A Scout Is...

A Scout Is...

by Todd Shaw



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ISBN-13: 9780982577301
Publisher: Sonfire Media LLC
Publication date: 11/18/2009
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.47(d)
Age Range: 9 - 12 Years

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FG_Stapleton More than 1 year ago
The Boy Scouts of America has a long tradition of helping boys become men while instilling values that create honest citizens. On the heels of the 100th anniversary of scouting, Todd Shaw offers a reflective look into why scouting continues to play such an important role in so many individuals' lives to this day. In his book A Scout is.Values for a Lifetime, Shaw focuses on the significance that joining the Boy Scouts played in his life, and why the lessons learned in scouting lay such a strong foundation for personal growth. Shaw offers a variety of anecdotes throughout this book; some from himself and some from other contributors. The underlying message from each story is strikingly simple: Being involved in Boy Scouts makes one better person. Whether these individuals were reading to the blind, helping teach first aid in Haiti, or becoming leaders of their communities, each lesson learned in scouting gave these individuals the confidence and the ability to leave their world a bit better than they found it. As a fellow Eagle Scout myself, I had a difficult time being objective while reading Shaw's book. Mainly because I found myself reminiscing with each memory the other scouts had shared. The photos of Shaw and others camping, attending award ceremonies, and proudly displaying their troop flags brought back so many of my own wonderful memories I gained through scouting. As time passes, many scouts forget why they feel compelled to help a neighbor put up Christmas lights, or why they choose to make their word their bond. Shaw's book makes all scouts remember why they decided to join the brotherhood, and how influential the organization is to young men. Shaw's commitment to scouting is evident from page one. The introductory pages reciting the Scout Motto, Scout Slogan and Scout Oath will charge the spirit of any scout who has uttered those phrases and know what they stand for. His dedication to scouting for 40 years, long after attaining the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout, is inspiring and commendable. This book is a wonderful introduction to those who may not know what scouting is about, and will incite passion in those who feel they have lost their way. A Scout is. is thoughtfully composed and a clear reflection of the high caliber of individuals scouting produces. A highly recommended read for all.
LarryLightfoot More than 1 year ago
I read the book "A Scout Is..." because I've been thinking about having my son start in the Scouts next year and wanted more information. This book gave me that and more! Not only did it provide an interesting "insider's look" at the values, benefits, and activities of scouting, but it showed how those values and activities have impacted men thru the years and how the lessons they learned in Scouting gave purpose, direction, and inspiration to their lives. I highly recommend this book to anyone who might be considering introducing their kids to scouting, as well as those interested in a fun, insightful, and historical look back at the developmental years of famous Boy Scouts such as Don "Big Daddy" Garlits, Mike Rowe (from Dirty Jobs) and others. Great and easy read for all ages!