A Shade of Midnight

A Shade of Midnight

by Renee George

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A Shade of Midnight by Renee George

Secrets from the past never stay in the past...or do they? A Shade of Midnight is a thrilling paranormal mystery that will have you turning the pages from beginning to end. Book 4 of the Midnight Shifters series by USA Today bestselling paranormal romance author Renee George is sure to be a favorite addition to your paranormal romance library.

"I've always found a 9MM to be an excellent problem solver." Mina Vail

Empath Mina Vail spent the last two years trying to forget her time as an assassin for Caledon's ex-king and move on with her life in the human world. Now she runs a security business that doesn't involve killing anyone (most of the time), she has good friends she can count on, and she keeps her relationships easy and carefree. But when her lover is accused of murdering a co-worker, and her ex is the investigating cop, Mina is forced to face her dark past...and her growing feelings for two very different men.

Gav Doyle, a cop and a werelion, wants to pair bond with Mina, but while she likes a man who can make her roar, she isn't interested in a lifetime commitment. Eric Bishop, a new partner in a large architect firm and a half incubus, thinks Mina is the cure for his insatiable appetites.

When Mina, Gav, and Eric attempt to track the real killer, they end up in the crosshairs between Queen Benoica and the rebel faction who want her off the throne at any price. With the lives of her two loves on the line, will Mina be forced out of the light of her new life and back into the shade of her past?

This paranormal romantic suspense contains a menage, scorching M/F/M scenes, shifters, and paranormal creatures. A Shade of Midnight is not intended for readers under the age of 18.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781944003135
Publisher: Book Boutiques
Publication date: 01/31/2016
Series: Midnight Shifters , #4
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 160
Sales rank: 214,741
File size: 978 KB

About the Author

Renee George is a USA Today bestselling author of urban fantasy, paranormal romance, erotic romance, contemporary romance, and romantic comedies that highlight varying themes including traditional, ménage, gay and bisexual relationships. A published author since 2005, she has written and published over 30 books in the past decade. Accolades include: EcataRomance Award for Best Paranormal Erotic Romance and Best Gay Erotic Romance and a Literary Nymph Blush Award for Best Paranormal Romance.

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A Shade of Midnight 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
kimIA More than 1 year ago
I love a story with strong characters and this one has them. The mix of paranormal types is awesome. This book has some I would never have thought of. You get sexy scenes, killings, cops and humor what more could you ask for. The plot was good and kept you wondering what would happen nest. Great read!!
pammyl More than 1 year ago
This story is spicy and boiling hot. This ends up being a 3 some mating story so if that's not your thing you know it now and can stop reading the review. Everyone still interested here it goes lol Mina vail is an empath and works for the artemis protect services and has a problem with commitments her last boyfriend wanted forever and with her past she doesn't do forever. Her exboyfriend Gav Doyle just happens to be a lion shifter cop and he lives next door. One night her best friend calls up and asked her for a favor. Her brother needed a date. When he picks her up she knows two thing, her friends little brother (Eric) growup hot and he is atleast part incubus but she determined not to sleep with her best friend little bro and goes with him to a business party. At this party he is accused of murder. And guess who is the detective on the murder scene? Her ex, yea things don't go real smoothly until Mina is in danger. Great mystery, I love the action and characters. The hotness was boiling. I would like to read more story's about them so yes I would recommend it. Book given for an honest review and I honestly loved it.
JudyLewis More than 1 year ago
CAPTIVATING AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING! Renee George has dazzled us readers yet again with another fabulous release in her tantalizing Midnight Shifters series and BUTTONS OVER BISCUITS - it's a real firecracker! I've been a huge Renee George fan for several years, actually since reading The Lion Kings Series (another spectacular series by the way) and I now eagerly await each new release. And George never disappoints. A Shade of Midnight is the fourth title in her Midnight Shifters world and it totally rocks! The story is original, well crafted, action packed, exciting, riveting, enticing, romantic, seductive and steamy. Whew! That's a mouthful, but yes, it is all that! The narrative is exceptionally well written in the third person with multiple points of view. The dialog is smart, well executed and flows effortlessly. The characters are imaginative, captivating, engaging, intriguing, sexy as sin and utterly irresistible. The story and plot draw you in but it's the characters that grab your attention, capture your heart and hold you prisoner from beginning to end. If you love fantasy, suspense, action, a few unexpected plot twists, paranormal romance and some good old fashioned steamy sex, then this is the book for you. Former Other Worlder assassin and Caledon warden, Semina Vail, has moved to a new city and changed occupations in an effort to escape the memories of her dark past. Mina is now a private investigator and half owner in her own private security agency in Kansas City. Unfortunately, it seems she didn't move far enough. Apparently the bad guys didn't get the memo because all it took was one lousy, little week to completely destroy the new life she's fought so hard to build and is now thrust right back into a past she never wanted to revisit. The rebel group, Children of Caledon, are running amok in her city and the bodies are quickly piling up. To make matters even worse, she's still having commitment issues and her sexy, cop ex-lover and still across-the-hall neighbor, lion shifter Gavriil Doyle, is making her life even more pleasurable....um...I mean miserable. Mina's already been down that road with former husband Trace Caulder and doesn't intend to ever make that mistake again. But she can't seem to stop thinking about him and his sexy body, even when she's being seduced by her BFF's irresistible baby brother, Eric Bishop. Yikes! No really, he's actually irresistible - he's an Incubus! Huh? And like Gav, Eric also has his sights set on the beautiful Mina Vail! Yep, you read that right and he not only wants Mina, he needs Mina to satisfy his sexual...uh...,shall we say, problems. Oh my! Let the mayhem begin! Who will Mina choose??? Well, maybe she won't have to choose either! Yowza! No spoilers from me but I will say this....Beautiful, independent empath trying to overcome her past and make a fresh start-check! Handsome lion shifter cop whose lion is set on having Mina as his mate-check! Totally irresistible wealthy businessman and also incubus determined to have Mina for himself-check! A cast of wonderful characters-check! Danger, drama, suspense, murder, malevolent enemies with a deadly agenda and legends from ancient lore-check! Heated attraction, fiery passion, sweet, sassy romance and dreamy sex-yeah baby! And even a generous measure of humor-you bet! I love it! Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!
Cherri-Anne More than 1 year ago
I am a lucky, lucky girl. 5 GOLD STARS Sometimes fate is its own reward. LION, MINA & INCUBUS OH WOW! OHWOWOHWOW OH WOW INDEED!! Whew!! Does Renee ever know how to grab - and keep! - my attention! With two gorgeous men vying for Mina's heart & future, this is one TRITASTIC story with more than enough heat to melt my tablet! What makes it even more scorching is that the characters are just as amazing inside as they are on the outside. With Renee's natural & exceptional gift, this ROARSOME book comes to life with its apt descriptions and well developed characters. Add in the mysteries, humor, connections, friends, lovers, family, shocking moments and truths, as well as the HOT scenes, and you get one RENEELICIOUS book that you CANNOT put down! I even cried at the ending, not because it was happy or sad, but because I found my two most hated words there - THE END!! Okay, I cried a couple of other times too and that WAS because it was happy or sad! ;) I have to mention this on its own, quite simply because... I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the humor, sass, innuendos, teasing, etc.! How can you not with lines like this “Hello. You’ve woken Mina Vail. Be afraid. Be very afraid.” It is exactly me & my sense of humor, so I was grinning, giggling & outright laughing often! Of course, with any Renee George book, you know there is more going on than 'just' a hot & funny book! One of my favorite aspects to a series is how a main story arc, or even multiple storylines, can play out over a longer time period, involving numerous characters all while weaving in & around smaller, more personal story lines that are book specific. I also love visiting with and getting caught up with my bookfriends lives since I last saw them. Renee has not only done just that with her Midnight Shifters series, but she has done it so beautifully, so PAWFECTLY, so expertly and so SHIFTACULARLY I can't help but squeal like the Renee George fangirl that I am every time there is a new book! ANY book! I also cannot wait to start reading and be transported into another world where OWs exist, and triads are more than just a great possibility! wink I LOVE how Renee keeps this series going, with each book adding to the SHIFTASTIC beginning, building, expanding, exploring this new world and taking it to new heights of enjoyment each and every single time. No matter the length - of the story, people! - no matter the cast of characters or the story plot, Renee creates one FURNOMENAL story each & every time! I love how I immediately become one with the story, lost in its pages, experiencing, living & accompanying the characters on their journey both with and AS them! Renee is so phenomenally talented, that I can’t help but come to the conclusion that she is in fact an Other Worlder!! Maybe a HP or a hidden? (OOOPS! I guess not now! Sorry Renee! I didn’t mean to “out” you!) She is aces at balancing all of the numerous aspects to create the PERFECT story each and every. single. time!! Of course, this also means that no matter how many times I read one of her books, I am as mesmerized and consumed as I was the very first time I read it! All in all – Renee is one astronomically talented and genuinely gifted author and YOU GOTTA READ THIS!!
AnyTime_ReaderSF More than 1 year ago
I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Renee George. This is book 4 from the Midnight Shifters series by the author. Mina Vail is trying to get her life back on track after being an assassin and now she runs a security firm. Gavriil Doyle is a homicide cop and Mina's ex lover. Eric Bishop is the little brother to Mina's best friend, Charlie and a new partner in a technology company. When Eric is accused of murder Mina, Eric and Gav try to find the real killer and stay in 1 piece at the same time. Tension and passion raise up between the 3 and now they need to keep their heads about them to help solve this case.
cherigCG More than 1 year ago
Mina has taken a human job...no more an OW (other worlder) enforcer she has her own security business and all is going... well...if you don't count her uncontrollable desire for her ex the detective next door, oh yeah he's a lion shifter. Their relationship won't work because he wants a pair bond...not happening. Sex great, marriage and kids--No. Then her best friend asks her to be a date at a work function with her little "pimply faced" brother. Only Eric is all grown up and a sexy as heck-- part incubus who let's off pheromones no woman (and some men) can ignore, including Mina. Now she has two guys she can't resist and refuses to commit to either. Oh let's not forget the local police are after one of them and HER AUNT WANTS TO SACRIFICE her. She may have existed her OW connection, but it seems they aren't done with her. How will she deal with two irresistible guys? Or Local crime? Or OW threats, the steam, action, steam, unexpected help, reactions from her lovers, steam, life or death choices? There is plenty going on in this book. Returning to the Midnight series, The Shade of Night, is a page-turner-till-you-finish-it keeper. I was provided an ARC for an honest review.
aries_sword More than 1 year ago
A SHADE OF MIDNIGHT-MIDNIGHT SHIFTERS BOOK 4-A MOST ENTHRALLING SUSPENSEFUL ROMANTIC STORY... . This story focuses on; MINA VAIL, a sexy, drop dead gorgeous Empath who runs a security business; GAV DOYLE, a heart-stirring, blue-eyed powerful lion-shifter and Detective; ERIC BISHOP, a traffic-stopper, charismatic, green-eyed half human/half incubus, and brother to her best friend. What you’ll find in this story; a full cast of remarkably impressive and engaging characters, spectacular story-line, picturesque and magnificent vivid scene descriptions, phenomenal banter, camaraderie, gripping suspense, emotions spiral, pent-up rage, lots of action, gut-wrenching moments, horrific danger, life threatening incidents, earth-shattering toe-curling sensual romance, and a melt your heart conclusion leaving you wanting more. Mina is on overload as craziness has entered her once calm life; she went to a black-tie affair with her best friend’s brother, which has her now investigating a murder, and he is the prime suspect. Her ex-lover maybe; is the lead detective investigating the crime, and is treating her coldly sometimes. Her desires for Gav and Eric have her in quite a precarious situation since permanent relationships have her running scared, and how could she choose between the two anyway? Each step she takes in her investigation has her coming closer to the horrific danger that lurks in the shadows. WOW/SPECTACULAR fast paced well written ingenious read by a truly gifted author. I relished this story as it was a most priceless exhilarating read. The thrilling suspense, intriguing twists, and astonishing plot keep you glued to the story from beginning to end. The characters come alive with the fantastic dialogue, and breathtaking scene descriptions. The romance sets the pages ablaze and is filled with undying adoration. You can’t help but fall in love and cheer for the awesome characters in this story. If you treasure fantasy romance with action, an intriguing plot, and engaging characters this is a terrific book for your library. {I received a copy of this book for a completely honest review}. In the world of fantasy romance the possibilities are endless and always fascinating. Without reservation I recommend this book.