A Secret to the Grave (Detective Parker Bell, #1)

A Secret to the Grave (Detective Parker Bell, #1)

by Jane Blythe

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BN ID: 2940155607656
Publisher: Jane Blythe
Publication date: 05/25/2018
Series: Detective Parker Bell , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 41,127
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A Secret to the Grave 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
SherryF More than 1 year ago
Beware! Once I started, I couldn’t stop and I recommend locking your doors and turning off your phone before beginning. Just looking at the cover for A Secret to the Grave has chills running up and down my spine, as I rub by hands together with glee, eager to dive into another series by Jane Blythe. Detective Parker Bell and his friend and partner, Detective Skylar Wyatt are on the case and it will not be easy to unravel the who, what and why. The kidnapper has taken his first victim and left rules to the game he wants to play. Follow the clues and save some faceless women and Jane will die. Do nothing, let the women die, and Jane will live. What do you think? The first brutal, savage, grotesque murder creates a sense of urgency for all of them…and me. Parker struggles with his past, nightmares making sleep something to be avoided, but nine women’s lives are at stake and they are counting on him and his cohorts to save them. So, buck up. The clock is ticking… I can hardly wait to see where Jane Blythe will take me to next. I want dark, gritty, truly terrifying suspense and death and there is no short supply of it here. Jane Blythe kept me guessing the why of it. I love that. The women are geniuses that have their own nightmares and I keep wondering why they don’t fight back. No matter what the maniac does to them, the women keep the secret he so desperately wants to know. Why are they willing to go peacefully (?) into that good night? They are damaged goods and I wonder, how far will they let this go before someone decides enough is enough. I love the twists and turns Jane has created. I am curious…so very curious about the secret, the real mystery. I sure do hope curiosity doesn’t get this cat. LOL Romance? Oh yeah…and she fights it every step of the way. Both Parker and Tessa had a hard life and remain aloof in the love department, though they have cherished friends. The fire alarm went off at the police station, my heart began to beat faster. A shot rings out…Oh, please, please, please, don’t let it be her. The slow, agonizing suspense in this riveting, action packed thriller made ME want to go after HIM myself. I wanted to scream at Parker, HURRY, HURRY!!!!! I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of A Secret to the Grave by Jane Blythe.
CommonBookSense More than 1 year ago
One word, to describe A Secret to the Grave, would be exhilarating. Seriously, this book kept me on the edge of my seat for the entire ride. I found myself making predictions, (and doing some serious assuming) as I turned the pages, but in the end I was left virtually speechless. Jane Blythe managed to stay a step ahead of her readers, by creating a thriller that was anything but a boring read....and as of date, there are currently four more books in the Detective Parker Bell series. Needless to say I'm far from done with this author, or this series. You can find this review (along with many more) on the CommonBookSense blog. Check it out! commonbooksense.blogger.com
booklover- More than 1 year ago
To take a secret to the grave ... keeping that secret until you are dead and buried ... how many people, I wonder, could actually do that. And what kind of secret would it have to be? Ten college girls made a promise to take their secret to the grave ... no matter what. And now that secret has come back to haunt them. Detective Bell has been called to investigate the abduction of a young woman. The only thing left behind is a list of riddles that point to other women he plans to kill if the cops don't get to them first. He promises to kill a woman every two days. During his investigation, along with his partner, Wyatt, he meets Tessa Micah, a potential victim and a woman that pulls on his heartstrings. Unfortunately she's hiding something ... a secret that she can not or will not share with him. Who will die .. and who will survive? This was an interesting take on a serial killer. He's manipulative, he's unforgiving, and he wants Tessa at any cost. And he's kept 10 women silent for many years. Parker has issues, as has Tessa. Parker is returning to work after killing a 14-year-old girl who threatened to kill him and her baby. He's still having nightmares. Tessa has had an awful life. It's as though everyone she has known has abandoned her at one time or another .. all except her college friends. They will all die for each other ... literally. Although you learn about some of the secret about 2/3 of the way into the book, there is one secret not yet solved. A small cliffhanger to be continued in the second of this series ... WINTER WONDERLAND. This was a new author to me, but one I will have no problem following. Many thanks to the author / Bear Spots Publications / NetGalley who provided a digital copy in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Trudi LoPreto for Readers' Favorite Mystery, intrigue, suspense, and excitement - all this and much more await you in A Secret to the Grave (Detective Parker Bell) (Volume 1). Ten girls hold a secret from their youth that has come back ten years later to threaten them and possibly cause their deaths. Tessa is now and has always been the leader of the group, holding herself responsible for each one of the girls. A madman has returned from the past. Detective Bell is assigned the case of the disappearance and/or murder of the girls. Tessa remains as the main target and the answer to all of the questions, but she refuses to cooperate with the police. She would rather face the consequences and end the murder and mayhem her own way. There are many twists and turns as we meet each of the characters and learn who they are and why they do what they do. If I tell you much more I will be revealing too much of the story and it is one that you must read and enjoy for yourself. Jane Blythe has written a murder mystery that has all of the elements needed to keep you turning the pages, never being sure of just where it all will end. A Secret to the Grave is a must-read for all mystery fans. Tessa and Detective Bell have a unique relationship; each sharing an unhappy childhood and still trying to make it right. The interaction between the characters is what makes this story more than just the standard mystery murder plot, but an excellent character study as well. I urge you to read this book because you will quickly become a fan of Jane Blythe and anxiously be awaiting Volume 2.
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Jack Magnus for Readers' Favorite A Secret to the Grave: The Detective Parker Bell Series, Volume 1 is a police procedural mystery novel written by Jane Blythe. Detectives Parker Bell and Skylar Wyatt knew right away that the abduction of Janice Peters, a 25-year-old woman from her apartment the night before was the work of a sick and twisted perpetrator. The elderly neighbor and friend of the victim was badly shaken after he let himself into her apartment and saw the signs of a struggle, but even more chilling was the note listing nine clues that would take the detectives to the nine women who were to be the next victims. Written in the victim’s handwriting was the message that every two days the perpetrator would kill one of those nine women. If the police manage to save any of them, Janice Peters would die. The clues were obscure and offered little help in resolving their identities and, all too soon, the dismembered body of first of the nine, a primary schoolteacher named Tiffany Poppy, was found hanging in an office building. Jane Blythe's police procedural mystery, A Secret to the Grave: The Detective Parker Bell Series, Volume 1 is an absorbing and suspenseful psychological thriller that had me thoroughly immersed in the plot and busily looking for clues from the very first page. Bell and Wyatt's long-standing friendship and brotherhood of sorts stands them in good stead as partners, and I enjoyed watching as each detective's thought processes seemed to complement the other's. Blythe's plot is inspired and thought-provoking, and her killer, his victims and the police personnel involved in the case all have complex and intriguing personalities - especially Detective Parker Bell and Tessa Micah, the one prospective victim who seems to have some special influence with the killer, and who definitely has some secrets she is keeping carefully hidden. A Secret to the Grave is filled with tantalizing clues and opportunities for the careful reader to tease out what will happen next, and it's an outstanding and entertaining mystery story. A Secret to the Grave: The Detective Parker Bell Series, Volume 1 is most highly recommended.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite What is the secret that ten women are willing to take to the grave, even if it means their lives? A Secret to the Grave (Detective Parker Bell) Volume 1 by Jane Blythe is a murder mystery that has suspense at every turn. Detective Parker and his partner, Detective Wyatt, are on the hunt for the serial killer that left a mysterious note. Here is the teaser: "My name is Janice Peters. The man who has taken me will keep me alive for twenty days. If you don’t find me within this time he will kill me. Here are nine clues. Each one represents one woman. The man who has taken me will kill one of these women every two days unless you can solve the clues and find them in time." The emotion is so deep that the serial killer is willing to keep his word that, unless the riddles are solved, one woman will die every two days. For each woman, is the emotional impact of the secret pact so strong that they are all willing to die for it? Will Detectives Parker and Wyatt be able to solve each murder in time to save all ten women? Read A Secret to the Grave (Detective Parker Bell) Volume 1 by Jane Blythe and find out. I was enthralled by reading A Secret to the Grave because it was like watching Along Came A Spider or Alex Cross - you can’t tell what will happen next, but the above-mentioned teaser reeled me in for the final catch. The suspense was killing me because I was curious about who these women were, what did they do, and why was the focus on killing these ten girls who are now adults so important after so many years? I appreciated the flow of A Secret to the Grave and am looking forward to the movie soon.