A Soldiers Hope: A Soldiers First Hand Account of It

A Soldiers Hope: A Soldiers First Hand Account of It

by Timothy Barron


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A Soldiers Hope: A Soldiers First Hand Account of It by Timothy Barron

The things that I have seen and felt, tasted and smelled are forcibly etched into my memory for an eternity. From the first patrol in Baghdad where thousands of people chant your name in unison "USA, USA, USA... Good, good Mister." To the time when our company was certain that they were facing death. There are many views from many different people about the happenings of this deployment, and this is expected. This may be one rendition of the events that you may want to take a second look at because of its birds eye view of different situations at one time. We start with the pre-deployment briefing back at Ft. Stewart where we were told about the enemy and what to expect.

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ISBN-13: 9781592991280
Publisher: Inkwater Press
Publication date: 05/28/2005
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x (d)

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Chapter Two
Expressions From Within

I sometimes ask myself how I even got to the point of being here, being in this army, this institution. I was raised to believe that war, killing, prejudice, was wrong. I was raised to respect life at all costs.....what the hell happened? I remember moving around from one location to the next while growing up. Two years here, three here, and maybe one over here. I learned a lot of valuable lessons throughout my life up to this point, but none could have prepared my mind to accept my course that I had embarked on alone. I cut myself off from my family, not wanting or needing to hear them say things to interfere with my mindset, whatever mindset it may have been. Alone, powerful, trained to kill is how soldiers are viewed the world over. At times I know I felt this throughout my being.....I could do anything, see anything, take on anyone single-handed, and fight for my country. Other times I couldn’t feel this way because what I was portraying to others was a lie. I don’t have any reason to hide anything from anyone anymore. I know now, and most of it in hindsight, that this whole “liberation” of Iraq was not something that I was fighting for, it was not something that I looked forward to telling people about when I got back. It is what it is, and whether you support it or fight against it....there is a human element that needs to be seen. Your soldiers who have lived or died in Iraq have done so as humans, individuals who dreamed or dream about someday having children, someday owning a restaurant, maybe even just about coming home safely. What I write about is not something that I think everybody should just view as golden, or even as a way they should feel within themselves....it is just me letting you feel some of what I felt and feel as someone who was there, someone who felt the pain of both sides, felt the pain of life daily, just like you....

Sitting, waiting, keeping a watchful eye during the star filled night, was harder than any of us had anticipated. A voice could be heard every morning and every night over the net, singing the most beautiful words any man could wish to hear from his loved one. “There will never come a day, when you will hear me say, that I want, or need to be without you........silence over the net was ordered while she sang this song. Who was this voice, who was this woman? She was, and still is “a soldiers hope”. Something good, something right, to hold onto during the rough times ahead; A desert lighthouse, a solid place to look for guidance when trouble lurks in the shadow of fear. Each soldier had someone who fits this category, so if you are a spouse of someone, a mother, a father, sister or brother of someone who was or still is in this war consider YOURSELF a hero, consider YOURSELF as the motivating force for your soldier to fight to stay safe, stay alive. I know that it wasn’t easy to rely on emails to comfort me always, and at times I even wish that there weren’t phones available so that I wouldn’t be reminded of how much I had at stake to lose while in Iraq. I hadn’t spoken to my family in years.....I don’t even know what the word means sometimes. I feel that a family has a certain type of love, that, no matter what else is going right or wrong in your life, they are there, period. I don’t have it in my mind that there are limitations or statutes as far as family is concerned, but I guess there are. I deeply thank the woman who has shown me what the true meaning of family is, the true meaning of a mother’s love. All of you who have family that love you no matter what, please, I implore you to NEVER take them or their love for granted. Let them be your motivation, your strength, your rock! They are the heroes, they are the hope.

Table of Contents

First Impressions
Expressions From Within
Reality, Truth, Pain, Begins Here
It’s Almost Surreal
Help Me
Liberation? Where? How?
Where is Our Hope Now?
Action Bitch!
Confusion as Usual
Dirty, Beautiful, Decietful
A Sign of Hope for the Weary
Home? Yeah Right!
True Hope Can Cost
The Truth? A Version of It?
Keep it Real
Why Doesn’t it Feel Like Liberation?
Confessions of a Soldier
...In Conclusion

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