A Sun That Never Sets

A Sun That Never Sets

by Neurosis
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Guest More than 1 year ago
Neurosis, to those who know of them, need no introduction. They have always been surpassing musical boundaries as each album has progressed. With ''a sun that never sets'' they are taking their talents to the next step. Tracks such as ''the tide'', the title track, ''falling unknown'', ''crawl back in'', and the finale ''stones from the sky'' are unreal. In all my musical travels I have never heard anything so raw and unleashed. Some people have gone so far as to call this album mellow and very laid back compared to their other efforts. But with the right ears, after listening to the whole album front to back you will agree that neurosis have something no other band has. The album moves undescribably up and down. Taking its listener to new heights and extremely lows, (such as the 7 minute build- up of ''falling unknown''). During ''crawl back in'' in all its madness, the bridge sort of brings the listener into a hypnotic state, the flute and guitar playing a sad tune...just before unleashing itself with pure devastation. Last but not least is ''Stones from the Sky''. After the song builds up, the guitar sends you through a cosmic journey, just playing the same two or three chords, with unpredicted halts in the drums, gradually the sound seems to envelope itself and eventually emplodes quite sudden. Leaving the listener wanting more and more....