A Song Is Not Enough

A Song Is Not Enough




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A Song Is Not Enough by 'TUNDE AJITERU

The poems contained in this volume are exceptional in presentation and content. The beauty of this work is its wide coverage of almost every subject which stirs both heart and head with genuine and authentic Christian influence.
This is a poetic voice addressing modern issues with a call to hear Jesus Christ calling us to truth's clarity and to restore the saltiness that once was in His body.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781682220184
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication date: 12/03/2015
Pages: 142
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

'Tunde has served in various capacities of ministry over the past twenty-five such as cell group leader, youth pastor, music director, worship leader and pastor.
He also a seasoned musician and songwriter.

Table of Contents

I'm Crucified 1

Finite Man 3

Modern Society 5

It's Inevitable 8

Mr Independent 10

Feelings 12

Sometimes I Cry 14

Smile 16

Questions 18

Passivity 20

A New Me 23

Free To Shine 24

I Came To Worship Me 26

Lord I Need Your Life 28

If I Never Really Loved You 29

For The Higher Calling 31

Familiar Strangers 33

Greed My Flesh and I 35

Embrace Weakness 37

A Song Is Not Enough 39

A Church 41

Desperate Need of Him 43

I Need To Be Fed 44

Damaged Disciple 46

Heart To Heart 48

Face To Face 49

A Congregation 51

A Restless Mind 53

Not Alone 55

Orchestrated Fellowship 56

Seek the Kingdom 58

Prerequisite 59

No Conviction 61

Outside The City Gates 63

Pursue The King 64

Show Yourself Strong 66

Self-Righteous 68

Resistant To Love 69

Serving You 71

Revelation 73

The Need For A Better Me 75

The Spectator 77

To Hear Your Voice 79

Wait Expectantly 81

The Reason I Can Stand 82

The Quest 84

The Power to Live 86

Worship in Truth 88

You Love Me for Me 89

When I Pray 90

The Brother in Blue 92

The Cross I Carry 94

Who Am I? 96

The Glory of Your Presence 98

The Cross 100

Time Goes By 102

The Cloud of Witnesses 104

Was Told 105

The Real Proof 107

What Gospel Do We Believe 109

What to Pursue 111

Give Glory 113

Behaviour Modification 114

Faith Is Not Generic 116

Been Filled 118

The Staff the Rod 120

We Look To You 121

I Look To You 123

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