A Song of Gas and Politics: How Ukraine Is at the Center of Trump-Russia

A Song of Gas and Politics: How Ukraine Is at the Center of Trump-Russia

by Brian Frydenborg
A Song of Gas and Politics: How Ukraine Is at the Center of Trump-Russia

A Song of Gas and Politics: How Ukraine Is at the Center of Trump-Russia

by Brian Frydenborg



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If Game of Thrones is a saga that centers on ice and fire, spread across two continents involving two major storylines that slowly combine over time, Trump-Russia centers on gas and politics with a similar geographic spread and similar coming together over time. If the primary convergence point in Game of Thrones in this context is the Iron Throne, for Trump-Russia it is Ukraine. Bringing more than two decades of relevant geopolitical analysis and background to bear, including consistently pioneering and prescient coverage of the Trump-Russia saga, independent expert Brian Frydenborg breaks down the core of Trump-Russia—Ukrainian intrigue—as no one else before.

Trump's current Ukraine insanity is just an extension of old Trump-Russia and the media still Does not know how to cover it.

As the Hunter Biden "story" keeps receiving attention, the myopic mainstream media—just as in 2016—is unable to present a coherent big-picture understanding of what is happening or how things fit together. In a stunning lack of self-awareness, its top news outlets are once again playing into Trump's and Putin's hands, sabotaging the Democrats and spreading Kremlin and Republican disinformation. The roots of much of this lie with the media's overall failure both to understand the bigger picture of the Trump-Russia saga and, in part as a result, to realize that these "recent" Ukraine scandals are not something new so much as a continuation of the old Trump-Russia saga that was the focus of the Mueller probe.

The only way to get anything approaching a full sense of what is going on with Ukraine, Trump, Russia, and the media is to painstakingly trace the threads of corruption and Russian influence operations related to Putin's Ukraine drama, Putin's and his top mafia boss's co-opting of Trumpworld, and the actors involved throughout the many stages of this overall saga. These threads can be traced from their origins in the 80s and 90s directly into today's White House and the battlefields in Ukraine. Only then will the centrality of Ukraine to the whole Trump-Russia saga be understood, only then can the full scale of the horror be comprehended, but it can and must be. The threads are solid and come together to form a powerful and clear line of remarkable influence of the Russian government in Moscow's Kremlin and Russian mafia into the major players, policies, and decisions of the Trump White House. As this exploration will make clear, simple logic and the sheer amount of billowing smoke plumes coming from so many points obviously show that Trump has been raised up and co-opted by Russian influence to the point of being an asset—whether willingly or if he is too stupid to realize it, he is a "useful idiot"—for Putin and his allies. Even if the actual flames are obscured, the heat can be felt as we choke on the smoke: those fires still exist and are presented here even if most of the top media news outlets, playing Trump's and Russia's game in their inability to sustain focus, have largely missed these conflagrations.

And here, those conflagrations will be laid out in detail. Readers will not find a more timely, urgent topic, as both America and Ukraine face crises instigated by Russia that will define their nations for decades to come, and Frydenborg's unique take sets the bar for current events analysis once again. This is the ultimate read for the ongoing impeachment process, and will continue to be what should be a standard for anyone in the future trying to understand what went down in 2019-2020. As history unfolds, get the history behind the history from A Song of Gas and Politics.

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About the Author

Brian Frydenborg has a cross-disciplinary background in humanitarian aid/relief, international development, international affairs, government, public policy, writing, journalism, research, and consulting. He grew up in in a suburb of New York City and earned his B.A. at Washington and Lee University, where he engaged in a rigorous double major program of Politics and History. His main abroad experience in college was in Japan, but he also had more minor experiences in Cuba and Europe. Upon graduation, he worked at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, where a chance meeting with then-Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr., and his Chief-of-Staff eventually led to an internship in the Senator's Washington, DC, office in 2006.

After doing substantive work in the United States Senate while just an intern, and after some time in the private sector, he began his graduate studies at George Mason University's School of Public Policy. While also working part-time, he completed his Master of Science (M.S.) in Peace Operations, with his program defining a peace operation "as an intervention into a complex contingency [due to conflict and/or natural disaster] for the purpose of maintaining or restoring peace." The completion of his degree included studying abroad in Liberia--evaluating the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL)--and also included studying abroad in Israel and the West Bank, examining the conflict there.

He has been featured in Newsweek, The Jerusalem Post, Modern War Institute at West Point, The London School of Economics and Politics Middle East Centre, Real Clear Defense, Real Clear History, The Jordan Times, MSN, Venture Magazine, Al Bawaba, Business Insider, Small Wars Journal, Iranian Student News Agency, War Is Boring, Mic, Movie Pilot, Russian International Affairs Council, Global Risk Insights, Medium, Hidden Remote, and LinkedIn Pulse, and has also been cited in Harvard Law & Policy Review, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, USA Today, Istituto Affari Internazionali, Foundation for European Progressive Studies, & Christopher Nolan: A Critical Study of the Films. He has also had nearly 200 articles published since fall 2013 and authored an academic book chapter, The Roman Republic in Greece: Lessons for Modern Peace/Stability Operations.

From 2014-2019, he was based in Amman, Jordan, working as a freelancer writer and consultant. You can keep up with him at his news website, Real Context News, and his Twitter account, @bfry1981.
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