A Taste of China: 25 Easy Chinese Recipes

A Taste of China: 25 Easy Chinese Recipes

by Gordon Rock


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Do you enjoy tasty Chinese dishes? Have you ever wanted to prepare easy Chinese recipes? Or maybe you just wanted to bring something different to the table? If you found this book then you are probably looking into making Chinese cuisine. Never made Chinese dishes before? This is a great self-starter book to help you in making delicious easy Chinese recipes. This book will give your insight on some of the wonderful dishes prepared in a Chinese kitchen. You can become your own Chinese food extraordinaire!

Some people limit Chinese food to noodles and fried rice but this Chinese cookbook will open your eyes to the many delicacies of the Chinese culture. This book contains 30 savory dishes for every moment of the day. It features meals from appetizers to desserts and all the times in between. These easy recipes will make you forget about take out. This Chinese cookbook will give your ideas about the flavors and tastes found in a Chinese kitchen. The ingredients are easy to find and can be purchased in the international section of your supermarket or local grocery.

You don't need to be a professional to use this book. 'A Taste of China: 25 Easy Chinese Recipes" is formulated in a way so that even a beginner can use it. Each recipe is followed by beautiful illustrations and easy to follow directions. You can find dishes that everyone will love in this book. You will certainly be making some tummies happy with your Chinese delights. Making Chinese food never seemed so easy until you take a look into this Chinese cookbook.

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