A Struggle Within: The True Story of a Burn Survivor

A Struggle Within: The True Story of a Burn Survivor

by Lee Lucas


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Lee Lucas was born and raised in Birmingham Alabama. Like all people on this earth Lee faced many struggles in his life. He spent his early childhood in Moody Alabama running and playing in the woods, climbing trees and fiercely competing with his older brother Brian. Lee was always showing up with bumps and bruises from these activities that he just shook off as nothing.
Fearlessly he once picked up a dead rat in the basement of the home he lived and chased his older brother around the outside of their house, Brian kept screaming "he's crazy," Lee was laughing hysterically. Lee's mom screamed to drop it then scrubbed his hands with bleach while Lee continued to laugh. Lee was four at the time and Brian was ten. When Lee was nine he and his brother and parents moved to Vestavia Alabama.
Lee loves Baseball with a passion. He became a competitive bowler in tournaments and leagues while learning to love to play chess.
Lee was raised in a loving Christian home. Lee has been active in church and has served multiple times on the mission field.
One night in 2005, Lee's fearless love and competitive passion were called on to face the greatest struggle of his life. Lee's stubborn fighting spirit shined through this unimaginable time of pain and horror that was inaugurated by a traumatic burn injury.
It was a time when many had faith in Lee's recovery but, a time when all were ready to accept his death.
The fire was successful in scarring Lee over the majority of his body, it attempted to scar his soul, his faith and his will to live but Lee's spirit would not allow it to happen. During his time in the hospital and years of recovery Lee's founding principles glowed brighter than any brilliant light most who witnessed his experience had ever seen. Lee's fierce stubborn fighting spirit exhibited through his struggle not only refined his faith but that of those who bore witness.
Lee has one older brother, a sister-in-law, two nieces and a large and extended family. Lee's hope is to encourage others through his story of recovery.
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