A Soldier of War

A Soldier of War

by Mr Tom A. Bosvik


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A Soldier of War is the first book in a four part series which was inspired, directed and dictated by the Holy Spirit tells you, with an accurate portrayal, the purpose of God and ends with the reason for the creation of earth. The second in the series is A Soldier at Peace which describes what happened to God after creation. A Soldier of all Creation explains the many differing religions and opinions. A Soldier of Love tells you how it all ends. A Soldier of War is about Gods Journey before Earth. It explains why there are so many different races, religions and difference in thought. Most importantly it describes how it will end and when.

How many times have you wondered why you are alive or how life really began?
How many times have you questioned the answers only to be told to leave that to the elders of your church. By reading A Soldier of War you will learn why it all began and what you are doing here right now. The search for God is the question of the ages.

Every holy man or woman has questioned themselves on what happened and why does it keep happening. Why do events just keep happening over and over again until some destruction happens and we start again.

In the eternal argument the church will say that earth is only six thousand years old but science will say it has been here for billions of years and homo sapiens have been here over 50000 years. Both sides believe they are correct and the other is wrong. Combating religions will say they are correct and the other is wrong. A Soldier of War will tell you how they are all right and all have their place.

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Publication date: 04/28/2014
Pages: 250
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About the Author

My name is Tom Bosvik. My journey started very early in my life as I learned to read when I realized that I was seeing things no one else saw or thought of when it came to the reading of scripture.

A Soldier of War is an accurate portrayal of a series of visions I saw beginning in the summer of 1983 but even that is not where it began. The visions however turned into something more concrete and physical. The bible gives an accurate portrayal of Mans journey to God but A Soldier of War series tells you of Gods journey to and for man and why there is life on earth at all and it is not what you believe. It creates a bridge between the atheist and the creationist, the demon and the angel and gives all beings their rightful place just like it was in the beginning.

I have been a patient advocate, crises social worker and small business owner but have studied the scripture and cultural meanings of scripture my entire life. My journey now is coming to its end and after I complete the final installment and have answered the final question, my mission will be complete. How I acquired this knowledge is as diverse and complicated as the real story itself. What really changed everything for me is when I realized that the being I walked with every day of my life was the Holy Spirit. He took me to the depths of Hell and the Heights of glory to be sure I understood the meaning of both. It has been a sixty year journey which included times of incredible pain and loss as well as euphoric joy much like most biblical figures endured and I was tested every step of the way. When I fell I either got up on my own or was picked up by The Holy Spirit and consoled till I was ready to continue. I would not wish this life on anyone but I am glad it happened to me because even in the worst days I truly enjoyed the company I kept.

I hope everyone who needs to read this story will do so and know they are welcome to contact me for any extra information should they desire at the www.thegodchronicles.com. I wish you peace.

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