A Tale of a Rough Diamond

A Tale of a Rough Diamond

by P. J. Mann




Not all that glitters is diamond; sometimes it is only glass. But even its sharp edges will never hurt you like family.
Stephan is living a life every teenager would envy. Son of a wealthy businessman, he lives carefree and carelessly. However, nothing is as it seems, and his perfect life is doomed; it has been since before he was even born. Days thrill-seeking, nights lock-picking; it's all just about to fall apart.
His older brother has uncovered a secret. For all their years together, Roger has envied Stephan's life, his success, the attention he has from their father, but now Roger can wait no longer; this is the moment, the moment he can hurt Stephan the most, when he can turn Stephan's choices against him, tear apart everything he cherishes, and steal away his future.
With secrecy and the resources of the Russian Mafia on his side, the older Mills brother effortlessly brings Stephan's world down around him, a single tip-off to the police burying him under the ruins of his former life.
After a year behind bars, Stephan seems to have no hope, no future. Cut off even from the rest of his family, can he reclaim his life and freedom, or will he sink still lower? Will his years of petty crime damn him, or will they be enough to help him fight back?
And will he have to do it alone?

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ISBN-13: 9781539533870
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/18/2016
Pages: 318
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Paula J. Mann was born in a small town in Italy in 1973. She graduated from the Art Institute of Perugia (Italy), but continued her educational path at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, and graduated in Geosciences at the University of Perugia. Not seeing any great career chances she moved to Germany, where she enrolled in the Faculty of Geosciences in Tübingen and graduated in Applied Environmental Geosciences. Her wanderings were not yet over, and soon after the graduation, she moved to Finland where she started a career in engineering geologist. During her career, she edited and written several scientific papers, but she could not forget her artistic background, so she started to write novels. None of those was meant to be published, until one day, encouraged by one of her best friends, she decided to share her stories with the rest of the world. She doesn't like a particular genre, and the best way to describe her production is, perhaps "introspective fiction" with a lot of twists. She likes to tell stories about what she observes around her. She loves travelling and photography, and from those experiences, she gets the most of her inspirations.

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ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite A Tale of a Rough Diamond by P.J. Mann is a gripping thriller, suspenseful and riveting, a tale of envy, of brokenness in a family, and brothers pitted against each other. Stephan Mills lives the kind of life many would envy, the life of the son of a wealthy man. His older brother, Roger, is very envious of the attention their father gives Stephan and, using his connections with the Russian mafia, he succeeds with just one tip-off to the police that lands Stephan in prison. Now he has all the cards and he plays them well to ensure he turns their father completely against Stephan. And he succeeds! Stephan won’t be hearing from his family for a year — and it is just according to Roger’s plans. Can Stephan recover from the rejection and get his life back on track? P. J. Mann has written a hugely entertaining novel filled with family drama and relationships gone bad. It’s a tale of envy, betrayal, and revenge. How far will the two brothers go to break each other and can this family discover trust once again? The psychological underpinnings of this novel are strong and readers will get pulled into the strong whirlwind of the conflict, the depth of character, and the deviousness of the plot. The scenes are well crafted and they are emotionally rich. Mann understands the dynamics of a wealthy family and the kinds of problems they face, and weaves this knowledge skillfully into the narrative. The writing is compelling, the narrative voice irresistible, with points of view that are expertly handled. A Tale of a Rough Diamond is fast paced and it features an explosive conflict between two brothers.