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A Simple Approach to Cosmology

A Simple Approach to Cosmology

by Peet (P.S.J.) Schutte


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In these articles you will find the solution to solving the following unexplained cosmic unknowns such as:
What singularity is? Where to locate singularity, Indicating precisely where the centre of the Universe is
Resolving The String Theory How the Universe began from singularity

Resolving the Titius Bode law
Explaining the Roche limit
Introducing the Coanda effect as a major contributor to how gravity forms
Proving why the Lagrangian points are so important in forming the Universe.
These articles introduce information that was never yet divulged in any form.

In the precise middle of all objects in rotation is a precise centre dividing the object in sectors that will start the spinning initiation from that centre point. Thus, the spinning object will have a middle point, a very specific centre point that does not spin and only holds P as a specific value. One value such a line cannot have is zero because zero does not start any line and therefore the value of the line must be infinite, just as described in accordance and by the definition of singularity
That point albeit hypothetical, is also as much a reality none the less and is placed where that point must be standing still because every line running from that point in opposing directions are also in opposing directional spin the other or opposing side.

From this centre line that is only theoretical definable, but is still there all the same, a opposing value always form that becomes real and distinct when rotating, but even more distinct when not rotating because then the line grows so much it covers all the matter, to a securing spin value. When rotation begins, the line shrinks back to a hypothetical position claiming a spin that is not less distinct but more distinct because from that point every rotating piece of what ever is then spinning will clearly carry the singularity value of P implicating rotation. When looking at the cosmos from whichever angle indicates the fact that the cosmos is moving. When spinning too fast the top fights something because the alignment keeping it upright starts to tarnish. The same apply when spinning too slowly but that makes sense.

In determining this behaviour as part of a cosmic process where matter interact with matter in an laid down set of rules, we should once more be asking questions and this time it is whether the top will show the same behaviour in outer space as it does on earth.

Using the concept that gravity applies P as the circle factor P as well as P2 replacing r2 the replacing by P brings two values as P and P2. That I found is the case with gravity and will be apparent when explaining the sound barrier as well as the Four Cosmic Pillars. In order to create a distinction I remained using r as the indicator of the cube or non-circle that has vacant space and by vacant space I refer to non-solid structures.

Pinpoint positioning of singularity P0 with P positioning space to either side forming the border set by singularity in constant directional change as time flows through rotation
The new direction pointing to a new location in relation to the previous point will oppose the previous point it had in relation to direction considering the centre point.

Furthermore understanding the 4 laws resolves the mystery behind how the solar system came about and formed. Resolving the "mystery" behind the four laws namely the Roche limit / lobe the Lagrangian points the Titius Bode law and the Coanda effect lead me to discover other most important issues such as:
Then I was able to formulate the process from where the Universe began and the process by which the Universe developed from a state of a single point to where the Universe now is.
However there is so much more that forms part of these laws.

I do prove the Absolute Relevancy of Singularity in forming Gravity. Finding singularity showed the Universe functions on the Absolute Relevance of Singularity. This prove Universe connects to every point in the Universe.

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