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A Shot of Sin (The Vault)

A Shot of Sin (The Vault)

4.3 19
by Eden Summers

Throw back a shot of pure pleasure.

Leo Petrova has a dirty secret that’s about to get blown wide open. The exclusive VIP area hidden beneath his night club, Shot of Sin, is short staffed a bartender. The only available replacement is Shay—his temptation, his distraction—the sole woman he refuses to escort down the secret


Throw back a shot of pure pleasure.

Leo Petrova has a dirty secret that’s about to get blown wide open. The exclusive VIP area hidden beneath his night club, Shot of Sin, is short staffed a bartender. The only available replacement is Shay—his temptation, his distraction—the sole woman he refuses to escort down the secret staircase. She has no clue about the private adult club that lies beneath her feet and he’d prefer to keep it that way. The Vault of Sin is the only place he can let his sexual proclivities run wild and he’s learned the hard way that Shay is too virtuous to be comfortable in the erotic environment.

Shay Porter is curious as to why her boss, the king of mixed messages, seems almost desperate to keep her from discovering what’s on the other side of the guarded door at the back of the building. But she’s never backed down from a challenge before. Sliding into Leo’s arms and this new world of carnal exploration is addictive yet frightening. She could lose her job, her self-respect, and her heart.

Exposing a vanilla woman to a sorbet lifestyle isn’t something Leo’s business partners approve of. Secrets are at stake. Friendships, too. And through it all, neither one of them can ignore the wicked taste of sin threatening to tear it all apart.

Warning: This sex club does not carry the government’s stamp of approval. Contains devilish debauchery, delightful deviance, and dancing on the edge of the darkest of sexual desires.

Author note: This book was previously released by Samhain Publishing under the same name but with a different cover.

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A Shot of Sin 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
DSmamaroseDL More than 1 year ago
A SHOT OF SIN (The Vault, Book 1) by Eden Summers Leo’s got a problem. One that’s putting a strain on his patience, and his pants. Shay manages the bar for him at Shot of Sin, the club he owns with his friends T.J. and Brute. The woman drives him crazy. As much as her smoking hot body and sassy mouth turn him on, their one brief heated encounter has him convinced she isn’t what he needs. His sexual appetite is raw, demanding and she’s too much of an innocent to handle his desires. The only way he can keep his sanity, is to keep his distance. Shay on the other hand, has no intentions of staying away. She wants more of Leo’s passionate attention, and she knows he wants her too. She just needs to figure out how to break through his defenses. When T.J. and Brute offer her the chance to work the exclusive VIP lounge downstairs she jumps at the offer. No one is ever let down there, except for the members and her pride is at stake when Leo outright forbids it. When he has no other options, he decides to introduce her to the Vault of Sin himself. He’s sure once she finds out just what kind of club it is, she’ll turn tail and run and his problem will be solved. The exclusive sex club isn’t just a business to Leo, but the place he can live the lifestyle he wants, and it’s the life he has no intention of giving up. But the heart wants what it wants, and neither Shay or Leo are ready to close the door on the passion still stirring between them. A smoking hot start to a brand new series from Eden Summers!! The story is so well written, with believable characters and a romance that hits all the right buttons. Our first glimpse of the Vault as seen through Shay’s eyes is erotic and eye opening. Not a BDSM establishment, but a place for sexually open folks to hook up and enjoy their physical pleasures. Shay’s reaction to some of the members and the activities their involved in were brilliant. And watching Leo help a female member find the release she needed was hot, hot, hot!! It was a nice change of pace to not have any obnoxious members for Shay to deal with, in fact just the opposite. Her encounter with Zoe in the restroom was the perfect way for Shay to understand what drew the members to the club. But it’s the heat that’s generated when Shay and Leo finally give in to their sexual attraction that is panty-melting goodness!! Erotic, steamy and so damn hot! Without giving anything away, it leads to Shay experiencing Vault of Sin and the full force of Leo’s sexual nature. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Shot of Sin. Both T.J. and Brute need their own chance to find the woman who’ll fulfill their deepest desires. In Eden’s capable hands I’m sure those will be stories just as wonderful as this was! Book Rating: 5 Heat Rating: 5
judyrudy More than 1 year ago
A Shot of Sin is the first book in Eden Summers Vault of Sin series. I immediately fell in love with Shay Porter and Leo Petrova. I could not put the book down and read it in one sitting. Shay Porter is a bartender in Leo’s club, Shot of Sin. She’s clueless as to what is behind one of the doors in the club. What she does know is she has an over the top attraction to Leo. When one of his employees is unable to work, Shay is called on to fill in. The door that was off limits to her is opened and she is exposed to a life she had no idea existed behind the door. I loved the relationship between Leo and Shay as well as how his partners were there to protect her as well. Shay was exposed to a way of life that she didn’t want to turn her back on. Ms. Summers is extremely talented and definitely knows how to write a sensual and erotic story. I can’t wait to read Brute and TJ’s stories. This was a fantastic start to the series. I’d like to disclose that I received a copy of Shot of Sin in exchange for a fair and honest review.
MaryJoMI 3 days ago
Fabulously sexy and drama filled. I totally got sucked into Shay and Leo’s drama. Shay is strong willed and stubborn and from the moment she met Leo, one of her bosses, she was sunk. He is the perfect foil to her crazy attitude but after one brief encounter, he has kept his distance frustrating Shay. When Shay needs to work in the Vault, Leo is upset. See, Leo has secrets he is afraid to reveal to Shay. As Leo’s private world collides with the woman he struggles to stay away from, well, can happiness be found? Really enjoyed the friendship Leo, T.J. and Brute share as the owners of their “sin” business. They truly balance each other. I’m excited to experience T.J. and Brute’s stories to see if they can ever find what they are looking for in love. I voluntarily read an ARC of this book and this is my honest review.
Cheryl-S 8 days ago
This is book one in The Vault series and it features part owner Leo Petrova and bartender Shay Porter. The chemistry between these two is is EXPLOSIVE! The angst was almost physical. I was immediately invested in their push and pull relationship and it almost hurt me to put down my e-reader to make dinner. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see who is going to be the one to change. I am super excited to read the next book in this amazing series by this fabulous author.
meggerfly 6 months ago
Absolutely Loved This! Mini Review... Rating: 5/5 Heat Rating: 3.5/5 Another awesome book by Eden Summers! I absolutely loved it! Shay was sassy and determined and easily fits into the strong heroine category - even if she is a bit temperamental ;) Leo oozed sexiness. Yeah he was determined to resist Shay's charm but OMG the chemistry between them was off hook. Secondary Characters: Zoe - Loved her. She really helped along Shay's acceptance of things. T.J. - Dude, he just screams gentleman. Brute - Hmm. Interesting. He's gonna be a tough nut to crack. Can't wait to see what's under that brutish exterior. Cover Comments: Love the new cover to this book! It goes well with the cover of book two in the series, Union of Sin
Anonymous 7 months ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Really enjoyed I can't wait for the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved it. Waiting for book two.
ljtljtljt More than 1 year ago
4.5 Stars! A Shot of Sin (Vault of Sin #1) by Eden Summers: Through various blogs, Twitter and Facebook, I thought I was aware of most of the good erotic romance writers. Then I read my first book authored by the talented Eden Summers, and I was completely blown away. This book is the perfect combination of well-defined characters, eroticism and an intriguing plot. Leo, Brute and T.J. are the hot co-owners of the sex club The Vault, in addition to a successful night club and restaurant. Shay Porter is one of their hard-working and sassy bar managers, and she and Leo have a flirty and lusty relationship. She has no clue about what happens downstairs in the Vault, until she is asked to fill-in for a vacationing worker. Wow, Shay was certainly not prepared to observe public sex, and she was most definitely not prepared to learn that Leo is an active participant. A compromise may be the only key to their future togetherness. I really enjoyed this book and fell in love with the characters instantaneously. Their effortless conversations and lively banter had me chuckling from beginning to end. The sexual chemistry between Shay and Leo was both intense and scorching. Leo was gentle yet demanding as he introduced Shay to his world of voyeurism. Both main characters evolved in their own way to understand each others needs and accept them. The only part of this story that I found a little confusing, was the reaction by Leo's business partners to his and Shay's new relationship. To begin with, his partners were the ones who thought Shay would be the perfect replacement bartender in the sex club. When they made that decision, and Shay stepped into the illegal club, she automatically became a liability, regardless of whether she was in a relationship with Leo. This is a well-written book with some dramatic twists and turns that kept me engaged from start to finish. Ms. Summers writes with a lot of feeling and her characters are truly three dimensional. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.
Vimi More than 1 year ago
As always, Eden Summers has amazed me! I love her writing and every time I read her books in blown away. Shot of Sin has beautiful characters that I fell in love with. Shay & Leo have this heat between them. TJ and Brute bring secondary characters to the forefront and beg to have their stories told. I can't wait!
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 star The story has betrayal, secrets, twists, naughty fun and heartbreak. This is Shay and Leo story. Leo has wanted Shay since the day he hired her but is convinced that she will not be able to get past his activities in the Vault. He throws her into the deep end of the Vault before telling her what kind of club it is. After being accidently chased down by one of the club members she ends up in Leo’s arms. They discuss if she can handle the Vault and what goes with it. Can she truly handle the things that go on there and does she truly understand what actually goes on? I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a good read. Look forward to learning more about Leo, Shay, Brute, and TJ. You don’t get a ton of background on any of the characters so I hope you get more in the next story. The scene in the Vault with Shay and Leo is naughty and fun. Can’t wait for more from all the players in this series. I recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.
britbrat14 More than 1 year ago
Eden Summers did a wonderful job on this book. She didn't pull her punches with the racier scenes. The conflict that the main characters have are something you could picture in real like. I didn't want to put the book down. This is my favorite book of Eden's so far. I have read a lot of sex club books, but this club was a first for me. I would recommend this book!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed the book but i felt there was so much more needed and left undone between the shay and leo. Hope the storyline will continue to develop as the series evolves.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars A Shot of Sin is a double shot of pleasure. Leo, TJ, Brute and Shay are a fun group, the witty banter between them is enjoyable and funny. And holy hotness Batman! The sexual tension and attraction between Leo and Shay is off the charts! You can feel it rolling off them whenever they are in the same room! I loved that it isn't all easy for them, they fight for what they want. This just makes it all feel more realistic (anyone who has read my reviews knows I don't like it when it all happens too easy for our lovers!!) The premise of the Vault is intriguing. It is not like the usual BDSM club we get in our books. I am very much looking forward to reading more about it. TJ and Brute just make this all the better for me. We learn just enough about TJ to keep us on the hook for what I am assuming will be the second book in the series. My heart just shatters for him with the little that we have learned so far, and I for one cannot wait to learn more. This is a fantastic start to this series, and am very much looking forward to see where Ms Summers takes us on this journey.
MsRomanticReads More than 1 year ago
Heated looks, flirtatious banter, friendship...Shay had fallen in lust and eventually love with her boss, Leo. After rounding second base with him in the stockroom, she thought of more while he kept his distance. Thinking she had a shot at normal with him, that all flew out the window when she was asked to temp in The Vault and got a punch to the gut when faced with Leo's...proclivities.  Shay was a great heroine. I liked that she spoke her mind often and as very upfront about her feelings. She was full of sass, sarcasm and sensuality, but when she got mad...her temper ran away with her and her mouth. That particular trait of hers wasn't annoying, I felt, because she was always honest about what was behind the urge to talk first, think later. What really got me was the vulnerability she openly displayed right from the beginning. She had actually laid all the cards out on the table; no playing games, and that was honestly so refreshing.  I liked Leo a lot, and I understood his reluctance to believe she would be different from his past girlfriends. He'd stated early on that he hated close-minded people who judged others for their lifestyles while observing from the outside. He even blew up a few times when Shay lashed out in anger and sadness, throwing something hurtful in his face. Ironically, I thought he'd done the same thing to her that he so despised. I agreed with Shay that Leo didn't give her a chance to adapt to the shock, and his reason for believing she couldn't handle it was based on a split second reaction to an unrelated event. He took the choice from her to ease her into it and good for her for calling him out on it.  Their chemistry was evident from the first page, and as story went on, the struggle for them felt very real. Despite the early perception, both mine and Brute's, that she'd do anything just to please Leo because of her crush, she wasn't completely remiss by acknowledging the tough questions she had to face. Their struggle was about weighing the pros and cons of either accepting or denying the other's sexual beliefs and walking the line of not changing their lover to fit into a box. Though kudos to Leo for actually contemplating giving that up if it meant having a shot at love. I thought some things they "had to talk about" was a form of foreshadowing, and not of anything good. I kept expecting something horrible and heart-breaking to happen, yet nothing did. But in the end I was relieved that they powered through without fabricated angst. I look forward to T.J.'s story and hopefully seeing more of Leo and Shay. I would purchase and read this again. *Complimentary ARC provided by the author for the purpose of an honest review.
CoffeeGoddessTK More than 1 year ago
What do you get when you combine equal parts sassy bartender, super-alpha club owner and his partners, and said club that is definitely more than meets the eye? You get A Shot of Sin, one ultra-sexy read about a very special club, the people that work there, and what goes on behind closed doors. This was my first time reading a book by Eden Summers, and, oh, my goodness, what a way to start. I liked Shay Porter right away. Head bartender for the club, she's been wanting Leo Petrova, one of Shot of Sin's owners, since she first met him. Leo, though, isn't about to get involved with a co-worker, especially when his past experiences with relationships have always ended in heartache. These two are absolutely combustible, and I could not turn the pages quickly enough. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the relationship between Shay and Leo heat up, and absolutely loved both T.J. and Brute, Leo's partners in the club. If you're reading this, Eden, PLEASE give these awesome guys their books, too! I give A Shot of Sin 4.5 sizzling stars, and hope that Eden has plans to give us more books about this lively group of characters, 'cause I'll be first in line to keep reading. Grab this one, guys, get out your fan, and enjoy!
Sandy-thereadingcafe More than 1 year ago
4.25 stars--A SHOT OF SIN is the first installment in Eden Summers’s adult, contemporary VAULT OF SIN erotic romance series focusing on three friends-Leo, TJ and Brute- who own a private sex club known as the Vault of Sin. This is tall, sexy, brooding club owner Leo Petrova and club bar tender Shay Porter’s storyline-a second chance at love story for two people who have danced around one another for months. Shay is a sassy and feisty woman who has been attracted to her boss for months but an almost-quickie, weeks before, in the storage closet left Shay angry and hurt when Leo Petrova walked away without a good bye or an explanation. For months, Shay has watched from the sidelines as Leo worked his magic at the club but it is his disappearing acts into the underground bar that has Shay concerned and worried. When an opportunity presents itself, Shay is asked to work at The Vault but what Shay never expected was to find herself working the bar in an illegal sex club for high end clientele where the man that she has loved from afar is front and center in all of the activities. The relationship between Shay and Leo is intense, dramatic and hands off. Leo’s needs in the sex department have him pushing away the one woman with whom he considered for a long term relationship but it is his needs in the after hours club that will probably frighten away the woman who stars in his erotic dreams. The sex scenes are provocative, emotional, seductive and arousing. Nothing is off limits between consenting adults. The Vault is not a BDSM club but a sex club for willing adults who are looking for something different in their lives. The supporting and secondary characters include Leo’s friends and partners-TJ and Brute. Like Leo, TJ and Brute have a past marred by a broken heart and loss due to the lifestyle they have chosen. These three friends nurture and support one another’s decisions, participate in the imaginative and fascinating lifestyle, and feel the same emotional pain and heartbreaking anguish when rejection eats away at a lonely heart. The world building takes the reader behind the door at The Vault. We are witness to mutually consenting acts of sex-for pleasure, for control, for comforting needs but at all times safe and secure in the privacy of The Vault. Eden Summers weaves a seductive spell of sensuality. There are moments of intimate arousal and romantic passion; the intense need between two people is off set by the knowledge that Shay may not be enough for the man that she loves but in the end Shay and Leo will get their happily ever after. Here’s hoping TJ and Brute will find the same kind of love in the arms of a woman who will accept everything they have to offer…and more.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was sooo bad. No story line, not sexy, just really bad. Dont spend ur money on it.