A Secret Path to Freedom

A Secret Path to Freedom

by Jayne Chilkes


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"In this book I offer you some transformative pearls of wisdom and insights that have been channelled through me like a sparkling effervescent stream. This exciting unique information teaches and activates us to grow and absorb the brand new Higher Frequencies of Love for a New Earth Paradigm that come directly from the Source and beautiful Mastered Souls." With Much Love, Light and Blessings, Jayne Chilkes
A Secret Path to Freedom holds keys to our Ascension, Spiritual Growth, and how to live on a New Earth. It contains many life-changing Activations, Wisdom, and Ascension Light Codes, which are channelled directly from magnificent Solar Lords, Ascended Masters, Kryon, Qwan Yin, DNA Angels and the Source. These significant inspirational words have been received through Jayne for many years, allowing us to remember our Divine Blueprint, and to embrace a Healthy, Joyful, Fulfilled, and Peaceful Life.
In each chapter of this book, you will be taken on a journey of ascending steps and powerful illuminating words of Divine Love. This channelled guidance is offered in deep humility, awe and gratitude to the Universe and its Divine Wisdom. This amazing information has brought a new understanding of how to traverse and entrain more consistently the New Earth and Ascension Frequencies
We have been given new tools through hundreds of these channellings to expand our awareness. This in turn, opens our latent talents and gifts, and begins to sow seeds of a wave of magnified love for the New Earth way of living, which is to be celebrated for the next 2000 years.
"Jayne is impeccable in maintaining a clear channel for spirit. These Activations are loving, uplifting and empowering, always coming at just the right time!" MU, Hawaii
"I have had the honor to participate in these amazing healings and Activations and I am forever changed. I have been humbled to be a part of this magnificent experience. I am so grateful to Jayne and the Angels and Higher Beings." CC, Georgia

Jayne has been involved in the Healing Arts for over thirty three years. She currently lives in the USA with her husband. Her main goal is to share Peace, Love, Wisdom, New Earth and Ascension information that she has received and channeled from the Masters, with All.

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