A SEAL's Temptation (Harlequin Blaze Series #859)

A SEAL's Temptation (Harlequin Blaze Series #859)

by Tawny Weber

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ISBN-13: 9780373798636
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 08/18/2015
Series: Harlequin Blaze Series , #859
Edition description: Original
Pages: 288
Product dimensions: 4.10(w) x 7.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Avid reader, neurotic writer and die-hard shoe fanatic, New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author Tawny Weber has been writing sassy, sexy stories for Harlequin since her first book hit the shelves in 2007. When not obsessing over deadlines, she’s watching Johnny Depp movies, scrapbooking or hanging out on Facebook and Twitter. Come by and visit her on the web at www.tawnyweber.com

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"Report, O'Brian. Did you complete your mission?"

Petty Officer Shane O'Brian stood at attention. Shoulders back, chin high, eyes ahead.

"Yes, sir," he barked. "Completed with resources to spare."

"Is that so. And at any time did the target become aware of your mission?"

"Hell, no." Eyes dancing, Shane grinned. "He's as clueless as a newborn. Which, I've gotta tell you, is totally weird. Of all people, you'd think he'd be suspicious."

"Nice job." Shane's commander, Mitch Donovan, slapped him on the back before dropping onto the couch. Resting his booted foot on the knee of his camouflage fatigues, Mitch laughed. "Gabriel's a wily SOB, but there's no way he'd expect an engagement party. Especially since the bride-to-be doesn't even know they're getting engaged."

"He's going to be so pissed," Shane observed, handing Mitch the list of what had and hadn't been done so far.

"That you accessed his private information, evaluated his actions, went behind his back to report said information and actions, then compounded it by bringing multiple people into it in a way that will, when it comes out, be a huge slap in the face?" Mitch jutted out his chin and considered that, then nodded. "Yup. Seriously pissed."

"I can't wait." Laughing, Shane dropped into the chair opposite Mitch. Like most everything else in the apartment, the brown furniture was butt ugly, but it was comfortable. Shane figured that's all a person could ask for with base housing.

Both he and Mitch, along with their friend Gabriel—better known as Romeo to the SEAL team—had got the PCS—permanent change of station—to the Coronado base a year ago. The three of them had bunked together until his buddies had hooked their perfect women. After they'd moved out, Shane hadn't seen any point in looking for other quarters—or in replacing the butt-ugly furniture.

"You're sure he's going to propose?"

Shane simply raised one brow. They didn't call him Scavenger for nothing. There wasn't anything he couldn't find. Supplies, enemies, information.

"Right," Mitch said, shaking his head. "Of course you're sure. Which means he has no clue what you're planning."

"That'd be we, not me," Shane pointed out. "And yeah, I'm sure. Nobody expects a party for getting engaged. Married, having a kid, okay. But for volunteering to hook on a ball and chain?" He gave a pitying shake of his head. Not over Gabriel landing Tessa, or that Mitch was newly married with a baby due any day. His friends had scored some great women.

But Shane figured the odds of military guys, SEALs especially, making it work long-term? Of finding a woman who got what they did, was okay living their life with a man who answered to Uncle Sam, put his life on the line on a regular basis and kept 90 percent of what he did to himself? Pretty much zilch.

Hell, he'd experienced issues himself in his family alone. His own mother was so pissed about his career, she refused to acknowledge it. To keep her happy, the entire family pretended he was a traveling salesman. It'd been funny for a while, but over the past couple of years it'd started getting to him. He'd got to the point that he rarely went back home to Little Lake, Idaho, and since nobody acknowledged his career, none of the family had ever visited him here in Southern California.

Shane frowned, taking the list from Mitch. He was better off without any more emotional crap in his life.

Maybe his buddies would do better. But he doubted it. Mitch had actually walked away from a shot to join the elite Special Mission Unit, DEVGRU. Sure, he said it was because he preferred training and wanted to stay with his team, but given that it'd happened about the same time as he met Livi, Shane had his doubts. And now Romeo was getting ready to pop the question. He'd already started making noises about extended training, taking on things that would keep him stateside instead of hot zones.

Shane got it. He understood why his friends were making those choices. But those weren't the kind of choices he wanted to make.

So he'd make damned sure he didn't get himself in a situation that would call for them.

"Any thoughts on the ETA?"

"Not yet." Shane glanced over his list again. "He's bought the engagement ring, but you know Romeo. He's going to want to set the scene, make it something special. He's leaving on maneuvers in the morning and he'll be gone for the next two weeks, though, so it won't be before that."

When the front door swung open, neither Shane nor Mitch had to school their expressions. They were experts at keeping their faces blank.

And in came Romeo, in all his glory. But if you knew to look, you could see a hint of smug terror in his eyes. Yeah, he deserved this party. Shane casually folded the list into a neat rectangle and stuck it in his pocket as if he hadn't just been planning on going behind the man's back. "Yo, Scavenger."

"Yo, Romeo?"

"Mail for you." Gabriel tossed a couple of envelopes on Shane's lap on his way into the kitchen. "You got beer?"

"You're in uniform," Mitch pointed out, ever the stickler.

Gabriel simply lifted his hand, showing the gym bag he carried.

"I've got twelve hours before I have to report for maneuvers. Tessa's meeting me for dinner at Zappatos since it's halfway between here and our place," he said when he came back with his unopened beer. Just one, since Mitch and Shane were still in fatigues, too. "So I'm using your shower."

Flipping through the envelopes, Shane waved to indicate he do whatever he wanted.


"What?" Mitch leaned forward.

"A letter from home."

Knowing Shane's family situation, Mitch gave a sympathetic grimace.

Shane stared at the flowery handwriting on the pastel envelope for a second, then with a sigh, tore it open. After all, Sara wouldn't risk their mother's wrath by addressing a letter to an FPO unless there was a really good reason. And she usually took care to make the three-hour drive to Boise to mail her letter. But this one had a Little Lake postmark.

Affection, irritation and resignation all tangled together in his belly as Shane unfolded the paper. As he scanned his little sister's letter, his gut tightened.


"Huh?" He glanced at Mitch with a frown.

"The letter. What's wrong?"

They'd served together, been through too much together, for Shane not to answer.

"Drama. Sara's upset about the family rift. She wants me to come home for her birthday. Apparently she'll be miserable and her entire year ruined if I don't."

Shane frowned at Mitch's snicker.

"Go ahead, laugh. You're an only child. You have no idea what this means. I have five sisters. If one blames me for her misery, they all will."

"So? You're what? Eight hundred miles or so away. They don't even acknowledge you're here. And it'd take a hell of a lot for them to storm the base and get to you."

Shane didn't laugh because he could imagine them doing just that. Women were scary. His sisters scarier than most.

"Maybe I can volunteer for a mission. Something far, far away," he muttered.

"Or maybe you can take some of that leave you have built up and go home," Mitch suggested. "Watch your sister blow out the candles, keep her from being miserable, fix the mess with your mom."

Just the thought of it tightened his gut.

"I'm already working on an assignment," he said quickly.

"An assignment that's on hold for the next two weeks. Take a few days. Go home." Mitch waited a beat, then smiled. "Consider it an order."

"So, handsome… .wanna join the Mile High Club?"

Damning Mitch for making this an order, Shane peeled his eyes off the book he'd been trying to read. He didn't turn his head. He just slid a glance to his right in hopes that the whispered question hadn't been aimed at him.

But the big-haired blonde's hungry smile dashed those hopes all to hell. And in case he'd been too dim to catch a clue, she skimmed her fingers up his thigh, those lethal nails skimming uncomfortably close to his goods. He wanted to shift away. He really wanted to move her hand. But he'd been trained to never blink first.

Shane was a SEAL. He'd faced down terrorists, shot down enemy combatants and answered to cranky Admirals. He'd once jumped from a burning plane with a wounded soldier in his arms and a parachute on his back.

And he'd done it all with nerves of steel.

But faced with a predatory woman and he froze. He specialized in communications, but he was lousy at this kind of thing. He didn't have Romeo's flirting skills. Nor did he have the social ease that Mitch was known for. Added to that, women generally either hit on him or wanted to take care of him. Both of which always confused the hell out of him.

"I'm Kathy, by the way." The lush blonde gave a low growl when she leaned closer to press her ample breasts against Shane's arm. "Mmm, you have such an impressive body. I'll bet you work out a lot, don't you? I'd love to see more of those muscles…"

"Whoa." Shane clamped down on the hand that was about to test his muscle. "Sorry. I'm going to have to pass."

He hated turning women down. Even ones who looked as if they could send the plane into a tailspin during a Mile High bounce. But the thrill of being hit on for reasons that often baffled him had long since passed. The thrill of easy sex, easy women and easier times walking away had faded, too.

"Now why would you do that?" Kathy fluttered her lashes, giving him a wicked smile. "Don't you like adventures?"

Shane laughed. He couldn't help it.

"I live for adventures," he deadpanned, figuring there wasn't any point in telling her he'd scored his Mile High wings years ago, when he'd still been riding that thrill. She'd likely dare him to prove it. "I appreciate the offer, though."

As soon as the words were out, he mentally cringed. Appreciate the offer. As if she'd just suggested he take the window seat and enjoy the view. God, he was lousy at this stuff. Put him in uniform and he had no problem with communication. But when it came to witty repartee, clever conversation or easy dialogue with anyone he hadn't known for a while, he choked.

Shane didn't consider himself shy.

Shy was for girls and toddlers.

And it wasn't that he didn't know how to handle women. He was damned good when he put his hands on one. He was simply a quiet man who preferred to get the lay of the land, to get a feel for a person, before he opened up. A private man who believed fiercely in walking the talk. Since he didn't like people prying into his life, into his thoughts, he didn't ask questions. He figured if someone wanted to share, they would. Damned if most people didn't share way more than he could imagine anyone wanted to know about all sorts of things.

As if proving his point, Kathy the blonde took his refusal in good stride. Instead, she dived into a stream of chatter. Resigned, Shane tucked his book into the seat in front of him and gave her the semblance of his attention.

But he was only half listening. The rest of him was making the mental adjustment from his life in California and his job as a SEAL with its military mindset to dealing with whatever was waiting for him when he got off this plane.

Since she hadn't returned any of the messages he'd left, he didn't know if Sara told anyone he was coming home or not. Either way, it wasn't going to be pretty. All warning would do was give his mom time to stew.

It'd been rough enough when his dad had died in a skydiving accident when Shane was seven. He'd left behind a grieving wife, two sons and five daughters. Then in Shane's senior year of high school his brother, Mike, the oldest of the O'Brian siblings, had been killed in a drag racing accident.

Molly O'Brian was a strong woman. She was a loving mother. And she was the best cook in the world as far as Shane was concerned. But the loss of her husband and her oldest son had devastated her. She couldn't handle the idea of her second-to-youngest child, her only remaining son, living in danger.

And Shane couldn't set his dream aside. Not even for his mother. When he'd joined the navy right after graduation, she'd had a meltdown, but eventually, with all of his sisters persuading her, she'd dealt with it. If overcom-pensating by sending care packages that had to be delivered by forklift, insisting he call her every week he was in port and sending him job clippings from the local paper was dealing. But his joining the SEALs five years ago had been too much. This would make his third trip home since she'd issued the ultimatum that he choose between his career and his family.

By the time he'd shaken off the blonde, deplaned and made his way through the Boise Airport to baggage claim, he figured he should have argued harder with Mitch for a dangerous mission instead of this trip. Sara would have understood.


A few inches taller than most of the crowd, he easily saw his sister on the far end of the row of chairs. His height was always an advantage, but probably not necessary this time since Sara was jumping up and down.

Damn. A weight he hadn't even realized he'd been carrying lifted. There was a lightness in his chest, a sort of joy he barely recognized.

Then, because he apparently wasn't moving fast enough, Sara plowed through the crowd to throw her arms around him.

"You look so good. Oh man, I missed you," she gushed once she'd released the stranglehold enough to lean back and grin.

Shane grinned back.

Damn, his little sister had grown up pretty.

Although Sara was as blonde as all of the O'Brian sisters and Shane's hair was dark brown, nobody would mistake them as anything but siblings. From their bottle-green eyes to the squared chin, the O'Brian genes ran strong.

"Did you bring a suitcase?" she asked.

It took him a second before he remembered that yeah, he did have a suitcase. It was rare that Shane actually booked a flight. One of the perks of traveling as an active duty SEAL was flying free if he was willing to go standby.

"We'll grab it, then head back. I'm so excited you're here. It seems like forever, doesn't it?" Sara babbled, tucking her arm through his as they moved toward the baggage carousel. "Was it a safe flight? Easy? No turbulence?"

He wanted to say that he'd flown through lightning storms and dived out of a Seahawk into the raging ocean, so it was stupid to think he couldn't handle a few bumps on a commercial airline.

But he knew hearing that would freak her out, so he shrugged instead.

"It was a quick flight."

"Oh, Shane. I'm so, so happy to see you. You'll be here through next weekend, right?"

"I'm here for your birthday," he said. There was no point reminding her that his welcome was thin at best. Pushing the length of his visit past its purpose was pointless.

"But my birthday party is in two days. And on a Tuesday. Celebrating in the middle of the week is so lame. I want another party. A big one with dancing, music, fun. That means the weekend." She leaned her head against his arm and slanted him a look through her lashes. "You will be here to celebrate with me, won't you?"

Shane wanted to close his eyes against the beseeching look in her eyes. He was a SEAL, he reminded himself. SEALs didn't show weakness.

Nor did they have to keep reminding themselves of that. He scrubbed his hand over his hair. Damn, he wasn't even technically home yet and he was already acting like a dumbass.

"What did mom have to say about my visiting?" he asked instead of committing himself.

He didn't need to hear her response. Her face said it all. Downcast eyes, a pouty lip and flushed cheeks. Dammit.


"Don't be mad," she said, her words spilling out in a breathless rush. "It's going to be okay. I've got it all planned. I've got a place for you to stay until my birthday, then you'll pop in like the best present of my life. Mom will be so happy to see you that she won't have time to get upset."

He'd flown home. He'd met with his sister. He could pull a fifty out of his wallet, tell Sara it was her birthday gift and grab the next flight home. Technically, he'd followed orders. He could get away with it.

And—he looked at Sara—he couldn't do it. His family ties were tenuous at best. He couldn't break them with the only person in the family who didn't pretend he was a traveling salesman.

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A SEAL's Temptation (Harlequin Blaze Series #859) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
2kasmom More than 1 year ago
This is the 9th book in the Uniformly Hot SEAL's series. Can be read as a standalone novel, but for full understanding and reader enjoyment - please read in the order intended. Lark Sommers and Shane O'Brian meet when his sister calls him home for her birthday party. Instant attraction for both of them! Will they act on such a magnetic pull or fight it? Lark had moved to Idaho to help her dying mother take care of her shop. Now she does not have the funds to start over. Her dream of selling her art seems to be in the rear view mirror of her life. Shane has issues of his own. A family who does not acknowledge what he does for a living. Family angst that can kill a mood. Sisters who want to see him more. A demanding career that he loves. How to prioritize? Lark is a calming influence in his family and on his sister. When tragedy strikes - she comes first to Lark to know what to do. Lark cannot help but go with her to care for the one man she has started to fall for. Is it love or only temporary? This book is so rich in relationships and fun! I love this series and how each book connect to the last. I was fully involved and this story was a hard one to put down. ***This ARC copy was given by author and its publisher for review purposes only.
BottlesAndBooksReviewsJA More than 1 year ago
A SEAL's Temptation is book #9 in the Uniformly Hot! Series by Tawny Webber. Although a part of a series, A SEAL's Temptation can be read as a stand alone. In A SEAL's Temptation we get the story of Shane and Lark. Both from the same hometown, Shane and Lark meet when Shane goes home to help celebrate his sister's birthday he meets Lark, his sister's best friend. Lark is immediately off limits due to her connection to Shane's sister and yet both Shane and Lark find each other impossibly attracted to one another. Both are carrying baggage - Lark is grieving her mother's death while Shane has a strained relationship with his mother due to the fact she doesn't want him to be in the military. Can Lark accept the danger of being with a SEAL? A SEAL's Temptation is an engaging, quick and fun read. I really enjoyed the storyline and both Shane and Lark's characters. Tawny never fails to keep things not only interesting but HOT and succeeds at both yet again with A SEAL's Temptation. From the moment I began the book, I was intrigued. There were moments of pain and heartache but there was also love and laughter. I loved A SEAL's Temptation in it's entirety and hated to say goodbye to Shane and Lark after the last page was turned. I highly recommend this read and if you haven't read Tawny's previous books, pick them up too! You won't regret it! ;)
Pure_Jonel More than 1 year ago
Was a quick, sweet read! Weber had my attention from page one to the very end. The mix of Navy SEAL and a rather unique bakery had me from the get-go. The way that Weber developed her characters’ emotions definitely sealed the deal. The way that Shane catalogued everything, so natural to him, really build up his character for me. I loved Lark’s quirkiness, and her ever caring nature. These two were so fun to get to know. The way that Weber developed them in a real life manner was fantastic. Weber has created a light-hearted, light read that takes a real look at the lives and relationships of those in the military. And after Weber’s fantastic novel, we get a dose of Foster’s MMA world with HARD KNOCKS. This novella was an intriguing look at the live and relationship of a MMA fighter. There are scenes so hot that I swear there was steam rising from the pages. These scenes intermingle with down to earth, real life interactions between the characters. Foster definitely brings the rec centre & the world surrounding it to life. I love the way that Foster puts Gage’s inner turmoil and struggle to paper, not only does it give you a deeper sense of who he is but it also develops the story in an unmistakable way. I loved this intro into the fighters. She sets them up perfectly for the series. My biggest disappointment with this one? The fact that it wasn’t a full length novel. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a complete story in and of itself and I absolutely adored it, but I so loved these characters and I didn’t want to let them go. Foster definitely has me hooked on this series! Please note that I received a complimentary copy of this work in exchange for an honest review.
BooksAndSpoons More than 1 year ago
Holy hotness, what a sizzling, fun story! It has everything in it, that you could want from a romance with a hot SEAL! Shane is sexy, cute, a bit shy, and not big on talking. But when he finally opens up about his feelings - SWOON - he does it so eloquently!! I love him, he had surprising depth in him, and his road to understanding relationships and love was so adorable. And though he has a difficult relationship with his mom, he was willing to face it to make his sister happy. Lark put her own life on hold to take care of her dying mother. And now, taking care of her mother's Cafe. The insta-lust she and Shane have, is hot and entertaining. I loved those two together, in the short time they had, they had to face all the issues that comes with loving a SEAL, but they worked on it. Lark was so level-headed about it all, I could see why Shane fell so hard for her. The talks they have, those long, meaningful conversations, where a big plus, and so revealing, putting themselves out there to be vulnerable in each others eyes. Energetic, delightful, and spicy romance, in a midst of a family drama, SEAL brotherhood, aphrodisiac pastries, and pottery make it pure lively entertainment ~ Four Spoons
Peachey04 More than 1 year ago
A well written, incredibly sexy story about Navy SEALS finding love! The characters are intense and have wonderful chemistry. I couldn't put this book down until I knew if Shane and Lark worked thru the obstacles they had. I loved this story very much and recommend it. Gifted a copy for an honest review
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
A quick, steamy read! I really liked Shane as a hero--I loved his devotion to his job and to his team. Their camaraderie was fantastic, and definitely makes me want to read more from the series. He was very sweet with Lark--except when he was being decidedly not sweet, which was fun too ;) I admired his loyalty to his family, even when they were being over-the-top crazy about his career choice. (Which leads me to...what the heck kind of parent decides her only living son is dead to her when he won't quit the SEAL team he just earned his spot on when she demands it because his older brother has died in an accident? And what kind of sisters go along with the "Shane's career doesn't exist, and we're barely going to acknowledge that he does either" game plan? Craziness. At least Sara was semi-normal. Ish.) I liked Lark a lot--still grieving for her mom, she tried so hard to live up to her memory by keeping her coffee shop going, even though doing so meant that the job she loved, creating pottery, suffered as a result. She got a little wiggy at times herself, though--insisting she wasn't suffering from survivor's guilt when she had a textbook case, for example. Also, assuming that the guy she'd already admitted to herself she was in love with was buying a condo and wanted her to move across the country to live with him just so they could continue to have awesome sex, with no real relationship otherwise? Kinda crazy. Still, though--she pulls it together in the end and loses at least 95% of her looniness, redeeming herself. ;) Together they were an adorable couple, even if they both tended toward cluelessness at times. And they broke Lark's dry spell quite nicely, thankyouverymuch. Everything was fixed up nicely and neatly in the end, if a bit abruptly--I still thought I had 7% of story left, but it ended up being an excerpt for another book. Still, this was an enjoyable read to wrap up the summer with. Rating: 3 1/2 stars / B+ I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
A matchmaking sister throws together an unhappy woman and sexy as sin Seal you know sparks are going to fly. Lark is in a rut. She's doing what she believes is right and continuing her mother's dream, but at the expense of hers. Shane has a lot of family issues especially with his mom over his career choice. No one really gets him, but he's shocked when Lark does. Guilt is a powerful emotion that can bring someone down, but can Lark realize it what is truly going on before she loses the best thing to come into her life? The chemistry between these two is hot and they have instant lust for one another. But do they have what it takes to make it for the long haul?
lorireadsld More than 1 year ago
Lark is working in her Mother's bakery taking it over after her passes away. She has no love interest and is trying to adjust to the changes in her life. Her friend Sara decides to get Lark and her Brother Shane together. She is hoping that doing this would get Shane to come home more often. Shane is still dealing with the loss of his Father and Brother and his Mother hates that he is a Seal so he does not visit home often. You will love how Lark and Shane manage to help each heal and find the love that they are both looking for. I loved this book.
Liberty_Ann_Ireland More than 1 year ago
Review: Family. So often, it all comes down to family in one way or another. For those who have been following this series, this is Lark and Shane's story and family most certainly played a big role here. If you haven't, I wouldn't worry because the books work just fine as stand-alone stories as well. Regardless of what brought you here - Family or SEALs or the Series itself, you won't be disappointed. Tawny Weber is the Master Blaster of authors when it comes to writing poignant yet hot, steamy novels where the SEALs are sexy but Family comes first. The story-line consists of Lark having returned home to BFE Idaho to care for her Mom then run her Mother's Coffee shop for her until she died. Even though that time has passed and her talent is that of an artist, Lark stays on. Enter Lark's friend Sara and her sexy brother Shane, the SEAL who, strangely enough, is estranged from his family because of his career choice. Again, both are places you can see where family plays a huge part in this story. The chemistry and electricity between Lark and Shane literally almost arcs from the pages. Tawny Weber really knows how to bring heat for her characters! Will Lark and Shane be able to work past their differences and the pain from their pasts to heal together? I don’t know. Guess you will have to read the book. *snicker* As with all of the other SEAL books, Tawny makes connections with characters from past books, but this book was more focused literally on Lark and Shane and page less time for the other SEAL Team members. I’m sure she’ll make it up to us. *grin* Do I think you should read A SEAL's Temptation? In a New York Minute. Rating: 5 Stars Heat: 3/5 - Blush Worthy I received this book in exchange for my open and honest review. No further compensation was received. © Creatista | Dreamstime.com - Astonished Lady With Red Mug Photo
KimberlyDawn55 More than 1 year ago
Sara loves her brother and her best friend. So she convinces Shane to come visit her for her birthday. Shane does not like to visit his hometown, but he does it for his sister. Lark, running her deceased mother's coffee shop, has an instant attraction to Shane. After a few nights together, he leaves. Is that all there is? Can they get past all of their issues and find true love? A must-read!
WendyAK More than 1 year ago
*Received from the author for the purpose of an HONEST review. Getting the book from the author does NOT influence my review in any way.* *Review will be crossposted to www.MyBookAddictionandMore.com* I want to start out saying while A SEAL's Tempation is connected to other books, as part of a series, it does fine as a stand alone story. You will want to learn more about secondary characters but you will not be lost or find yourself thrown into an ongoing storyline without important details. This story's focus is Lark and Shane. I found the whole community to be funny but must say I fell in love with Lark and Shane. The story is engaging and fun. Watching them fall in love keeps you quickly turning pages, add in the quirky secondary character and you are sure to be smiling. As this is Blaze story there is heat to keep things interesting. A SEAL'S TEMPTATION is a quick, fun, satisfying read that will leave you eager to read more from Tawny Weber. I'd highly recommend this story to fans of SEALs, fans of the Blaze line, and anyone who wants a quick, easy read that will leave them smiling and eager for more!
Kindle_Reader More than 1 year ago
Shane and Lark's Story I really enjoyed this book. Both of the main characters have experienced the tragic loss of loved ones and it has changed the courses of their lives. For Lark it was her mother and for Shane it was his dad and older brother. Because of the changes neither are truly happy with their lives. Lark's best friend Sara decides to help Lark by finding her a "hot man" and she knows just the man, her brother Shane. She arranged for the two to meet. Try hit it off with a bang. Unfortunately they both make mistakes and the outcome is not a guarantee. I think that is one of my favorite things about Tawny's writing. I never figure out how it will end. This was a very enjoyable to read. The characters were interesting and acted like we all do. It was very relatable. It also goes without saying that the story has some very steamy scenes. Grab your copy and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! The story has laughs, steam, secrets, pain, and heartbreak. This is Lark and Shane’s story. Shane does not like going to his hometown. His mother does not want him being a SEAL so she is mad at him and the relationship is strained. When his sister asks him to come back and visit for her birthday he agrees. While at visiting he meets Lark. The attraction is instant but she is his sister’s best friend so she is off limits. Lark is in his hometown as her mother has a café there. When her mother passed away Lark stayed on and took over the café. Problem is Lark is an artist and she is stuck making coffee. After a few nights with Shane he leaves town. Leaving Lark with a few memories and a note. When she does not hear from him for a while she figures he moved on. Will they get a second chance at being together or was a fling all Shane wanted? I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.
samanthajayne13 More than 1 year ago
Just loved reading Lark's and Shane's story! The chemistry between the two of them is hot!
JuliaAD More than 1 year ago
Lark gave up what she loved to help her mother. Her mother died and Lark felt obligated to keep her mother's coffee shop open. She made good friends, but it isn't where she wants to be. Shane is a SEAL. His mother refuses to acknowledge that. She just pretends that he doesn't have a dangerous job. That is why Shane rarely comes home to visit. He comes home for his sister's birthday (he has 5 sisters) and meets Lark. Instant attraction.
Guitarmomma19 More than 1 year ago
I have loved all of the SEAL's stories, but I do believe this is my favorite one yet. The chemistry between Lark and Shane is just wow!! They really grabbed me and drew me into their emotions and heartache. Love them! Lark is a strong woman who gave up a very successful career as a pottery sculptor to take care of her sick mother. When she died, Lark is caught up trying to keep her mother's memory and dream alive running the coffee shop and giving up her own dreams. Shane is proud of his job. Even if his family refuses to accept what he does. So he just doesn't come home much anymore. But once he meets his sister's best friend Lark things get much more complicated. When he's hurt in a mission and she shows up to be there with him, all bets are off.  Will she wants to be with a military man for good? Does he just want her for a while until they burn out?
onlyminordetails More than 1 year ago
My Thoughts: The Uniformly Hot series is amazing! Every single book I pick up from it always brings a smile to my face and a blush to my cheeks. Lark and Shane's story starts off with the sexual tension through the roof. Since Shane is Lark's friend Sara's brother, he's not the kind of guy to fool around with. They resist as long as humanly possible, but one night it becomes clear that it's no longer an option. Shane has some family issues, especially with his mother. Just as his mother is about to reach out to him, he bolts back to the SEALs. During a mission, Shane is hurt and Lark joins Sara to go see him in the hospital. From then on Lark and Shane have to decide what they really want in the end. A SEAL's Temptation is a wonderful addition to the series. Tawny Weber always creates such unique characters with just the right amount of flaws and enough strength to make it through. The relationship that developed between Shane and Lark happened just right--they helped each other in their own way and they cared deeply. And the steam? Get ready to fan yourself! Definitely interested in any and every book possible in this series. My Rating: Very Good
weluvdopey More than 1 year ago
Great Series! This is a great series; this is the ninth book in the Uniformly Hot Seals series by Tawny Weber. This book can be read as a standalone since each book is a different couple’s story. Lark Sommers has recently taken over her deceased mother’s coffee shop in Idaho which has put her career on hold. Her friends decide that Lark needs to meet a man to occupy some of her time but Lark says no way. Shane O’Brian is a Navy Seal and hasn’t been home in years, since his family doesn’t like that fact that he is a Seal. When his sister calls and tells him she wants him to come home for her birthday, he can’t tell her no. He has no idea that his sister is trying to set him up with Lark. The more time that he and Lark spend together, they can’t deny the attraction. This is such a great love story, which will have you reading until the end. I can’t wait until the next book in this series comes out. I love Tawny’s sexy Seals! A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review. The free book held no determination on my personal review.
Bette313 More than 1 year ago
Another fun, sexy story from Tawny Weber and of course another hot SEAL to drool over! This is Shane and Lark's story and it is fantastic. I thought Shane was amazing (really what's not to like...hot SEAL, remember?) but Lark took a bit to really like. But as the story progressed and we got to know her, I loved her strength, loyalty, and determination. They ended up being one of my favorite couples of the series. If you have read any of the previous Uniformly Hot SEAL's stories...why not??...no worries, each book is easily read stand alone. I definitely recommend this one!