A Supply-Side Agenda for Germany: Sparks from the United States, Great Britain, European Integration

A Supply-Side Agenda for Germany: Sparks from the United States, Great Britain, European Integration


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A Supply-Side Agenda for Germany: Sparks from the United States, Great Britain, European Integration by Gerhard Fels

This book deals with supply-side economics and the needed reorientation it would bring to West German policy. The change, recommended after searching analysis, would add up to an overall strategy for freeing markets, for removing government-imposed distortions, and for using free-market approaches to correct distortions imposed by pressure groups. The strategy would pierce Germany's state-supported encrustations and corporatism. It would equip the country to follow the lead of the United States and Great Britain in starting to escape from the tangle in which taxes, regulations, and unemployment have grown in step. The impending completion of the European internal market in 1992 adds urgency to this task.

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ISBN-13: 9783540505440
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 01/01/1989
Pages: 439
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Table of Contents

Introducing the Agenda (the editors).- A. West Germany’s Current Troubles and Challenges.- Introduction: Globalization and the Need for Action.- Supply-Side Policies in Germany: Economics Versus Politics.- Zusammenfassung.- Europe and the Supply Side.- Zusammenfassung.- Supply-Side Policies Since 1982? The Lessons are Still to be Learned.- Zusammenfassung.- B. Helpful Insights from Supply-Side Economics.- Introduction: What “We” Believe In.- What can we Learn from the United States’ Experience?.- Zusammenfassung.- Supply-Side Economics: Lessons From the U.S. Experience.- Zusammenfassung.- Economic Interdependence and the International Implications of Supply-Side Policies.- Zusammenfassung.- C. Examples set by Great Britain and the United States.- Introduction: Supply Side Agenda for Germany; A British Financial Perspective.- Supply-Side Policies: The Lessons from the U.K.- Zusammenfassung.- Arguments on Privatization.- Zusammenfassung.- Privatization: A Question of Quantities and Qualities.- Zusammenfassung.- Lifting the Heavy Hand of Government: Lessons for West Germany from the American Experience.- Zusammenfassung.- Lessons from the United States Economy in the 1980s and Their Applicability to Europe.- Zusammenfassung.- D. Tax Reform Here and There.- Introduction: Tax Reforms in Germany.- Zusammenfassung.- The Record of Tax Reform in Great Britain and its Contribution to the Supply Side.- Zusammenfassung.- An Uncluttered Income Tax: The Next Reform Agenda?.- Zusammenfassung.- E. Outlook and Issues for Germany.- Supply-Side Economics: A Need for Importing Ideas?.- Supply-Side Economics: Struggling for Rebirth.- Zusammenfassung.- Biographical Sketches of Principal Contributors.- Name Index.

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