A Selection of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

A Selection of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales


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Written between 1387 and 1400, Chaucer's Tales of Canterbury is set on a journey made by thirty-one pilgrims (including Chaucer himself and the Host, Harry Bailey) as they travel from Southwark in London to Thomas Becket's shrine at Canterbury. There, in return for the prize of a free dinner, the pilgrims each agreed to participate in a story-telling contest to help make their long journey more enjoyable.
This volume contains six of Chaucer's most popular narratives; the General Prologue, the Miller's Tale, the Pardoner's Tale, the Wife of Bath's Tale, the Friar's Tale and the Nun's Priest's Tale. All of these are complete and unabridged with numbered lines.
The side-by-side modern English translation contained in this book is based upon a literal, word-for-word approach. Here, readers will find each 'translated' line is placed directly opposite its original Middle English counterpart. This has the key benefit that unfamiliar words can be checked immediately - thereby making the present edition particularly useful for those who are new to Middle English. Unfortunately, there are instances when this word-for-word approach might not improve a novice reader's understanding. In these situations, an explanatory word or phrase has been added to the original text. However, these additions are clearly separated from the original text by square brackets [ ]. Furthermore, in the interests of propriety, any offensive references to female genitalia have not been translated directly. Instead, they have been translated into much more acceptable, indirect terms.

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ISBN-13: 9781538096499
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Publication date: 09/07/2018
Pages: 352
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The translator was educated at St Chad’s College Durham, Warwick, Exeter and De Montfort universities. Formerly, he was both a Hardwicke and Sir Thomas More scholar of Lincoln’s Inn, London. His publications include works on English law and literature.

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