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Song Before Sunrise: Delius And His Contemporaries

A Song Before Sunrise: Delius And His Contemporaries


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  1. Fennimore and Gerda, opera, RT i/8: Intermezzo  - Frederick Delius  -  Medici Quartet  - Michael Winfield  - George Vass
  2. A Song Before Sunrise, for small orchestra, RT vi/24  - Frederick Delius  -  Medici Quartet  - Michael Winfield  - George Vass
  3. Serenade for strings in E Minor, Op.20  - Edward Elgar  -  Medici Quartet  - George Vass
  4. Fantasia on Greensleeves, for harp, flute, & strings (arranged by R. Greaves; from the opera Sir John In Love)  - Ralph Vaughan Williams  -  Medici Quartet  - George Vass
  5. Aquarelles (2), for strings (arr. by Fenby from 2 songs "to be sung on a summer night")  - Frederick Delius  -  Medici Quartet  - George Vass
  6. Serenade for string orchestra  - Peter Warlock  -  Medici Quartet  - George Vass
  7. Brook Green Suite, for strings, H. 190  - Gustav Holst  -  Medici Quartet  - George Vass
  8. Pieces (2), for small orchestra, RT vi/19: On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring  - Frederick Delius  -  Medici Quartet  - George Vass
  9. Pieces (2), for small orchestra, RT vi/19: Summer Night on the River  - Frederick Delius  -  Medici Quartet  - George Vass
  10. Introduction and Allegro for string quartet & string orchestra in G major, Op. 47  - Edward Elgar  -  Medici Quartet  - George Vass

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