A Squirrel's Tale

A Squirrel's Tale

by Richard Wyn Jones


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ISBN-13: 9780993067402
Publisher: Richard Jones
Publication date: 10/03/2014
Pages: 308
Product dimensions: 5.06(w) x 7.81(h) x 0.65(d)

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A Squirrel's Tale 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As a lover of animal books this one immediately caught my eye – squirrels are a fairly unusual choice of hero in a novel. I’m a big fan of David Clement-Davies’ books and so I really used this as a benchmark when I started reading it, big shoes to follow. I have to say the story has you gripped from the first chapter and didn’t disappoint. I now have another favourite writer to keep an eye out on. I will look out for the paperback version (not sure if there is going to be one – but would like one if it does come out) and his next novel whenever that will be. I wouldn’t recommend this for young children as even though a squirrel might be appealing on the outside to parents looking for stories for their kids the advanced vocabulary used in much of the book would only really be suitable I think for children with advanced reading ability from secondary school onwards.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Surprisingly wonderful!  I did not expect this book to be so compelling. After all, the characters are all squirrels, suggesting that this is a children's book. As it turns out, A Squirrel’s Tale is wonderful for children(older though 12+), but also solid fare for young adults. I score it lower than the adult-targeted books like Tolkien, because it doesn’t have the same complexities that Lord of the Rings has but nevertheless it fills a certain niche perfectly. Full of beautiful writing, suspense and great characters – I particularly liked Kurn, this book can please a wide variety of ages The writing remains vibrant throughout the story and moves you quickly through to the climatic ending which has an interesting twist. This story could have been written using human characters as many of the issues raised are very relevant to today’s society yet he risked losing the older audience by using animals. The strategy works really well and the use of grey and red squirrels to push out polarized viewpoints demonstrates perfectly the extreme views that we as human beings have that cause devastation and war in our society. There are parts of the book through the stories of Dewdrop that really make you reflect on what the wise old squirrel says. The characters are well put together and it is easy to envision the civilized, kind-hearted red squirrels against the cold hearted Greys led by the murderous Abaddon – a truly evil character - mean, ugly, ruthless and fearsome.  Abaddon is intent on killing the red squirrel Clan(- the writer refers to the groups as Clans which I’m assuming  is a reference to the fact that the story takes place in Scotland.) who have lived peacefully in a secluded part of Scotland for generations. This is where the last sustainable population of red squirrel’s in the whole of Britain live- that’s something I didn’t know, about 75% of the remaining UK population. So the stakes are high for them to win this one! Clearly this is a tale of good against evil, as compassionate heroes oppose heartless destroyers. Yet again the book surprised me: the scenes are extremely engaging, the battle with the pine marten I thought was great. The author draws upon a huge variety of classic themes, archetypes and story elements. A real coming-to-age quest for manhood for Rusty; the humble, soul who becomes a hero; and sure it has all been done before, but it is written so well that it feels refreshing and his dream sequences does add something fresh to his journey. I definitely recommend A Squirrel’s Tale, especially to young adults and adults alike who appreciate great story telling and adventure and want a feel good ending. It features likeable good-hearted heroes who courageously confront the evil of the world and suffer poignant deaths. It reflects the author's great imagination and optimism. Nice work! Well worth buying.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A truly enjoyable read. A Squirrel’s Tale is an exciting adventure that never slows, never bores, and never disappoints the reader. You could say it's a simple "good vs. evil" story between the peace loving red squirrels that live in the forests of SW Scotland and the monstrous Abbadon who brings his hordes of grey squirrels north to destroy them. I found it much more that though. It contains some wonderful messages hidden in stories that Dewdrop  “weaves” to her audience that very much relate to issues and choices we are faced with on a day basis. These are skillfully interlaced through the story which pulls you along revealing a little more about the various characters and their dilemmas.  I think that this book is the perfect transition between young adult and adult literature. If your child is bored with most of the books written for their level, but maybe is not quite ready for one of the heavies, then A Squirrel’s Tale may be the answer. Richard Jones tells a very approachable story with a language that will be challenging for some younger readers, but not beyond their reach. His descriptions and characters are painted with more depth than the average young person's book, but the fun and excitement are retained as well as the tense danger that will keep you on the edge of your seats until the very end. A truly enjoyable read. If your child enjoys fantasy stories and is not quite ready for Tolkien, then this book is the perfect transition. Enjoy.