A Spiritual Approach to Parenting

A Spiritual Approach to Parenting

by Marilyn C Ph D Barrick


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As we face the complexities of the dawning age, spiritually advanced souls are being born to usher in a prophesied time of peace and enlightenment. In this perceptive guidebook, Dr. Marilyn Barrick discusses the Indigo, Crystal and Spirited children, their mission to help Earth fulfill her divine destiny and the special challenges to the parents raising these extraordinary children.

Dr. Barrick also reveals the “cycles of life” we all pass through and shows how we can deal with their corresponding life lessons. She gives valuable insights into how karma and past-life records influence our marriages and families—and teaches us ways to master these important relationships.

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ISBN-13: 9780922729968
Publisher: Summit Lighthouse
Publication date: 09/29/2017
Series: Sacred Psychology
Pages: 404
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Marilyn C. Barrick (1932-2007), Ph.D., minister, psychologist and transformational therapist is the author of a seven-book, self-help series on spiritual psychology: Sacred Psychology of Love: The Quest for Relationships That Unite Heart and Soul; Sacred Psychology of Change: Life as a Voyage of Transformation; Dreams: Exploring the Secrets of Your Soul; Emotions: Transforming Anger, Fear and Pain; Soul Reflections: Many Lives, Many Journeys; A Spiritual Approach to Parenting: Secrets of Raising the 21st Century Child and Everything Is Energy: New Ways to Heal Your Body, Mind, & Spirit.

Table of Contents


Preface xv

Introduction xxi


The Aquarian Family 1

1 Indigo, Crystal and Spirited Children 3

2 The Child Is Father to the Man 25

3 The Family’s Initiations: The Cosmic Clock and the Karmic Clock 49

Diagrams of the Cosmic Clock, following p. 80

4 A Rapid Cycle of Self-Transformation 91

Spiritual Formulas for Family Harmony and Soul Liberation 123


Karmic Factors in Family Psychology 131

5 The Psychology of the Soul 133

6 The Karmic Equation of Marriage and Family 153

7 The Impact of Today’s Changing Culture 177

8 The Inherent Genius of the Soul 203


Integration of Soul and Culture 237

9 The Care of Discipline Is Love’s Fulfillment 239

10 The Education of the Heart 259

11 Impartations of the Soul and Spirit 275

12 The Soul’s Restoration of Innocence 295

Questions and Answers with Dr. Marilyn Barrick 315

Energizing and Purifying the Chakras 325

The Chart of Your Divine Self 331

Notes 337

Glossary 351

Bibliography 355

Credits 361

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