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A SEAL's Consent (SEALs of Chance Creek, #4)

A SEAL's Consent (SEALs of Chance Creek, #4)

4.3 12
by Cora Seton

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Navy SEAL Jericho Cook is living a lie. In order to save Base Camp, the sustainable community he’s building with his friends in Chance Creek, Montana, he must marry in the next forty days—and try for a family. But after the horrors he’s witnessed, Jericho's sworn to never put himself in charge of a child he can’t completely protect.


Navy SEAL Jericho Cook is living a lie. In order to save Base Camp, the sustainable community he’s building with his friends in Chance Creek, Montana, he must marry in the next forty days—and try for a family. But after the horrors he’s witnessed, Jericho's sworn to never put himself in charge of a child he can’t completely protect. At least he’s found the perfect wife. Savannah is sexy, smart, talented—and far too busy pursuing a career as a concert pianist to ever want kids.

Savannah Edwards came to Chance Creek to chase an abandoned dream. She has one shot to prepare for the audition that could make or break her career—she’s determined nothing will distract her from her goal. But when a passionate encounter with Jericho leaves her pregnant, her future hopes are thrown into chaos. Is it possible to have it all? A career, a child and most of all, the powerful, attractive man who has stolen her heart?

When Jericho announces he never intends to be a father, Savannah realizes he might risk shattering an entire community rather than back down. With the stakes so high, can she persuade the SEAL to give fatherhood a chance?

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One Acre Press
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SEALs of Chance Creek Series , #4
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A SEAL's Consent (SEALs of Chance Creek, #4) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous 9 months ago
Anonymous 10 months ago
Anonymous 11 months ago
Lousy. I feel insulted by the absurd plotlines.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I'm loving this series Diverse characters keep the books interesrting, and each character grows through each book in succession. I'm always anxious to read the next book about Chance Creek to see what's happening to the people who now seem like neighbors. The author gives us a little peek of a characters to be ezplored in future books--exciting! I just wish the rest of the books would come out sooner!!
Anonymous 11 months ago
So enjoyed a more real life issues faced by families world wide. What we as children view can be resolved as adults.
Anonymous 11 months ago
I had a hard time with this one. I loved Jericho and Savannah in the previous books, but she truely ticked me off with her superior attitude on multiple levels this time 1. Used Jericho for a good time but did not consider him a long term keeper at the begining 2. Got pregnant but did not tell him for months because she wanted her dream career established first to be in a better negotiating stance. 3. Thought Classical music is the only true music for a serious career 4. Thought career traveling around leaving her child behind for long periods (i.e. career over child) was the dream career she wanted. 5. She got ticked at him for questioning her ability to be a good parent when ( not knowing she is pregnant) he said he did not want kids and understood her career traveling was not supportive of having children but that was ok and they could have a loving marriage just the two of them 6. Many more judgements and comments she made while avoiding telling him she was pregnant and letting him propose. I really wanted to shake her to straighten her stuff up bacause she was so neglectful and lacking in consideration toward Jericho for a majority of the book. On the other side, I cried for Jericho and his family for the long lived problems they had. The family dinner was horrid. The poor man had so much crap coming at him from all sides, but he maintained his level headed standup self. I am glad they were able to work through the decades old agony. Boone also is starting to tick me off ordering Jericho to buy a ring so soon after he was tagged to marry next and talking about ordering a backup bride so soon is irritating when they have 40 days to sort things out. Give the guy a break.
DYac 11 months ago
I love this set of books and enjoy the conflict between the main characters every time. Savannah and Jericho come from different worlds, as is the case with most of the characters in this series. She was raised in a high tech, money hungry world where she felt like she didn't belong. She just wants to pursue her dreams of being a concert pianist. That was the point of joining her friends in their Austenian adventure in Montana. Jericho was raised with less and feeling like less than he was really worth, due to an accident that would have an impact on the rest of his life. He'd proven himself as a SEAL, but had yet to make his family proud. Joining the group of friends at base camp, working to come up with energy efficient ways to live and preserve the earth, is a dream for which he can get his hands dirty. Little do either of them know that one little encounter, at a formal party at the neighbor's home a few weeks earlier, would shake up their entire worlds and make both of them wonder if their original ideas of how their lives should go are even possible. Cora Seton has a contrasting formula here, one that teaches us about the earth and what can be done to preserve what has been given us with renewable energy, and one that shows us what it might be like to take away all the trappings of our technological age. This contrast is paramount in the stories that develop between the characters. They’re unexpected and sexy, and they all take place under the open Montana sky. They’re a great little escape from the norm and a sweet romance that takes us on a delightful escape from our everyday lives. The peek at Kai’s upcoming romance made me giggle. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where she takes him.
Julie_R_Evans-Artist 11 months ago
A Seal’s Consent is yet another fabulous romance adventure in Cora Seton’s series on the Seals of Chance Creek. You immediately learn a secret between Jericho and Savannah. Then just like in life sometimes, poor communication and fears drive a wedge between what could be a happy couple. They each have goals and are not sure how to blend it all together, but Jericho is determined to try. Savannah wasn’t looking for love and marriage, but he says mostly the right things and is such an admirable, responsible man. Unbeknownst to him, however, he is so mistaken about Savannah in one really big way. And then in another way he has a hard time seeing her method to reach her goal as consistent with everything he is trying to do to go green at Chance Creek. His past haunts him throughout the book, guiding his beliefs and planned life path. He makes emphatic declarations as a result that stand in the way of his being happy and together with Savannah. If that is how he really feels and his mind cannot be changed, they will never work together. Will they let their secrets out. Well they mend their bridges and find out the truth? This book has you turning pages to find out. It is well-written, thoughtful, and covers some important issues that are very human stories in a delightful way. All is never as it seems and these two have a great deal below the surface waiting to be discovered. It was good as a stand-alone story and even better in context of the series so far. I was rooting for the Seals of Base Camp all the way and can't wait to read the next couple’s story soon.
JennieF 11 months ago
ARC copy for honest review with no compensation, Cora Seton has done it again with book 4 in the Seals of Chance Creek series! ! ! Jericho Cook is the next seal to draw the short stick and must marry in 40 days and plan immediately for a family. The woman he wants is Savannah Edwards but he has promised himself that he will never have children because he could not protect the ones in Yeman from dying. Little does he know that his life will change in ways he never expects…. Savannah Edwards came to Chance Creek to leave a life that her family wanted for her but she didn’t. She came with her best friends from college, Nora (Seal’ Vow), Riley (Seal’s Oath) and Avery to see if she can continue her quest to be a concert pianist, which her parents say is a waste of time. She is determined to not let anything get in her way to make this happen. Between the reality show and Jericho and Savannah wanting to be together but each having different goals in life and then a curve ball of all curve balls happening; now they need to decide if they are meant to be together or will Jericho have to find another bride to marry????
agardone 12 months ago
Love this series. Jericho & Savannah's story. It did not disappoint. Can't wait for the next one.
Anonymous 12 months ago
Loved this book, Savannah, and Jericho are great together. Their struggles are so relatable, how you are raised affects your later decisions. So glad they were able to be overcome their past. Can't wait to read the next book in the series. This whole series is worth reading. Mjw