A Shepherd's Responsibilities in Pastoral Ministry

A Shepherd's Responsibilities in Pastoral Ministry

by Marjorie Herschler


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This book is written from a theological perspective. It explains certain concepts of what is expected of a pastor in pastoral ministry. The pages of this book contain the definition of a pastor in details. This book also highlights if a pastor is called divinely by God or if he is self appointed. It also asks the question, Can anyone be or become a pastor? Which it then answers.

A Shepherd’s Responsibilities in Pastoral Ministry lists in details the distinguishing qualification and characteristics of a pastor or a man or woman of God, which includes being able to display spiritual maturity, having good financial uprightness, and having the much-needed gift of the Holy Spirit to activate the spirit of discernment. The overall representation is that they must be a good ambassador in displaying the Lord who had called them to lead His people.

This book also informs us of certain personal and spiritual objectives of the leader/pastor, such as he or she must be devoted to their immediate family, exercise self-control, have an active prayer life, and have the ability to be gentle and humble in spirit. Not only are the pastors responsible to personally maintain their behaviors, they are called to show forth their spiritual responsibilities as well.

These pages give examples of the pastor’s function in ministering the word of God by teaching, preaching, and offering sacraments (e.g., marriage). The climax points to the good shepherd that is Jesus Christ, the One who implemented the Christian church, which is still standing and making her mark in today’s society.

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