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Shaman's Tale: Path to Spirit Consciousness

Shaman's Tale: Path to Spirit Consciousness

by Richard L Alaniz


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A Shaman’s Tale is the autobiographical narrative about one man’s journey to spiritual awareness. This journey is not a religious or political one, but one that transcends dimension, space, and time. Through his experience as a shaman and his encounters with the paranormal, Richard Alaniz explains how paranormal experiences may bring awareness to the spirit world in a way that serves individuals who are in search of higher consciousness.

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ISBN-13: 9781611250190
Publisher: Wiese, Michael Productions
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Richard Alaniz received his B.A. degree in psychology from California State University Long Beach and has more than twenty-five years of training in indigenous shamanic practices. He has lectured at various universities in Southern California on Indigenous Spiritual Healing Practices. When not lecturing, he is a writer/researcher, meditation teacher, and a spiritual counselor, incorporating modern psychological theories and indigenous shamanic principles. Through Mr. Alaniz’s sixteen-year practice as a spiritual counselor he developed a new paradigm in approaching psychology which he calls Psychospiritual Psychology. This new approach to therapy involves the process of spirit consciousness to aid clients to awareness of what he calls the “Spirit-self” in order to bring about a positive outcome within the counseling process. Mr. Alaniz has earned the title of Punong Guro (Principal Master) of Balík Kali Silat Martial Arts. With his comprehensive knowledge he developed Balík Meditation as a means to guide participants to spiritual consciousness and psychological wellness.

Table of Contents

PSYCHOLOGY: Path of Personal Discovery
1. Spirit Manifestation – First Glimpse of Light / The Awakening
2. The Five Ways of Knowing – Exploring perception and interpretation
3. Induced Knowledge – How the Wisdom arrives
4. Psychospiritual Psychology – Introduction to an applied theory
PART II — KARMONIC EXPERIENCE: Personal Life Plan for Spiritual Consciousness
5. Karmonic Experience – Life Plan / How the Wisdom arrives
6. Don Pablo Alvarez – Wise Helper along the Path
7. Spiritual Webbing – Instantaneous
interconnectivity with others
8. Spirit Riders of the Wind – Ancestral Spirit Helpers
9. Where is God During War
10. X-Ops – A heightened experience with the Paranormal
11. Religion vs. Spirituality
12. Ghosts, Angels, & Spirits
13. Innocent Spirits
14. Sleep Paralysis
PART IV — FEAR vs. LOVE: The only real decision you’ll ever need to make
15. Discovering Love
16. The Power of Thought
17. Awakening Through the Gap
18. Tipping Point to Awareness

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