A Study in Seduction

A Study in Seduction

by Nina Rowan
4.3 6

Paperback(Mass Market Paperback)

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A Study in Seduction 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So this book was recommended b/c of the super smart heroine obsessed with math. I mean, who doesn't love a mathematical woman - and the men who love them? The story line was super contrived - otherwise I'm sure I would have given this story 5 stars, but I loved the characters. I loved that despite the heroine being a complete nerd, she wasn't your typical dowdy, awkwardly shy, reclusive woman - or a chip-on-her-shoulder-hate-the-world kind of woman. She had secrets - don't we all? And Alex was the perfect counterpart for her. The ending was as contrived and forced as the rest of the story, but read it for the characters instead.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dotland101 More than 1 year ago
THIS IS ONE BOOK NOT TO MISS!! Alexander Hall, Viscount Northwood, had to deal with gossip and scandal surrounding his family, as well as from his own broken engagement. People thought of the Halls as "extraordinarily disreputable", as if that's not enough, his ties to Russia (his Russian blood, his trading business, family members still live in Russia) have become more of an issue in the midst of the political tension. Alexander has spent the last two years working hard to restore his family's reputation. To this pressure is added the expectation that he marry and produce an heir to secure the earldom. Should he just do what his brother suggested? "Just find a sweet, empty-headed young chit... needn't do much except wed her and bed her...."?  It all comes crashing down when blue-eyed Lydia Kellaway walked up to his front door one evening asked him to sell the locket he purchased back to her, claiming it belonged to her mother. Their negotiation somehow turns into a challenge. Lydia sparks his curiosity: who is this woman? He even likes the sound of her voice, her scent, not of perfume or flowers, but of pencil and paper and clean starch. He wants to marry Lydia, but she keeps refusing his offer. Her reasons don't make sense, there's something she's not telling him. They love each other. She tries to quantify love with her mathematical theories, explains attraction and desire away with equations and theorems, it doesn't work that way.  Lydia is a mathematical prodigy: numbers have been her love since childhood. But her genius came with a price, people view her as oddity, her world is full of numbers and equations, she's spent the past decade living a quiet life with her grandmother and sister, working behind the scene, away from spotlight and social events. But Alexander Hall made her feel things. He affects her in ways she'd never felt before. She must be careful not to let him get past the wall she'd spent years building to protect herself. Alexander needs to convince Lydia to marry him, to show her that love can't be proven in mathematical formulas or equations. Has he pushed her too hard and pushed her farther away? Will he succeed? Will she choose love? It is rare to find a heroine such as Lydia in historical romance novels. If you like heroine with brain, beauty and fire, this book is it. Lydia is quite charming, beautiful, passionate and sensual if one bothers to look past all the dull exterior. I love the role reversal of characters. We don't often see a heroine who has her own followers of smart men, intelligent and prestigious men following her like a little regiment.  Nina Rowan has delivered a witty and unusual storyline that offers fresh idea, with very unique and fascinating characters and plot. Yet, not lacking in passion, the love scenes would certainly satiate and meet romance readers' expectation. I also enjoyed her candid descriptions of simple things in our everyday life and turned them into colorful images: of light and sound, of people on the street, of emotion and feeling, of sensuality and passion, of one's thoughts, one's feeling towards another... and of chemistry between two lovers.  The fact that I dislike anything mathematical in real life (and I'm sure there are other romance readers like me out there who'd feel the same way), instead, I found myself fascinated by a heroine who is a math prodigy, I found it charming and endearing, and I loved this book instantly. Maybe it's reverse psychology, I found myself drawn to Lydia and cheering her on as I was reading the story. The mathematical parts in the story didn't bother me at all, nor was it a turn-off, the effect was the opposite, another talent credited to Rowan for her ability to deliver the story laced with numbers and formulas with smooth sailing. This is one book not to miss. A five-star worthy novel which is now on my 'fave' list. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just found this new author. Story line is new, loved the characters, very, very nice love scences. Just wish i didn't have to wait for the next story.