a tale of one city: A Liverpool Story

a tale of one city: A Liverpool Story

by Miss Suzy Ripley


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a tale of one city: A Liverpool Story by Miss Suzy Ripley

Meet part of the Moffat family, Michael and Carl who are the up and coming new boys who have worked all their young lives to take over the criminal underworld that exists in every city. This one just happens to be Liverpool. They aim to take down the main man called TJ Murphy, a middle aged gangster who although it's the 1990's is stuck in the 1980's when he could wear his Miami vice style clothes without looking like an idiot. He got rich from the heroin that flooded in and nearly destroyed a whole generation,their families and the local communities. He's so hated that even one of the other contenders for the prize of top dog in the city is called Mad Maisie Malone. She is prepared to help the Moffats to take TJ down. He suspects he hasn't got much time left so he employs Stephen Bentley, a middle class boy who loves violence more than any person or thing. He only works for TJ so he can eventually kill him and take it all. He is the worst type of sex tourist and goes often to the Far East to practice his knife skills on innocent young girls. The Moffats are different, you've heard of a tart with a heart well these are gangsters who are brutal when needed but care about the people they've grown up around.This was due to their sister Sara forced on the game by their mother Shelagh she became a heroin addict, but who loved her two little brothers fiercely and would do anything to protect them. She was brutally murdered in the late 1980's, but left them a legacy of love. Their mother who's idea of a good night out is to get off her head, have sex and steal whatever she can from her victims. Shelagh doesn't care if they are rich city boys from luxury apartments by the Pier head or old aged pensioners off the Estate. Maisie owns a successful night club, with her partner Linda, and although she loves Linda she has many affairs with younger women, gets bored and goes back to her, expecting to be forgiven, but even Linda has her limit. Phil is Maisies right hand man, and will do anything for her until one day she goes too far even for him to stand by her. Tiffany is a beautiful young woman who attracts Maisie, and she uses her to try and get to the Moffats intending to marry one of them so she doesn't need to be an escort or prostitute anymore. Will she succeed. A complex tale of life in a modern city, exposing the darker side that most of us know is there but most of us don't want to see.

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ISBN-13: 9781517440848
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/08/2016
Pages: 298
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

About the Author

This is my first book and is selling well on Amazon. I have had it re-edited so this is the updated version. I hope you like it. I have more books out, Simone and the city set in New York. Money isn't everything set in London and the Silent Moon Detective Agency about witches and magick. All different genres and all well received. My new illustrated kids book Little bird and the seed due for release the end of this month Sept. 2017. Here's my biog. I have been an artist since a little girl, and life has taken me through many twists and turns, losing my Dad at 14 and my only Nana a few months later, I have looked after myself from a very young age. Some of my proudest achievements apart from my children and grand children are I've got a post graduate certificate in Multimedia, gained in my late 30s and I have painted 21 murals in six weeks for LFCs new stand in the early 90s beating well known and all male competition. Travelled around France for 19pence, tagged along on a Stranglers tour, met a lot of very famous people who didn't overly impress me as they are humans just like us, owned and ran an art gallery, ran a moderately successful business or two, and survived addiction. I have some amazing friends and have fell in and out of love often, until I met the love of my life a decade ago. I have always been told you should write a book, but ignored it, preferring painting and fabrics and computers, most of the time, but have done courses and always been around all the arts, working for LIPA in its first year (Paul McCartney's academy in Liverpool) I've had things published in anthologies, the odd short story and poetry now disappeared into the distant past, and nearly always got straight As and A pluses in English and Art, loving both subjects equally. Over the last decade I have lost all my older family. I have been locked into a world of grief and ill health but I'm on the mend thank God. I decided to write books to help me start living again, and using things I knew best including employment as a street worker. I am also an avid reader, enjoying literature of every type and am lucky enough to have a librarian as my best friend; we are surrounded by books, although building the odd computer and owning a few multimedia devices still prefer the feel of a book and the joy of a little peace, a good read and a cup of tea.

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