everything is interconnected. By everything he truly meant everything; that nothing in existence either existed in isolation and also that every part of existence is somehow influencing in each moment every other part. 3 All of Creation is One vast interconnected Whole on a truly magnificent and grand scale. A simple Truth that bares pondering and reflection for its power and implications and depth of meaning, all of which could fill many volumes as well. The one great implication that is the subject of this book is this Reality: that the entire Creation no matter how vast and how many universes it may entail, is still One great cohesive Whole in which every single particle is somehow in communication with and influencing and being influenced by every other particle, even as they may be present between universes. That this common influence must as well cross not only all of space but also all of time. Remember, Creation is a living, breathing, entity with a life of Its own and a Consciousness that is fully aware and conscious of Itself. That as a living Being, It maintains the functions that all living beings do and cares for Itself as any Self-aware Being would by Its own Nature.

The ancient Mystery Schools tend to define anything that may exist outside of the realm of this Creation or anything not held within the attention of the Creator as Unknowable. This simply means unknowable for us, because we can know only what is within the sphere of the Creation as we are each a part of That. And as such as we are a part of That, it is within our ultimate capacity to know and consciously connect to anything within this Creation. It is within this context and because of it, that we have the capacity to know It as Creator or Supreme Being. This is so precisely because this Being is Self-aware, and this means not only that the Whole is aware of all Its parts but also that each part has the capability to be aware of the Whole. Nothing less would be fully Actualized.

Where does this leave us in our present only partially conscious state? This is a question that will have to be addressed later in this work. The pressing issue at this point is Who and What we are in context of Creation and the Consciousness It represents and embodies, both as a Whole and within all of Its parts. It is my contention that in answering this pressing issue the question of our present partially conscious state will be brought into light and become clear and comprehensible.

Throughout all of visible Nature it is made clear that like begets like. Plants and animals of any species reproduce only their own species, generally speaking. Nowadays with the proliferation of so much mutation among species this perhaps could be questioned but only in the context of such mutation, which often involves the transformation of the entire species into something slightly altered or something else almost entirely new. This is called evolution and has its necessary place in the survival and ongoing development of life and Creation as a whole. Yet there is built into the entire structure of life an orderliness that both generates and maintains life at the same time as providing for its continuing evolution. This is a crucial point that must be applied to ourselves also, if we are to come to a greater comprehension of who and what we are both as human and as spiritual beings. The Reality that is recognized here is that just as physical beings are born into the physical structure of their parents, so too are spiritual beings born into the spiritual structure of their parent as well.

The very fact that we are physical/spiritual Beings existing within the context of what is for us an immense Creation, born out of an Existence that we ourselves did not create, suggests to us in no uncertain terms that we are ourselves of one and the same species as that Creation Itself, whatever That may be. We may not know yet what that Is, although I suspect we may all have some ideas or sense of it, if we actually stopped and in deep inner reflection asked our greater knowing and waited there in silence for the reply. Still this brings to mind that as spiritual beings we must consider ourselves as in gestation; that we exist in this universe as babes yet in the womb of our Mother. Flowing from this inherently, come our sense of God as Mother, "The Mother of God" and Divine Mother. Creation is reproducing Itself; It is pregnant with every life form and Being that is a part of Herself if you will.

A Brief Review

This may be a good place to pause before we go too far into the hitherto un-thought of.

Creation is Alive; It is a living, breathing, self-aware entity with a life of Its own. It is in every way imaginable Conscious and Awake. That this Consciousness of Creation envelopes All that Is in this and all Universes that comprise what this Creation Is. That this Supreme Consciousness of Creation in Reality is what we call the Whole or Holy Spirit, and that we are bonded to that Holy Spirit through our own Spirit that exists in connection and as a part of that Whole Spirit of Creation. That this is what Consciousness in Reality Is, and that the evolution of all forms of life as we know it is a process by which their Spirits of Consciousness are growing more and more into the context of the greater Consciousness of Creation, their Divine Parent.

A New Paradigm

"I come to bury Caesar not to praise him."

First of all, how do I know this? Or is this just some sort of speculative philosophy that has no way of empirical proof or disproof and is therefore as some agnostics might say, "meaningless" as a metaphysical statement.

Fair enough, this is a common challenge of our time and one that begs the question of empirical proof. Let me begin by stating clearly that I do not present these ideas as some kind of hypothesis in quest of verification or disproof. I present this information quite differently rather as a Cognition which I can state from my own Knowing born of what I am as Consciousness. The difference is very significant even to the point of representing an alternative or new paradigm as an approach to science and knowledge overall. How so? Let me explain.

The word cognition has a modern usage and an ancient one as well. Merriam-Webster Dictionary states: "the act or process of knowing including both awareness and judgment; also: a product of this act." Psychologically it is often applied to the reasoning process or capability, as applied to awareness and judgment. The ancient Vedic Tradition of India regards the ancient Seers or Rishis as having Cognitions of the various principles of Creation or its processes, which subsequently were recorded as scripture known as the Vedas. This is a very special kind of Cognition, which taking place when the world was more newly created and thus pure of the chaotic and negative influences that arose later on, the Laws of Nature or if you will fundamental principles by which Creation came into being and thus sustained were more audible, visible, touchable, cognizable if you will, than perhaps they were in later days after the world became busier and eventually violent. Activities of a negative or destructive nature tend to cloud the view as it were, confuse the mind and sometimes the heart as well, resulting in a more dysfunctional state of living and affairs.

These two views of cognition are not mutually exclusive, yet the ancient one offers a much greater and more complete appreciation of the full potentiality of the human Consciousness regards Its ability to know Itself and Its surroundings. It is in this fuller view of Cognition that I offer this information of the Consciousness of Creation and all the implications of that herein, as a look into the Knowledge and Truth of Reality. This therefore represents for me, and I here present it as such, a direct Seeing into that genuine Ultimate Nature that identifies who we really are and our relationship to the All of Creation, and therefore to ourselves as well.

Yet is this verifiable? I submit that it is, for I am after all human, and I suspect that all of you reading this are also. And as I have the greatest respect for my Guru's teaching that "anything is possible", and by anything he truly meant anything; I must accept also the likely possibility that perhaps some highly intelligent non-humans, such as insectoids, reptilians, cetaceans or others may be reading this as well. I welcome the broadest possible audience. We all share this One overall over-riding Consciousness of Which we are all a part, kin and united. More of this will be coming up.

How do I know this, and how do I dare stand by the Truth of it? The answer to that rests in the mystery of Cognition itself, from where our thoughts and our minds originate and what this represents in the greater context of Consciousness. This is not simply an Empirical knowing that relies upon research and verification outside of ourselves, but rather this is a much more reliable and profound Spiritual knowing that stands upon a direct awareness of the very core of our Being that is Known through inner research done from within ourselves that reveals a vision of Reality much more intimate than any Empirical only process could provide.

Objectivity and Subjectivity

Western Science prides itself, of course, on its objectivity, yet in reality relies upon personal cognition all the time. As children growing up we have to learn how to think; logical or right thinking does not necessarily come naturally to us, as is evident with the social and family problems we have if we are not taught properly or at all. As children we are easily conditioned into patterns of thinking, feeling and belief by parents, teachers, the media, etc., and it is critically important that these patterns be true and honest and clean and not distorted by untrue or unknown beliefs that likewise will result in distorted thought and emotional patterns that can effect us for life. High Schools and Colleges offer courses in logic and philosophical systems define and stress the importance of right thinking, and even with modern education ethical misconduct still persists. This is to say we require education, and therefore must go through a process by which we learn to process thinking in a logically valid and true way. This we say is one of the key qualities of the state of being educated; that is knowing how to think. Yet before we can practice the art of rational thought, we must first possess the capacity to have a thought, which is totally natural. When we first become aware of a thought we say we are cognizant of it. Still awareness itself even without a thought present is the first form of Cognition, and with that pure Awareness what we are as Consciousness is at least in alignment with the greater Consciousness of Creation of which ours is born and a part.


Excerpted from A Science of Consciousness by Shiva C. A. D. Shankaran. Copyright © 2016 Shiva C. A. D. Shankaran. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Introduction, ix,
Preface, xi,
Part 1: Consciousness and the Nature of Spirit, 1,
Some Greater Thoughts of Implications, 5,
A Brief Review, 8,
A New Paradigm, 9,
Objectivity and Subjectivity, 12,
Principles and Practice, 16,
A Cognition to Consider, 18,
Heart and Mind Revisited, 22,
Transmission of Validation for Others, 26,
Heart and Verification, 30,
Consciousness and Holy Spirit, 32,
Consciousness Based Education, 35,
The Intelligent Creation, 38,
The Mystery of Existence, 41,
A Place for Understanding, 44,
Part 2: Consciousness and Wholeness, 47,
The Meaning of Oneness, 50,
The Appearance of Separation, 54,
The Restoration to Fullness, 57,
The Way, 61,
The Process, 64,
Consciousness Twisted and Torn Apart, 67,
The Effects of Dishonesty on Consciousness, 70,
The Opening Within, 74,
The Opening and Awakening of Heart, 77,
Awakened Will, 80,
Higher States of Consciousness, 84,
The Three Fold Path, 90,
Wholeness Reviewed, 95,
Communion and Community, 97,
Part 3: Consciousness and the Nature of Truth, 101,
Truth is a Pathless Land, 105,
Techniques and Truth, 108,
Knowing Truth, 111,
How Distortion Begins or Who Done It, 113,
Creation without Victims, 115,
Dropping into the Heart, 118,
Shifting Perceptions with Shifting Consciousness, 120,
Nothing Is Impossible, 124,
Creation Equals Unboundedness, 128,
Truth and Comfort, 131,
The Movement of Tenderness Within Heart Mind and Will, 134,
Heart and Mind Revisited, 137,
Truth and Tenderness, 139,
Life in Unity, 142,
Part 4: Consciousness and Civilization, 145,
We Are What We Are Being, 148,
Civilization Is Shaped by Consciousness, 152,
One In Being With the Father, 155,
Prayer of the Will, 159,
Awakened Civilization, 162,
Awakening and Peace, 166,
Galactic Neighbors Friends and Family, 170,
The Collapse of Civilization, 175,
Effects of Dishonesty on Civilization, 180,
Adaptation and Ascension, 183,
Part 5: Ascension as a Function of Consciousness, 187,
Understanding Ascension, 189,
The Natural Movement of Consciousness, 192,
Creation as an Evolving Being, 195,
Everything is Alive, 198,
Resurrection or Ascension, 200,
The Inner Spaces of the Heart, 203,
Alchemy and Ascension, 207,
Basic Review of Ascension and Consciousness, 209,
Being and Existence are One, 212,
Part 6: Consciousness: The One Reality, 215,
Oneness Reviewed, 217,
The Experience of Transcendence and Oneness, 220,
The Unicorn Story, 222,
The Process of Transcendence, 225,
Inner and Outer Purification, 228,
Human Origins in This Galaxy and the Origins of Consciousness, 231,
The Nature of Distortion and Evil Within Consciousness, 236,
Cognition as Awareness and Spirit, 243,
More Insights into Oneness, 246,
The Appearance of Separation, 249,
The Gate, the Gateway and the Gatekeeper (John 10:1-9), 252,
Differences of Intellect and Mind, 255,
Cognitive Process in Light of Unity and Oneness, 258,
Love as Unifier of Creation in Consciousness, 261,
Truth as God, 264,
Part 7: Conclusions, 269,
How to Live in a World Truly and Cleanly, 270,
The Way of Truth, 271,
Grace and Karma in Unity, 273,
The Christ The Buddha and God Talk, 276,
Truth is Independent and Without Ownership, 280,
Relationship in Truth, 282,
Masculine and Feminine Energies Relationship, 285,
Importance of Proper Understanding, 287,
Evolution of Creation on All Levels Simultaneously, 290,
The Invincible Nature of Reality, 293,
We Do Not Make What Is Truth, 296,
Beauty as Reality, 299,
Final Conclusions and Afterthoughts, 300,
Acknowledgements, 303,
References, 305,
Bibliography, 309,

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